What Are You Listening To? There’s a Drink for That.

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It happens to everyone: the drink/music mismatch. Maybe you’re at a club dancing to Lady Gaga but for some reason you find yourself enjoying a full bodied Syrah. Maybe, on the other hand, you’re sitting in the dark on the floor of your apartment with your girlfriend and ten cats listening to Al Green and drinking Jagerbombs. It’s just wrong. Luckily, three Bostonians fixed all that at Music Hack Day Boston 2011 with their amazing new website Drinkify. What’s the pitch?

Drinkify automatically generates the perfect* cocktail recipe to accompany any music.

*May not actually be perfect.


That’s right. You type in a musical artist and Drinkify automatically spits out the perfect drink. Now, apparently Drinkify uses The Echo Nest and Last.fm databases to connect genres and tempos with drink types, but as far as I’m concerned this is just magic.

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    I wonder what “The John Williams” actually tastes like?

    1 oz. Four Roses Bourbon
    1 oz. Egg
    4 oz. Pisco

    Combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve. Garnish with wedge of pineapple.

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        FM is epic in concert. I saw them like the day AFTER St. Patty’d day and no joke, the 80% of the crowd was drunk and the mosh pit was like a giant barroom brawl. But in the end when they broke out the slow meaningful songs everyone stopped moshing and was very ‘let’s hold hands and sing along’

        So in summary we were all drunk and brawling and moshing, but then we were hugging and crying and singing. And there was a lot of leather involved.


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          I adore Flogging Molly!!!! and celtic music in general! It has this sort of mournful, almost bittersweet quality too it with a twist of hope for the future thrown in. And what’s not to love about banjos, fiddles, and bagpipes???? :3

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    I love this. I just posted it on my radio station’s e-mail list and they’re going fucking insane. Thank you for this. Listening parties will forever be more interesting.

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      “Konstantine came walking down the stairs, and all that I could do was touch her long blond hair.”

      I wrote a NaNoWriMo novel based on this song kind of, because I was angsty and fifteen and the twenty-eight year old I was in love with liked Something Corporate. This is so relevant to my life

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    Immensely satisfying! Except that I’d never drink red wine at a Trampled by Turtles concert. I’d drink a frothy beer, whatever’s local. And I’d drink a LOT of it. 😀 However, their choice for Devil Makes Three is completely on the ball. 😀

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    I am rather proud and entirely unsurprised that Bostonians came up with this. What do you do when it gets FREAKING PITCH-BLACK by 4 in the afternoon and it’s cold half the time? Drink, preferably involving music.

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    If I made this website, I’d probably use it to subtly judge you on your choice of music. Like suggesting PBR to all the hipsters.

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    This is SOOO Boris Vian inspired you guys. It’s the modern version of the pianocktail.
    Other than that, I’m sold and in love with the website.

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    Haha omg I love this too much already. Only thing I can’t understand: why isn’t “the Beatles” scotch and coke? There’s a group that actually HAD an associated drink. xD

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    I don’t know, I’m pretty disappointed in the Tom Waits entry. Nevada Pale Ale? Really? I mean, I don’t know my liquor all that well, but pale ale seems pretty weak for Tom. Bourbon, scotch, and whiskey are the first that come to mind.

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    And for every remotely “indie” band, they just suggest PBR. Lame.

    They even suggest PBR for The National! Do they know nothing about for whom that wine is intended?

    This is so disillusioning.

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