VIDEO: Your First Look At “Faking It” Season Two

Good news! Our very first look at the second half of Season Two of Faking It is here! So is the premiere date — gird your loins for August 31st, ladies.

Although August 31st seems so far away that it might as well be Season Four of Orange is the New Black, it’s never too early to have feelings and make judgements about what’s in store for our favorite fake lesbian couple.

For example: I wish the scene with Amy going to a dance with a boy in a suit happened like three years ago instead of this season, because it’d be much more entertaining as a flashback! I’ve been writing about queer television long enough to say with authority that I will smash gravel into my eyeballs if Amy questioning whether or not she can truly withstand the irresistibly patriarchal pull of man-meat and devote herself fully to loving girls (such as her girlfriend!) lasts for more than the first two episodes. (For more of my thoughts on this topic, check out this recap.) Luckily, the preview does seem to be suggesting that this will be a brief deviation which’ll get “all cleared up” pretty quickly, and Amy will then devote herself to deciding who she wants to have lesbian sex with more, Karma or Regan! I’m obviously on Team Regan, but I cannot resist the siren song of a storyline about a straight best friend maybe falling for her lezzer bestie. Can’t wait to get the answer to these questions and many more (like why is Shane naked and why are Shane and Karma kissing?) in four months!

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    • It was the same guy who was in karma’s room right? Maybe she’s trying to take him from karma as a favor to Liam? Or something? Because she is talking so weird in that scene!

      I’m grasping for straws

    • The brief snippet of a scene in the trailer where Karma is crying on this guy’s shoulder (I think his name is Felix) as well as the Complete Vacuum of platonic friendships in Karma’s life makes me think that he was brought on primarily as a friend to Karma (and that any role he might play as a “love interest” to Amy is secondary … like she maybe thinks he’s cute for a second but they go to prom as friends because Amy needs a last minute prom date).

  1. *snort*
    Personal flashback to my teenage self feeling strangely attracted to “Normen”,a super good looking, very well kept (and rather feminine) young man, who was possibly gayer than I was and possibly even more in denial than me.
    I love this show, and I am so,so glad not to be a teenager anymore.
    I, for one, love Amy’s swinging along the Kinsey scale like a pendulum,not quite knowing where she’ll end up, if she ever ends up in a static place.
    It makes for a lot more exciting TV than a simple Reagan vs. Karma ship off.
    They’re still kids figuring stuff out!

    • Yeah, I know that a lot of people can relate to her journey and that she’s young and figuring stuff out, but that’s how these storylines always go! Whereas gay men kiss a boy and never look back or else “always knew” and straight people know right away, queer girls are always characterized as needing to give men a first, second, third and fourth try before they can really settle down into their sexuality. They’ve always gotta keep their options open. Until they make Liam sleep with Shane to make sure that he’s truly straight, I just can’t get on board.

      Like I said in the recap I linked to — the numbers from GLAAD on queer characters in the 2014-2015 TV season included 31 bisexual females, 44 lesbians, 12 bisexual men and 82 gay men. In other words — 12% of LGBTQ male characters are into women but 41% of LGBTQ female characters are into men. Or: 73% of all LGTBQ characters on television are into men. That just feels a little suspicious to me in an industry still heavily controlled by men!

      • YES to everything you said, Riese. Like, I get people want fluid representation, but I feel like that’s the ONLY representation out there…and I get people hate the concept of gold stars, but the media seems to think they don’t exist, that EVERY gay woman has slept with a guy (or a lot of guys) before FINALLY deciding she’s actually gay. When in fact, the majority of lesbians I know have never slept with a guy.
        It’s just so frustrating…where’s the representation of gays like me, who have know they only liked girls since before they can remember? Sure, like a lot (if not most) lesbians, I tried to convince myself and others that I was bisexual for awhile, thinking that’d be easier for my parents/the world to swallow (and in my case, it would’ve been), but I ALWAYS knew I didn’t like guys, and because the idea of having sex with a guy literally disgusted me, I never did it.

      • You know, I do in essence absolutely concur with you.
        However, we’re facing what I like to call the “Tara Maclay phenomenom”(I’m sure someone has written a paper on this and actually named this something official and different.)
        To me, the Tara Maclay phenomenom means that there is a story, on a show, that involves a Lesbian, and something that has happened to several other Lesbians on other shows happens to this one, which is a problem, and issue, and really big deal.Pregnancy, death, sleeping with a guy, murdering people, being mentally unsound,etc.
        Now, however, from the storytelling perspective and if so many others would have not used this trope previously, rendering the trope a trope, what happens to the character makes totally sense.
        Like Tara Maclay’s death totally made sense in its senselessness, and in pushing Willow over the edge (and entering two other tropes) that gave birth to some outstanding episodes that season.
        Now, the queer aware viewer is torn in between two camps:
        1:Trope,ok, but Joss Whedon would never mean anything malignant by it and wow, that was some outstanding television!
        2.Why must the Lesbian die, again.And again, and again.

        For this show, and this argument, I feel,that “Faking It” really gets me, is just a tiny,well meaning MTV show, and I am willing to roll my eyes,shrug my shoulders and overlook some tropes, which puts me into camp number 1.
        You’re totally valid with being in Camp Number two,and I do agree with your points!They’re just not the essential thing about the show to me.

        I do hope, that as representation grows broader (and we must always remember and at least be aware of tropes and tendencies and call them out for that to happen) thise tropes will lose their tropeness.
        If more gay guys question their sexuality on TV,or more straight people do their straightness, for example, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.Becuase the trope would not exist.

        I was thinking about Person of Interest last week, and if these two girls were the only two Ladies making eyes at each other in TV Land atm, we’d be less than amused.
        Root is so “crazy”, that her nicknames include Banana nut crunch, Cuckoo’s nest, etc., and Shaw is a self-diagnosed outright sociopath.
        But with getting a lot more representation both in queer women* and psychologically different characters over the past years (like Carrie Matthison, for example) it doesn’t even matter. A line like “You’re a sociopath, and I’m a reformed former assassin, we’re perfect for each other.”is viewed as nothing but (bitter)sweet. We just get to love two quirky, complicated characters riding off on a motorcycle together, because there are so many others.
        Or, for a better and even more plastic example, take OITNB’s Suzanne (Crazy Eyes).
        Just imagine her being the only queer character in that prison. Or the only queer character on television these days.

        So, to be making my final argument,(and sorry this reply has gotten so long, I’m just really, really trying to procrastinate the boring stuff I’m actually supposed to be doing), a lot of people have turned away from Faking It, disgusted by the “Lesbian Sleeping with a Man” trope.However, this is one of those shows, that are actually helping to put some tropes on their heads and there is quite some stuff one can hold against it, but there is also a lot of stuff it would be a pity to be missing out on.

  2. WAIT IS SHANE EXPERIMENTING WITH HIS SEXUALITY TOO??? If they do that, then I might just forgive the show for this ridiculous roller-coaster they’re putting Amy on. I want them to either devote her story to “Hey! I’m a lesbian! Girls only for meeeee!” or “I think I’m sexually fluid/bisexual and things are really confusing because #teenager”. I don’t want them to be throwing around “lesbian” as a label for Amy unless it’s supposed to be a commentary on how we conscript people to a binary and it sucks.

  3. I don’t think Amy’s ever actually used the term lesbian to describe herself, when she wasn’t faking it. (And yes I know the actress did, but she’s not a writer and she probably didn’t have the whole story from them when she said those things.) Anyway, I understand her situation. Emotionally I’m only attracted to women, but physically I’m also attracted to men, whether I want to be or not. I don’t act on it because I’d like to have an emotional connection with someone I sleep with (and of the four guys I’ve kissed exactly none of them were good at it), but I still identify as bisexual because it seems more honest.

  4. This show is so cra-cray that the story arc for the season could be something completely insane…which is why I’m hoping a lot of the cringe worthy moments in the preview can be attributed to another bout of “faking it”

    In one scene some of the kids are wearing “Save Hester” t shirts, i wouldn’t be surprised if this was used as a plot device for all kinds of silliness.

  5. Just based on the description of the teaser alone, I have a feeling they are going to absolutely ruin Amy for me. She is one of the few characters I actually like on this show. Their is also her sister who has really grown on me and Reagan. So that’s three characters.

    I’m hoping that teaser and the description in the MTV article about it are completely misleading because if they have Amy cheat on Reagan(poor girl) with this Felix guy I am going to delete this show from my DVR. And this show needs to stop throwing around the word lesbian. Does the word bisexual not exist in this universe, the way it doesn’t exist on Orange is the New Black either? Even if it does, sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend and ruining your friendship with her isn’t exactly a positive portrayal for bisexuals imo. And neither is “struggling to commit to your new girlfriend when a new guy catches your eye”. Their words, not mine. I know not every tv character is perfect but when there are so few lesbian and bisexual characters as it is compared to straight ones these writers have to be a bit more careful in how they represent us. We can’t all be confused about our sexuality. We can’t all be cheaters. We can’t all want to desperately have babies. And we can’t all be mentally unstable obsessive killers.

    • “I’m hoping that teaser and the description in the MTV article about it are completely misleading because if they have Amy cheat on Reagan(poor girl) with this Felix guy I am going to delete this show from my DVR.”

      If I had a DVR, I would do the same.

      Also I got the impression that she is cheating on Reagan with Karma?

      ETA: As revealed upthread, I am probably wrong about that dammit

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