VIDEO: Ellen Page and Kate Mara are Tiny Detectives

Earlier this year, there were rumours that adorable real-life BFF’s, Ellen Page and Kate Mara, might be cast in Season 2 of HBO’s True Detective. While we all hoped and prayed to the Goddess that this might be for reals, we now know that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are the new leads. Of course, this is probably because Page and Ellen would be too short and not because the world is not yet ready for two female leads on a detective show, amiright?

Behold the (Funny or Die) trailer for Tiny Detectives, a show that proves why Page and Mara would be both the best and worst detectives (probably the best). Also, they really rock presumably tailored (because they don’t make suits that tiny off the rack) suits with rumpled partially open collared shirts and I’m really into it.

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  1. Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell are old anchovies and not as funny as they think they are. Obviously these two are adorable and hilarious but not in a trite way, and would have made a far superior dectective pair!

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