We Need Help: Now Hiring A Podcast Producer/Editor

Hello! We’re looking for a wizard at podcasty things to join our team and take over production of our monthly Autostraddle Plus podcast in this paid position. You will be responsible for coordinating the production of two podcasts in October and one podcast every ensuing month and you will be paid per podcast and you will LIKE IT.

Here are some other things about who you will be: 

  • Familiar with Autostraddle and its writers, talent and sense of humor
  • Experienced in podcast editing and production
  • In possession of all necessary equipment to record and edit and export
  • Passionate about your work and the possibilities of the medium itself
  • So serious about meeting deadlines that you almost scare yourself with your own punctuality
  • Experienced in editing comedy / possessed with comic timing
  • Interested in both the creative and technical aspects
  • A podcast listener with some expertise about what’s out there
  • Did we mention how you should be in love with deadlines
  • A person who reliably can put in however many hours this could take
  • You would actually marry a deadline if it was legal

It’s a bonus if you:

  • Have lots of ideas and/or a vision for the podcast! We have ideas, too, but none we’re totally married to, and would be open to somebody with experience and a passion for Autostraddle to propose something even better or get REALLY creative with structure/format/content
  • Have access to equipment that’d enable you to record the voices of multiple humans in multiple geographical locations without requiring each of those humans to record their own part and then send you the track afterwards.
  • Can also be on-air talent
  • Are interested in growing with the site long-term (like possibly eventually doing other things related to audio-based media for Autostraddle, Autostraddle Plus and A-Camp)

To apply, just shoot us an e-mail — riese [at] autostraddle [dot] com and laneia [at] autostraddle [dot] com — with the subject Podcast Producer/Editor Position. Let us know your experience and background and the equipment you’ve got and what would excite you about doing the Autostraddle Plus podcast. Basically tell us what you think we need to know and link us to what you think we need to hear! Please include what your rate would be per hour-long podcast (If it’s easier, you can give us a few numbers: e.g., “the minimum you’ll work for,” “what we should truly give you if we can,” “what your regular rates are”). You can tell us how many hours you think this would take if that feels relevant, but we’ll be paying you per podcast, not per hour, so please give us a per podcast rate, not a per hour rate. Keep in mind that we are an independently-owned website with no investors and minimal ad revenue, we run this tiny-budgeted ship almost entirely on reader support.

ETA: The podcast will be an hour long, is just for the A+ silver and gold members (a group we imagine will someday include at least 1,000 people, currently includes almost 500) and will mainly feature Autostraddle staff talking about stuff, but we also want to have guests and themed segments, and for you to be in a position to do more complicated stuff down the road for a variety of purposes/audiences.

Deadline: Monday, September 29th

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