Where the F*ck is this? Now You Know.

Katrina’s Team Pick:

The Internet has exposed us to a million and one landscapes. Landscapes seeming either so common or so bizarre that they’ve been Tumbl’d, cross-posted, and made into one million generic desktop backgrounds. You know what I’m talking about. A palm tree reaching out from one corner of your monitor to another over a vast, blue ocean. A nude woman making kissy faces out the window while swimming in an indoor pool located in a high rise overlooking the highway. The rolling green fields that Microsoft was so fond of all those years ago before computers knew what Wi-fi was. They’re images you’ve seen a million times, and yet you still can’t answer the question: Well, where the fuck are all these places?

Sonoma, CA, apparently

And who better to give you the answer to this than the big, wide Internet?

Whereisthis.com is the kind of website that the Internet was made for. Where Is This is a place where curious Interneters post images, and other knowledgeable Interneters locate them. Scroll through 30 pages of familiar (and sometimes unfamiliar) landscapes. It’s wanderlust meets trivial curiosity. Feel like you’ve traveled the world. Feel like you know the answers to everything. Cuddle up with your girlfriend and a cup of tea and tell her about everywhere you want to take her using the bottomless budget that is your love.

we still don't know where this is

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  1. Hey! That kissy-face lady was not actually nude. Disappointment.

    (I know and love this website, and it has made me want to visit the awesome looking Garden of Cosmic Speculation, so. It’s cool. :D)

  2. I’ve never actually thought about these photos as pictures of actual places before. In my mind they’re all just part of a magical island world that is simultaneously on a beach and in a rolling field and in the dark in a thunderstorm and on a pier all at once.

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