15 Of Those Actresses Who Were In That Show


You know her face, but you’ve got no clue what her name is — 15 of the actresses who aren’t on magazine covers but have shown up in small parts on so many queer-adjacent shows and movies lately that you’re really THIS CLOSE to looking them up on imdb.


Apps For Your Gay Money


“Money is REALLY hard. And just…there has to be a better way, ya know? There has to be a better way to money than the way I (and probably a lot of us) are moneying right now.”


Also.Also.Also: What’s More Exciting, A Spider Named Sparklemuffin or Ellen Page Eating Pancakes?


The latest episode of Kristin Russo’s First Person series is queering fashion, Arabelle Sicardi and her mom are watching TV, drawing race and class boundaries with sexual discourse, Gillian Anderson is avaibs, being fat black and invisible, your daily Stevie Nicks moment, instagram isn’t comfy with your blood because they are ignorant fucks, and young girl gets gifts from crows because she’s living her best life.