Hidden Gems of Queer Lit: “Mermaid in Chelsea Creek” and the Chelsea Trilogy


“If you adore any of Tea’s other books, you’ll find Mermaid in Chelsea Creek to be every bit as transgressive and illuminating. If you ever escaped into the magical realms created by J.K. Rowling or Tamora Pierce, or if you got hooked on what dystopian YA like the Hunger Games had to say about class and privilege, you’ll relish Mermaid’s intriguing mixture of magic and social realism.”

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Love & Canada: Just So Much Canada


“After explaining who Shannon was in relation to me, we were let in to go through airport-like security around 7:40, I was handed a laminated piece of paper with ‘Applicant 1′ on it and an accompanying feeling of having won at waiting in line, and we were let up to the floor for the interview at 8.”