What’s In Your Bag?

Bags, purses, backpacks, pockets, fanny packs — we emptied them all out onto our floors and beds and tables, then catalogued their contents! Seemed like a perfectly good way to spend a Wednesday night. Perhaps you relate strongly to one of these collections? Maybe you're inspired to up your chapstick game. Maybe you just remembered TicTacs are a thing. Most likely you'll be looking for your own sample of Uberlube, as it is apparently quite versatile and necessary. In any event, please enjoy this rummaging romp through our personal belongings!


1. Business cards (mine and others) 2. Comb 3. Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker 4. Clinique “A Different Grape” lipstick 5. Red wallet 6. Pens 7. So many quarters 8. Moleskine Folio Profession...

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