New Thor Will be a Woman! Five Other Heroines Who Have Taken Up a Man’s Title


“It’s pretty common for a younger man to take up the mantle of an older male superhero, a younger woman to take up the mantle of a female hero, or even for a younger woman to sort of take up a male hero’s mantle but then feminize the name. What’s happening here is much less common. While Thor is the most high-profile example of this, it’s not the first. Here are some of my favorite examples of this happening before.”

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The Other Kind of Treasure Chest: Sex Toy Piracy and What It Means for You


So customers, even those who normally research toys to make sure they’re safe before buying, are giving business to companies producing unsafe toys rather than companies producing safe ones — over time, if left unchecked, this kind of trickery and douchebaggery could lead to the good toys actually increasing in price, thus widening the gap of who can and cannot afford them.