1. Um, Julie Goldman yelling and jumping on a car, for like 45 minutes (allowing for commercial breaks). Why is this not a thing?

  2. You are right about the cast alone and I totally did an omfg @ 1:51 “Is that “New York” from Flava of Love?!?! Haha, oh shit, it is!”

  3. I got so excited when I saw Dana Fairbanks in the title, that my eyes stopped reading. Then I SHRIEKED when Julie Goldman came on in the trailer.

    I need to see this. And also to breathe.

  4. Today I was lamenting the fact that True Blood is over, thus rendering me tv show friend-less. Autostraddle saved me again! Thanks carlytron!

  5. I shot part of the series and my roommate is the post production supervisor!
    Watch it, guys! watch it!
    Also we are SO HAPPY to find a post about it on this website.

  6. I was literally bouncing around as Allison typed that comment. LIFE GOALS! I did this last trailer :) We do work for Larry Kennar and he’s absolutely NOT Illene Chaiken.

    Thanks for watching guys!

  7. I love my ladies who love ladies. I’m so excited Autostraddle exists! I heard about it from Allison and Cristine (above) who are gifted filmmakers ready to break! I have been blessed to have them on board. Thanks for the love and support for DTLA!

  8. True story: One time I had dinner with Dana Fairbanks*. She had just had a baby and spent all day on a plane or in an airport, and she was still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in real life. It was almost painful being in the same room as her.

    *I know the actress’s name is Erin Daniels. That’s not what’s important here.

  9. I would watch just about anything if Julie Goldman was involved. I would watch her chew an entire pack of Zebra Stripe Gum just for her reaction to how quickly the terrible taste wears off. I guess this will work too. And… Dana Fairbanks – I could die. #ilenechaikenwhyyousocray

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