You Should Go: Hot Rabbit’s Fashion Week Queer Dance Party Extravaganza

If you live anywhere near W 4th St. – like at least within a 30 mile radius – and if you like awesome queer things, then you’re either already going to the Hot Rabbit queer dance party or it’s time for you to pull out your phone and save the date. Listen, I know we’re not all party people. Also, lots of us freak out about semi-trendy things that involve getting dressed up. But don’t let these reasons keep you home this Friday night, or any night. I’m a big fucking weirdo in a vest, ok? And sometimes I just wanna dance. There’s this party that I love, it’s called Hot Rabbit, and you should go to it. Why?

me, straight homegirl, Angie and Emily Hall Smith of Hot Rabbit

me, straight homegirl Angie, and Emily Hall Smith of Hot Rabbit

My reasons:
1) Pretty queers dancing everywhere.
2) Solid solid DJs & go-go dancers.
3) No one there has ever been an asshole to me which means they’re probs not gonna be one to you.

But this Friday’s Hot Rabbit isn’t just their regularly scheduled, sweaty sexy queers packed to the strobe lights dance party. Nope, this time around promoter and creator, Emily Hall Smith, teamed up with Anita Dolce Vita from dapperQ to throw (insert RuPaul’s voice here) an extravaganza  worthy of New York Fashion week starring all of you.

This Friday’s party is an attempt to shine a light on the multiple expressions of queer fashion. It’s Fashion Week in NYC. Anita Dolce Vita and Emily Hall Smith realize that the fashion world has co-opted our presentations, our androgyny, our masculine of center-ness, our femme status all day every day shit and all the looks in between to make mad money while setting the tone for what the rest of the world’s elites don. Hot Rabbit and DapperQ are taking back our fashion week and giving us an opportunity to showcase the best of our style and give a happy homo fuck you to those in the fashion world that refuse to recognize us.

How’d this all come together? Emily straight up told us:

Anita Dolce Vita of dapperQ noticed how many dapper folks we have in the photos Gizelle Peters takes for us every Friday, so we’ve been talking about a way to collaborate for a while. They came up with the idea of a fashion week party for queers and we were all for it! Everyone loves an occasion to dress to the nines. 

Hot Doctor Amy, Stef in the middle, and Katrina on the right.

Hot Doctor Amy, Stef in the middle, and Katrina on the right.

We love Hot Rabbit, and we wanted to know why dapperQ loved it too. Of course there’s a ton of queerness blowin’ up the city every week of the year. Why the collaboration with Hot Rabbit? Anita let us know:

The weekly party is located in the heart of the Village, where all of the action is. But, more importantly, the party is truly inclusive and diverse; The Monster, which is traditionally a club for gay men, opens its doors to lesbians, trans men and women, straights – EVERYONE – on one of their busiest nights to host Hot Rabbit, one of the most fashionable queer parties in the city.

Bindle & Keep

Bindle & Keep

If that’s not enough incentive to go, there’s a good chance that you might win a nice-ass custom fitted shirt from Bindle & Keep, a bespoke menswear company. They’re donating three shirt fittings with three custom made menswear shirts (retails $100-$145) which means that three lucky winners will get a fitting by Rae and a perfectly tailored shirt! How do you enter? Easy: Show up. Dress dapper. They’ll take it from there. Also, Marimacho is giving away a gift certificate for $235 to purchase their Fly Boi Bomber.

Marimacho Fly Boi Bomber

Marimacho Fly Boi Bomber

So, wear a bowtie, bring a few dates, and don’t forget the password that’ll get you free entry: SWAG. It’ll probably be everywhere you look Friday night.

Friend Hot Rabbit on FB to get the free password every week and check out DapperQ online to know what’s really good in queer threadage. Also, come have a drink with me, Katrina, Stef and possibly maybe Vanessa at the Hot Rabbit Fashion Week Queer Dance Party this Friday at Monster bar.

Hot Rabbit is held every Friday night at the Monster Bar
80 Grove St. between W 4th St. and 7th Ave., NYC

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Gabrielle Rivera is an awesomely queer Bronx bred, writer, spoken word artist and director. Her short stories and poems have been published in various anthologies such as the Lambda Award winning Portland Queer: Tales from the Rose City and The Best of Panic! En Vivo from the East Village. Her short film "Spanish Girls are Beautiful" follows a group of young Latina and Caucasian girls who like girls as they hook up, smoke up and try to figure sh*t out. She also freelances for while working in the film and television industry. Gabrielle is currently working on her first novel while bouncing around NYC performing spoken word and trying to stick it to the man.

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  1. “Also, come have a drink with me, Katrina, Stef and possibly maybe Vanessa at the Hot Rabbit Fashion Week Queer Dance Party this Friday at Monster bar.”

    LOL x 10000. lez be real we all know this is way too intense for me…slash this friday i have a legit excuse for not going out because i will be in a car on the way to boston. gabby has promised that ONE DAY she’ll get me to show up at hot rabbit, but guys i love hanging out on my sofa at home so much…


    (but everyone who isn’t me should obviously go to this event, duh.)

  2. yay, gabrielle!

    me. too.

    in fact, i do most of my fashion blogging in my pjs. i’m posting something fashion forward right now and i’m wearing an old nyu sweatshirt i got in 2001 + plaid old navy pj bottoms. both are covered with taco grease from dinner.

    you need to stop. old el paso taco grease.

    but, i’m gonna squeeze into something high-femme fabulous and hand out dapper prizes to all of you bow-tie rocking, vest wearing queers this friday!

  3. I went last Friday during the blizzard. I love Hot Rabbit. I also love that I live less than a 10 minute walk from Monster. Best part: if you get tired of dancing, head upstairs to the piano bar and sing some show tunes. I’ll be there in my femme swag (I can’t help it, I don’t feel comfortable being dapper) advertising LezCab: Valentine’s Gay on Monday (the 18th) at 7 pm at The Duplex. #shamelessplugs

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