Viral Bear

Laneia made this graphic of a bear for a recent You Need Help column and put it on her tumblr, and now it has like 35,000 RTs and it keeps popping up all over the internet! I don’t know why, but we just think this is the funniest thing. Anyhow it’s gonna be famous, this bear. It’s on Buzzfeed! Buzzfeed Bear. You can tell the world you knew this bear back when it only had 3,500 RTs.

What you don’t know is that the bear is a real bear that we trained to walk, talk, and have feelings. ‘Cause we’re gay and gay people are magical.

What’s your favorite kind of potato chip? We ran out of regular brownies. I like Cape Cod potato chips, but also secretly Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream.

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  1. love cheddar and sour cream.
    also love that in this font cheddar doesn’t look like a word.

    It’s late at night.

  2. I thought that I imagined this post for a second. I did not. It is real. Viral Bear Is Viral.

    We are out of regular brownies too.

  3. I’m glad you asked. Zapp’s potato chips, actually. Any flavor. Also, what is Yogi Bear’s favorite potato chip? Is that a fact that is known? Buzzfeed Bear must like the same. See how I made that relevant?

    • holy shit I love Zapp’s! Nothing else compares. Especially the Spicy Creole Tomato flavor. Except I can’t buy them where I live, so occasionally my mom will send a couple bags in the mail from Louisiana…

  4. I have neither regular nor irregular brownies. The best chips are cheeseburger Doritos but I don’t think they make them anymore, in which case my answer is barbecue kettle chips. Or maybe roast chicken. Do they make roast chicken kettle chips? They should.

    • WAIT I LIED, salt and pepper chips are probably the best. I don’t know. This is a tough decision.

      P.S. Congratulations, popular bear!

    • have you ever had chicken-in-a-biskit crackers? they are the closest thing to chicken-flavored potato chips i can think of. sooo gooooood.

  5. This viral bear’s number of RT’s is like the most epic thing that’s happened on the Internet this year
    I like to eat really salty peppery vinegary chips with black coffee
    But mostly I just consume seaweed/sesame Lundberg rice chips in vast quantities

  6. The best chips are Red Rock Deli Sea Salt. Yeah, I’m boring. I also like salt & vinegar chips but they always leave my mouth hurting.

  7. is everybody high right now? why are all of the comments about chips and not the bear? I mean I read the last paragraph, but I still feel like I’m missing something.

  8. Shit, it’s 1 am and now I have to go make brownies or I won’t be able to sleep.

    And that bear deserves to be viral. It’s fucking hilarious!

  9. I knew it. I knew that would go viral. I feel like I own the internet even though I had nothing to do with this.

  10. I thought at first Brownies was some wacky kind of potato chip only known to Americans. Plain salted, like nature intended, is the only flavour to have. One of the few things I hated about Germany was its obsession with ‘Paprika’ flavoured chips. Ewwww. Viral Bear FTW! So good.

  11. No doubt that the best chips are Liz Lemon’s ‘Sabor de Soledad’ chips. They even gave her a false positive pregnancy test.
    Sabor de Soledad… ahora con más semen de toro!

  12. In Spain one can find a ham flavored potato chip, though I cannot vouch for its deliciousness because I am deterred by the fact that it’s not just called “ham” but “Ham ham!!” (¡Jamón jamón!) I mean a ham flavored chip is one thing, but ham ham? I don’t know…

  13. the post title “Viral Bear” caused me to worry that this article would be about something slightly more sinister. But I am relieved it’s not and also am happy for this bear’s well-deserved net fame.
    Also also, Miss Vickies Jalapeno chips.

  14. Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream are the best. And now I’m looking forward to finishing off the brownies I made two nights ago. They are topped with Peruvian Cocoa Nibs. Oh man, I need to get home and eat some brownies. (and then sleep)

    Congrats on the bear!

  15. Yeah, when I read the You Need Help that the bear first appeared in, I immediately had to save it to my hard drive as ‘lorna-hey listen- aka this is going to come in useful A LOT’. I feel like everyone could do with this bear coming to their window. I want to post it to everyone I know.

  16. Haha, when I first saw viral bear pop up on multiple non-AS-related and non-queer tumblrs I was so excited!! Also, salt and vinegar lays all the way.

  17. yay, viral bear! also, does anyone remember those spicy guacamole-flavored doritos? do they still make those delicious things?

  18. Been seeing the bear all over tumblr! Doritos briefly had a Wasabi flavor that was amazing too. Doritos likes to do limited time flavors, damn them

  19. Chile Lime chips. Mmm. But honestly if it is spicy I will most likely love it, and if I can put sriracha on it I will most likely crave it on a daily basis.

  20. 1) Viral Bear is a bit cross-eyed.

    2) If a grizzly bear were that close to me I would be shitting myself instead of taking photographs.

    3) Salt n vinegar. Only.

  21. For the Aussies: Smith’s crinkle-cut anything, but especially original and salt and vinegar. Can’t beat them.

  22. SWEET ONION KETTLE CHIPS. There is nothing better in the universe. also I am currently eating brownies that I drunk-baked last night. nom.

  23. That bear is why I’m in love with Laneia. Well, partly. It’s like, 34% of it.

    Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

  24. If Viral Bear was in China, he would have cucumber flavored Pringles and steak flavored Cheetos that don’t taste like Cheetos at all. He would probably then be disappointed and want real Cheetos.

    I’m now imagining that Viral Bear is gonna ask for a ride to the closest Western food store for real Cheetos.

  25. Oh heeeyy I saw this on Tumblr and I didn’t realize the Laneia was behind it. Good job, you’re Tumblr famous now! That’s quite the achievement.

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