Welcome to Technostraddle, Our Brand New Tech, Gadgets, Gaming & Design Blog!


Here at Technostraddle, Autostraddle’s newest blog, Geek’s In and We’re Out!

We are happy to bring you our brand-new blog Technostraddle, created to be a sweet online space where ladies can be geeks and geeks can be ladies, too. We’ll be offering up tech news on the regular, as well as providing a hip, queer spin on technology, gadgets, gaming & design for the tech-savvy lady.

We’ll keep you in the loop on hot new iPhone apps and hawt ladies making an impact on the tech world, swap horror stories of condescending Best Buy boys, gush over our favorite Lifehacker posts and perhaps attempt to teach our grandmothers how to use email (on video) (for your entertainment).

The latest & greatest gaming gear, mp3 players, social media, laptops, typography, weird science, outer space and robots- You name it, we got it.

So bookmark it right now: https://www.autostraddle.com/technostraddle and stop by daily for new content every single day! Like the big guys do it.

taylorA little bit about Me:

I’m Taylor, head nerd/Technostraddle Editor-in Chief.

I’m 23, live in NYC and I’m a geek to the core. I’ve loved computers since my first Macintosh LCII (wow! that shit only had 4mb of ram and 40mb of hard drive space!). I’ve loved games ever since I hopped on my first goomba and comic books ever since I first laid eyes on Jean Grey (I was 9). I also love neurotransmitters and giant hadron colliders, but those interests developed later in life.

I’m very interested in the intersection between gays, geeks & girls with a special eye on cybercultural evolution. In my free time, my main nerdisms include keeping up on geek news, playing World of Warcraft (more on this later, don’t worry!), tooling around in Photoshop and nursing my dreams of becoming a graphic novelist. On that note, I’m very excited about the future of the graphic novel as an art form.

And I’m excited about Technostraddle! Really, I’m very excitable! (Or “excitant” as the kids say around here?)

A Little Bit About Our Mothership Autostraddle.com:

Happily, I’ll soon be joined by other members of Team Autostraddle, as they come to terms with who they are and come out geek. Except they probably have come to terms with that already. And, you know, their sexuality.

“…We hope that smart chicks who like to talk about weird stuff will feel at home here –- a girly nerd-nook with a little something for everyone.”

Joining us in the future: Carlytron, your resident Televisionary, who is half robot, obvs, A;ex, the design goddess who made Autostraddle look so damn sexy and a host of other nerds we’ll collect along the way! Like pogs!

A Little Bit About You:

While I may be a king among nerds, I sure don’t know everything. Here at Technostraddle, we’ll field your tech questions as well as we can, and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll point you in the right direction! Happily, there are tons of great technology resources out there, and we’ll keep you updated on our fave tech, gagdet, gaming & design websites as well as other exciting online happenings from people who’ve been at it way longer than we have!

Maybe you own a telescope! Maybe you like to play Wii tennis after you’ve had a few beers! Maybe you’re a full blown geek like us- we want to make you feel like Technostraddle is your space too, so let us know what you’re into and what you want us to talk about! What’s your biggest geek secret? What would you like us to cover? Why am I running out of synonyms for ‘geek’ so quickly?!

Are there gay characters in video games? What big names in tech are women? Is there an app for gaydar? WTF is “the cloud?” Has anyone liked anything about Google Wave? Stay tuned!


If you’re about to have a party in your pants about this blog or know someone else who might feel similar titilating sensations, perhaps you would like to join our team!

We’re looking for a few good bloggers to join Team Autostraddle with expertise in tech, gadgets, web-culture, gaming and/or design capable of writing 2-3+ short (100-300 word) blog posts weekly. Email taylor [at] autostraddle dot com with your resumè, three story ideas, and two writing samples or a link to your blog or other online work. Be witty, unique and edgy!

The Vision and the Future:


While sometimes it seems like all the cool stuff out there is for dudes and by dudes, Technostaddle hopes to pay our respect to the dudes (and the few ladies) already talking tech out there while providing our own special & unique space online for smart, like-minded ladies right here. We hope to build Technostraddle into a premier destination for geeky girls all around the world and provide a place for gay-friendly, girl-friendly brands and innovators to target an audience eager for attention.

Like we aim for across the board on Autostraddle.com, we hope that smart chicks who like to talk about weird stuff will feel at home here —  a girly nerd-nook with a little something for everyone. Yeah — you guessed it — this is all part of the Autostraddle revolution! Get in touch with your inner geek- it feels good! Really!

Like they say, the geek shall inherit the earth. And I think we’re well on our way!

Autostraddle cannot exist without the generous support of our readers. We need to raise $175k in the next 2 weeks — or we won't make it to Pride. And a world without Autostraddle would be a loss on so many levels. Help us keep this indie queer media boat afloat! Every dollar helps.

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Taylor has written 136 articles for us.


  1. Right now I am completely obsessed with Wizard101 which is a kid-friendly online game (a lot of adults play too because I’ve been chatting with them a bit while we battle). I’ve been playing for about a month and the gender stuff that goes on between players in these games is fascinating.

  2. When I read the title of this post I literally said “Yesss!” out loud because I got so excitant(?)

    Cute Girl writing about geeky things and using a question mark at the end of a statement makes this my new favorite thing.


  3. seeing technostraddle come up on the autostraddle homepage was like all my dreams come true!! Well, not quite, possibly a bit too excited, but it has definately made my day. I am such a ginormous geek its unreal. this is going to be awesome. autostraddle ftw, again!

  4. Oh hello I’m frickin excited !!!

    Can we talk abt the moral ins & outs of using strategy guides? And how I can’t finish Twilight Princess without one? And is that THE POINT? Are we SUPPOSED to use strategy guides, Taylor? Isn’t it CHEATING?!

    • Thanks! I think I look like a kind of hungover weird zombie (which I am, cause I’m at Bonnaroo) and that may be the only time I’ve ever worn a baseball hat. The powers that be chose it, prob cause I have a bandana on

  5. Technostraddle=Awesome. I need some body to tell me what phones to look at when I get a new one this month. Iphone and Blackberry are out. I’m considering the Hero. If someone has advice, please share.

  6. because i am a nerd but not a geek, i do not know what a “giant hadron collider” is and i thought it said “giant hardon collider” which made me go “ewwwwww.” luckily there was a supercute picture of taylor next door and so i went back and read it and realize i was wrong. i am so excited for technostraddle to tell me all the things i don’t know but should!

  7. I am so stoked about Technostraddle and about you joining us, Taylor, for real exciting. I am a gaming geek and have long been searching for a girl-friendly place that I can go to to talk about my #1 feeling: Guitar Hero.

  8. Eek! I’m so excited; this is the best, ever. Can’t wait to geek-out. (:
    P.S. I hereby admit that I have an xbox 360 problem. Seriously, whoever decided to add facebook, twitter, and last.fm to my already time consuming gaming console is really trying to push my procrastination level.

      • ‘The whole thing is just horrid. I cannot stand the ubiquitous ” OH MY GOD YOUR A GIRL” yelled by some 12 yr old boy. Good thing it is so incredibly easy to mute people in modern warfare. most of the time I only play with my friends as to avoid the whole thing which is frustrating. Hence plenty of fodder for a post on the subject.

  9. Yay! I exclaimed in excitement when I read WoW and POGS!(!!)
    Who doesn’t love the LHC? It’s a large tunnel that bangs together things to make it look like the beginning of the universe and make pretty pictures and possibly change the laws of physics as we know them forever.
    Also – Jean Grey FTW. I loved her even in the awful cartoons that played when I was little.

  10. I’m very excited about this new aspect of my favourite website. I look forward most of all to reading about video games. Because it will be nice to know that I am not the only one who likes to write about them (my girlfriend thinks that’s weird).

  11. Your first computer had a hard drive? Mine had never heard of such a thing. It was a VIC 20 with an attached cassette player (yes, like audio cassettes) that I used to record my BASIC programs. Even my first “real” PC (a no-name IBM clone) had only 10 MB.

    Now I feel really old.

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