Your Favorite Misanthropic Teen Daria As Cosplay

Jamie’s Team Pick:

Many of us have either dressed up as a Daria character ourselves or had a girlfriend do so. In my case, it was an ex dressing as Daria for Halloween years ago. But as we learn from Jezebel, for some it’s in the spirit of cosplay.

On the teeny, tiny off chance you are unfamiliar with cosplay, it is short for “costume play” and involves play acting popular characters from movies, graphic novels, video games, etc. like in these 60 photos of Captain Planet cosplay.


 Dressing up in costume is fun right? And not always just for candy or sex once you are older than 12 I guess, right? Maybe?  How badly do you want to be Daria in 3-D? What have you dressed up as? What would you like to? Anyway, insert acerbic comments here.

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Jamie J. Hagen

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  1. I haven’t done any super legit cosplay, but I did go as Haruhi from “Ouran High School Host Club” once, but it was kind of half-assed. I also went to a steampunk convention as a BAMF version of myself, but it’s still cosplay since I was kind of creating a character with my friend. *lol* Cosplay’s super fun and if I could cosplay as a different character every day I totally would.

  2. I am still very proud of my Dolly Parton impersonation for the Christmas party at my work which has a country & western theme that year.

  3. “And not always just for candy or sex once you are older than 12 I guess, right? Maybe?”

    Something about this question just isn’t quite right…

  4. I’m totally dating someone who is really really similar to Daria (in attitude and sarcasm). It’s pretty much a dream come true over here

  5. totally cosplayed as Aoi Nagisa from Strawberry Panic, made my own costume from scratch (Mitador Winter uniform) had the dyed bright red hair the lot, went to a convention.

    Geek <3

  6. This is amazing. I desperately want to dress up as Amy Pond but I need a cute ladyperson to be either the Doctor or Rory Williams/Pond for it to actually be entertaining.

  7. I love cosplaying. I like to make my own costumes out of whatever shit I can find around my house, felt and hot glue.

  8. Just last week I staged a seance, tarot-reading and bleacher bumming re-enactment of The Craft.

    A few months prior to that endeavour, I dressed as Winona Ryder and my friend as Jeneane Garofolo and we overdosed on Diet Cokes in her parents’ basement.

    Thank god for the 90s, enthusiastic friends and matte lipstick.

  9. I love getting dressed up! For comic-con I have dressed as Sabriel (from the Garth Nix novel), Kaylee (from Firefly), and Tonks (from Harry Potter). I’ve also got a trunk full of Renaissance and Steampunk stuff. It’s so much fun.

      • I would totes show you pictures, but I can’t find them and the costume doesn’t fit anymore since I was 15 when I made it. I’ve been thinking of making a new one though, since it was pretty much my favorite costume ever and I miss being able to wear it. I’ve read that book at least 10 times.

  10. I love cosplay. A Daria cosplay is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but never had anyone to dress as Jane, sadly. Though just past Halloween I dressed as Eternal Sailor Moon, and Link from legend of Zelda a few years back.

  11. I’m kind of addicted to cosplay. Mostly anime and games, but I’ve got a Doctor Who costume planned as well.

    … now I should probably get back to that fabric I was cutting out, haha.

  12. My dream is to one day cosplay as Sherlock Holmes, but like, with the legitimate clothes, make it really authentic. I once had a dream where I WAS Holmes and I felt so fucking good. One day. I will do that.

  13. I’ve done Captain Jack Sparrow and for some reason, upon purchasing the hat, I thought ‘I bet I’ll come up with a lot of hilarious things to do with this’ and now it’s sitting on the corner of my bedroom, holding my yarn. I am obviously in need of a boat.

    I also really want to dress up as Doctor Horrible, Santa Claus, Doctor Who, and Albus Dumbledore.

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