VIDEO: Watch the New York State Senate Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Tonight, Eventually

UPDATE Friday 7PM EST: The Bilerico Project is live-blogging the scene at the Senate building. Senator Skelos has confirmed that the bill will go to the floor tonight (albeit probably as late as possible) and that an agreement has been reached on the language in the bill w/r/t religious exemptions:

“The amended Marriage Equality legislation protects religious liberties without creating any special exceptions that would penalize same-sex couples or treat them unequally. The legislation strikes an appropriate balance that allows all loving, committed couples to marry while preserving religious freedom.”


It’s Friday, and as you all know, Saturday comes after Friday. So today would be a really good day for the New York State Senate to finally vote on same-sex marriage rights. Otherwise I think everyone’s gonna lose their minds. Patience is wearing thin, says The New York Times:

Frustrations flared in the Capitol on Friday as Democratic lawmakers and gay rights advocates suggested that the Republicans in the State Senate were deliberately delaying a vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage in New York.

It was a marked change of tone from proponents of gay marriage, and it seemed to indicate that their collaborative relationship with the Republicans, in whose hands the fate of the measure rests, had begun to fray.

“It’s outrageous,” said State Senator Liz Krueger, a Manhattan Democrat. “We were sent home last night without really any explanation.”

As of this morning, negotiations over protecting religious institutions hadn’t led to a final agreement between Republicans and the Governor, but Thomas W. Libous, the Senate Republican deputy majority leader, was confident that a vote would come today (Friday).

Time is running out and Senate staffers have ordered protesters to vacate the third floor hallway to enable members and staffs to “move freely from office to office.” They point out that there are “countless” other areas for protesters to continue protesting. Everyone is all-around very tired.

In the meantime, we can all stare at this empty room and listen to muzak:

Watch live streaming video from nysenate at

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  1. Whoa, that’s some rockin’ music! It doesn’t really fit the empty room though. To mute (and risk the potential of forgetting I was watching something once the action kicks in) or not to mute.

  2. I have been staring at this live stream for hours. I was so hopeful when they brought the live stream up this morning after refreshing the main page over and over last night hoping there would be something. I pretty much have the State Senate homepage memorized at this point.

    Why are they doing this? I want to Glitterbomb the shit out this guy.

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  4. I like to think they saved it for last minute before NY Pride weekend.. right? Right?

  5. From the article linked two comments up:
    “Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is an Orthodox Jew and observes the Sabbath, which means he won’t work between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday.”

    According to Google, sunset in New York is at 8:31pm this evening, four hours and 16 minutes from now. Is there like a second speaker who takes over, or does it finish with sundown? Last night they adjourned only around 11pm.

  6. I was realllly into this super cute girl in high school. She led me on for WEEKS! Flirting, smiling, quick pecks on the cheek. Finally we were going to hang out without her boyfriend around on a Friday night. She said she had feelings for me that were “complicated” but she wanted to explore them. I arrived at the party and her friends were there already. I asked around, no one had seen her. Hours later I’m sitting with my friends, trying not to cry, and I see her come in through the front door. She talked to people and avoided me as my anxiety plummted through the roof. Suddenly, her boyfriend appeared from the kitchen, and pulled her into the kitchen and they quickly did some shots, and disappeared upstairs.


    Me refreshing google news every so often, is totally me seeing her walk through the front door all over again, and again, and again.

    Is it on? Oh there’s her boyfriend. What are they gonna do? She see’s me. But oh, I don’t know. Can’t figure it out.


    Effin’ Teasers.

    I hope we have a happier outcome here.

  7. The AtlanticWire just reported that they have come to an agreement on the religious exemptions but still no word if it will actually go to the floor today or not.

  8. Let’s have it then. I swear, I’m gonna have to resort to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the stress and aggravation the stalling and this fucking music has caused.

  9. Nobody hyperventilate when the session resumes. Reports from supporters in the chamber say that they’re going to be dealing with other legislation first and won’t be bringing SSM up for a couple of hours. Joy.

    • i hyperventilated. and then i read this comment. can they stop stalling now please? this is taxing my mental and physical health…

  10. last time I almost hyperventilated was when “WHO SHOT JR” – (Dallas) was on…this takes the cake

  11. One of my closest friends is in the capitol building right now and he’s staying as positive as possible! I keep texting support, there’s a lot of haters saying horrible things to supporters. I’m urging him to keep smiling! And don’t stoop to their level! So proud of him, wish I could be there!

    • You were most likely better off without all the anxiety. My internet at work is terrible and I’ve been going nuts, afraid something would happen and I wouldn’t find out forever due to crap interwebs.

      But really…very anxious day. Maybe, maybe not, yes, no, possible, tomorrow, today!, never, blah.

  12. So my friend that’s in the chamber. Claims about 150-200 “civilians” in there, about 40-50% most likely within the LGBTQ realm or obvious (shirts, holding signs in their laps, alt. lifestyle hair, etc).



    the rally is going pretty crazy right now, i think the evangelical protestors’ behavior (there’s a lot of praying and kneeling and weeping right now, it’s kind of scary) simply indicates how close we are. they’re desperate, guys! they know how close we are and they know we’ve got this. as for us advocates with the rainbow signs, we haven’t eaten, we haven’t slept, but we’re going to stand outside these doors until this state turns around and supports us.

    my much more in-depth account of the rallying front lines thus far:

    • Wish I could bring you some food. Stay strong, we’re getting there. And please ignore the hysterical fundies, they’re unworthy of your attention.

    • wow @ Anthony. Have certainly come across people like that, but I don’t think that intense. Or badly tanned.

      Seriously tho. He said “he was a hottie”. NOT CONVINCED. I really feel for people like this and wish I could give them a hug and they would suddenly accept themselves :(

    • Livery is pretty interesting to me because they are good and a life saver in queens. They actually show up within 120 seconds most of the time if you call. They are also usually very nice drivers. Not that that matters, but it’s a great service. And they never take issue with how short or far you are going. Whereas yellow cabs will tell you their credit card machine is broken if you are only going a short distance quite often.

  14. I care so little about old dudes talking about mandate relief omggg but I have to so I don’t miss the good stuff, hurry up old dudes

  15. they keep saying how these votes are important and historic and what not. and i’m sure they are. but those poor people out there rallying and waiting for the vote… dont any of the people in the senate care about them?

  16. Is this music making anyone else suddenly crave a margarita? Or at least a fruity drink with an umbrella?

    • I’m working out of town right now and missing all of pride weekend AND this happens. So I’m feeling pretty damn sad right now.

  17. FINALLY! haha i knew it was the equality bill as soon as people said nay to receiving the message. really people?

  18. On Twitter:

    @GannettAlbany: Gannett has learned that Sen. Steve Saland will support #samesexmarriage and be the 32nd vote for passage in the Senate.

    Go NY!!!

  19. arghhh this is like Prop 8 anxiety all over again. I suppose it hurts a little less because it’s not where I grew up but fffffffffffffffffffffff

  20. so, they’re currently debating the amendment to the bill. what are the steps after that? are there more things to debate over or are they actually going to vote? do they have to vote on the amendment first and then on the actual bill? I am confused/nervous/excited/overly emotional.

  21. I am so confused by what’s going on right now. When do they actually all say yay or nay? Politics is obvs not my thing.

  22. So uh now when I’m in NY in December, I can get married? ?!!?!?!? This is amazing!

    And I hope everyone has the BEST PRIDE EVER now!

  23. On Twitter:

    New York Senate
    Again to be clear, so far we have only passed THE AMENDMENT. The MAIN BILL HAS NOT YET PASSED.

    That Diaz is a dick. Shut the fuck up, you ignorant fuck.

  24. yes! the bill is passed! i live-texted everything happening to my girlfriend in all caps. i dont think i was very coherent since i was texting about how they’re protecting the bigots, but it passed!

  25. I’m so confused. Did they vote on the actual bill, or was that just the amendment? Why is this guy still talking?


  27. YES WE CAN!!! MY whole street heard ME!! YAYAYEAYYYY ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!!!!!!! These hrs were NOT gone in vain!!! WOW

  28. lol
    Lady Gaga just twitted: “We did it!!” Everyone thinks they passed the main bill, but they only passed the amendment! :-S This is so confusing.

    • Huffpost tweeted it too. Everyone is confused, lol. This Grisanti guy sounds like he’s going to say yes though.

  29. GOOSEBUMPS YOU GO DUANE!!!! ( making me very emotional here….someone DRINKS PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!) WE ARE A FAMILY!!

  30. Senator Duane is making me tear up. Senator Diaz made me want to throw things. Too many feelings to have so dangerously close to my nice new computer.

  31. i’m celebrating the impending YES vote on marriage in my home state with a beer made in the first state to allow gay marriage. i think it’s a fitting circle :-D

  32. On Twitter:

    Capitol Confidential
    “It’s a shame,” Ruben Diaz sez from his chair. We have a mini-kerfuffle here on #samesexmarriage in the #nysenate

    Capitol Confidential
    I didn’t hear that, but @MikieBarb did. Sez Parker was dropping f-bombs. Wants to speak on #samesexmarriage

    Capital Tonight
    Kevin Parker has left the chamber.

    It seems that they’re fighting…

  33. To hear these very senators come out with the things they are saying, is truly wonderful. Even in hesitation, or a veil of shame, they are doing the right thing, and I have so much admiration for them saying what they really feel, and not what their political roles tell them they should feel.

  34. Going to sleep now, girls. It’s 5 AM here in Spain. u_u
    I’m so happy right now I could cry… :-D This was such a great step towards equality!!! Congrats, NY!!! I’m sure that soon every State will pass a bill like this one. :-)
    Good night! :-D

  35. To everyone who stayed up tonight, commenting on this thread and sharing your anxiety, frustration, hope and finally, joy, thank you for being amazing. I swear watching this for over 4 hours has shaved 3 years off my expected life span but it was so worth it.

    Happy Pride.

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