Queer Tarotscopes: Scorpio Season Is Ready for a Deep Dive

This season’s tarotscopes feature the new This Might Hurt tarot by Isabella Rotman and the Compendium of Constellations.

We’ve made it through the reorganization and reflection of Virgo season, worked to find balance and collaboration with Libra season, and are now entering one of the most powerful and transformative periods of the astrological year: Scorpio season. Usually associated with mystery, darkness, and sex, Scorpio is a time of rich emotions, deep intuition, and vivid introspection, an opportunity to find new layers of meaning in relationships, dreams, goals, and ambitions. And after all the work you’ve done this year, embracing your strengths and moving through shifts and making connections and creating boundaries, Scorpio is here to help cut through any remaining bullshit, focus intentions, and move with both purpose and passion.

A sign of fixed water, Scorpio is known for deep insights, a tendency towards darker impulses, and obsessive curiosity and connection. There’s a craving for intimacy, a desire to know and understand, a need for both control and surrender that makes this time of year feel particularly potent. This season can be overwhelming to those that prefer to scatter their energy in multiple directions, or are hesitant to commit to something too soon — Scorpio brings out intensity in everything, moving right to the heart of the matter, asking probing questions, and seeing things that might otherwise remain hidden. But for those that can navigate this energy with an open mind, there’s endless potential for understanding, connection, and learning to trust personal intuition and magic. Scorpio invites us to dive as deep as possible, to consider what we want and to go after it with intense focus and endless drive. And yes, this is absolutely a time for connections, witchcraft, and mind-blowing sex — but Scorpio is also deeply emotional, so don’t be surprised if that simple spell or new crush turns into something much more powerful than you expected.

Our card for this season is Death, an archetype that tends to bring out strong reactions. Exploring the natural end of a cycle and kickstarting a potent new transformation, Death is a card of mystery, the unknown, a powerful and permanent shift that’s both necessary and inevitable. And while this card is rarely symbolic of an actual physical death, the fear, trauma, and pain that this card often unearths is very real. This is not a card or a season to be taken lightly, but rather a time to let go of something — a relationship, a job, a living situation, a viewpoint, a belief, a dream. Perhaps having a specific goal once kept you motivated and focused, but as you’ve grown and matured that particular ambition has lost its appeal. Perhaps a friendship that once felt so essential has become frustrating, toxic, or is consistently bringing out the worst in both of you. Whatever the situation, Death symbolizes an ending that has been building for some time, a loss that isn’t a surprise — this is not a sudden, foundation-rattling chaos like the Tower, or a tempting, seductive invitation to destruction from the Devil. Instead, this is a chance to say goodbye to something that no longer demands or requires growth, an opportunity to shift in another direction.

Many tarot readers like to focus on the rebirth piece of Death, the strength and renewal and healing that comes after a painful loss or difficult transition — yet that takes a lot of the power away from this particular shift, from the importance of the ending itself. There are plenty of other cards and archetypes for restoration, growth, and balance, like Temperance or the Star, but Death is about the moment of transition, the permanent change, the invitation to evolution. And by rushing past the shift itself, we take away our chance to say a real goodbye, to mourn what must be mourned and truly let go of whatever is passing. Whether this ending brings grief or relief, it’s absolutely essential that we take the time to recognize what’s happening, and to care for ourselves in whatever ways we need. Death may feel painful, frightening, or uncomfortable, but this shift is making space for a new set of intentions, dreams, and sensitivities, letting you transform into someone even more amazing.

With Death bringing permanent shifts and powerful understandings, this could feel like a time for assessment and change — but many of our cards for this season also speak to control, the ways that we process and manipulate information, and the methods we use to make decisions. Some signs are called to let their creative energy and ambitions burst forth, while others need to take a step back from action and consider what they truly want, believe, and need. And many are encouraged to find balance, something that can feel out of reach during the intensity and emotion of this season. Scorpio energy can bring up a lot of strong reactions, so you may find yourself considering where you can let go, delegate, and share emotions, burdens, or creativity. For many of us, this will be an important chance to reorganize and move forward with a firm sense of resolve.

In this season of Scorpio, pay attention to both your intuition and your instincts, particularly as you let go of certain things and consider where your energy can shift. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto, so if you know your placements for these planets you can create a full reading for this season, embracing both mystery and passion.

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As always with these readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Scorpio season!


The Empress

You bring so much potential, energy, and passion to everything you do — and the Empress is ready to help you turn that confidence and personal power into rich creation and deep, inspiring manifestation. That idea that’s been simmering, that dream that’s been building, that vision that’s been pushing its way into everything? Start putting those creative thoughts onto paper, letting things flow and breathe and grow. Leave ideas of perfection behind and instead enjoy the process of seeing those raw ideas make their way into tangible realities. There’s something empowering, intoxicating, about starting a new project, and this is a season for you to harness that rich personal magic and obsessive focus of Scorpio and create something that speaks to the depths of who you are, your passions and hopes and desires.

Don’t misunderstand me; this creation is not going to flow effortlessly, fully formed and perfect, ready to be shared with the world. Once you start this process you may find it takes a lot more time and energy to shape it into exactly what you have in mind, and things may shift and evolve as you go. But this is just the beautiful beginning, a chance to let your dreams expand and build, to see how it feels to start this new and brilliant project. Enjoy this process, and see what happens.


The Devil

Some powerful shifts have been happening for you, with fast movement towards your goals and finally taking a chance towards something that’s been building within you. But this season may bring some intense and personal temptations, forcing you to choose between what you know is good for you and something that could push you past your own limits. Consider your relationship with control, the habits that you fall into when things get painful or complicated — where do you run when you need an escape from reality, when a situation becomes too much to handle? What patterns do you fall into when you’re afraid, angry, confused, that you wouldn’t when your emotions feel more stable? This is a time to move thoughtfully and gently, to not make hasty decisions, to remember what you’ve overcome and not slip back into destructive habits.

Conversely, this card could also indicate something completely different — you may need to break out of a familiar, comfortable rut and take some chances, get a little messy, stop trying to dominate every aspect of your life and make some mistakes instead. Control goes both ways, and if you’ve been micromanaging every detail of every decision in every project, a pattern that Taurus can often slip into, consider where you can shake things up. If things feel stale this season, consider where you can indulge a bit, or get a little wicked. Sometimes loosening control isn’t the worst thing in the world — but if you follow this path, make it a deliberate choice, rather than a full surrender.


Three of pentacles

So many of your cards in recent seasons have urged balance, focus, prioritizing what matters instead of trying to do a million projects at once — and last season asked you to evaluate your long-term progress, to consider the path you’re on and the goals you’re moving towards, rather than starting new things or getting lost in your many collaborations and passion projects. But Scorpio season gives you space to get back in there, to pool your resources and assemble a trusted, kickass team and start building something incredible. You excel at working with others, letting new ideas and perspectives expand your own creative abilities, so utilize the people around you to create a tangible plan to shape your dreams into reality.

You may already know what you’re good at, but if you find yourself wishing for skills or talents in other areas, consider the people around you and the resources that you have available. You may be able to delegate or spread out responsibility, giving you more time and energy to care for the pieces that matter most to you personally. Sometimes an old experience or fleeting memory can be just what’s needed to help the trickier details come together, so don’t limit your imagination to one perspective. You’re building something amazing, so try to stay focused and remember those bigger goals.


Ten of swords

My friend, you are someone that excels at creating boundaries, that guards your heart and only lets a trusted few see the vulnerabilities and rich emotions that you protect so diligently. And while this can be an admirable quality, one you’ve learned through experience is necessary for you, it can also limit your viewpoints and perspectives when things get messy. This season may bring some challenges, some struggles, that feel impossible to overcome — and if you feel that you’ve been singled out or are being attacked from all sides, it could cause you to retreat completely, isolating yourself in an effort to find healing.

As painful as this process can be, if you find yourself pulling back, remember to try and look at the situation from another perspective. Are you only focusing on your own pain, without considering how you may have contributed to a difficult situation? This may sound harsh, but it’s very possible that you’re so focused on your own version of truth that you’re missing some essential facts, details that could shift your understanding drastically. Things may not be as bad as you think they are, but you won’t be able to figure that out if you’re married to the narrative of yourself as a blameless victim. Take in some different viewpoints, talk to those trusted friends, and pick yourself up — you have options, but you’ll have to do the work to make them a reality.


Four of pentacles

You’ve had a few pretty intense seasons, from unexpected shifts to necessary rebuilding to adjusting your perspective on growth and change. Sometimes when we go through major adjustments or powerful understandings, it causes us to reevaluate everything — and though your natural confidence may feel like it’s taken a hit over the past few months, Scorpio season will bring some much-needed stability to your world, giving you a chance to rediscover your innate courage, brilliance, and independence.

This season is a chance for you to look at the goals you’re working towards, the resources you’ve been gathering, the foundation you’re creating for your future. How are you using and expanding your assets? Are you holding them close, guarding what you have, or have you been generous? Pentacles are often associated with money first, but the resources that we have are so much more than that — insights, experience, skills, time, energy, community. After all that you’ve been through, it may be tempting to lean into Scorpio’s mystery and keep your ambitions or assets a secret — but consider how you thrive when working with others, when letting them see your fire. You may find that letting others into your plans, or showcasing how far you’ve already come, can help you shine even brighter, finding new passion for your work and dreams.


Wheel of Fortune

As you move forward into intense Scorpio season, you may find things shifting, bringing new opportunities and possibilities even as old dreams or paths forward shift or get lost in the shuffle. A situation or decision could change quickly, forcing you to reassess where you are, what you want, and how you plan to reach your goals. This can be a disorienting energy, especially for someone as organized and detail-oriented as you, but remember that you always have choices. Even if it feels like things are slipping out of your control, you are still responsible for your actions, and have power over what you do, say, and think.

Recent seasons may have brought forward powerful emotions, new connections, and sensitive vulnerabilities — all beautiful, inspiring things, though they may have felt uncomfortable or unclear for you. Those rich depths can bring forward new, unexpected dreams and ambitions, perhaps pushing you to try something different or move in another direction. Pay attention to your instincts, and resist the temptation to dig your heels in or stick with an old plan simply because it feels more comfortable — you may find that this season’s shifts bring about exciting new opportunities or a possibility that grabs your attention and invites you to rethink everything.


King of swords

Your season brought forward balance, harmony, and a sense of foundation-building, helping you dream big and focus on turning all of that creative energy into something tangible. And as you move into Scorpio season, you may find yourself taking on more responsibility, even heading up projects and initiatives that challenge your intellectual self and force you to make some important decisions. Use your natural ability to listen to multiple perspectives and find the truth, honoring your ability to both communicate and process information, and you’ll thrive.

It may be tempting to find solutions that appease everyone, using your natural peacemaking abilities to try and make everybody happy — but this is a time when you need to listen to your own personal instincts, to trust your innate sense of logic and justice, and to respect your ability to look past the bullshit and see what’s real. It’s okay to be independent, to believe in your opinions and experiences, to rely only on yourself sometimes. Embrace this chance to be confident in your intellect and desire to find truth, and see how it shifts your understandings of your own ambitions, desires, and plans for the future.


Two of pentacles

Happy birthday, Scorpio! You’ve been moving forward with passion and excitement, harnessing all of that intensity and reflective energy into projects that inspire and motivate. And you may be juggling it all successfully right now, handling responsibilities with ease, making it all look so effortless. But this season asks you to prioritize balance, to not take on everything, and instead to move with thoughtfulness and patience rather than concentrating on speed or quantity.

What are you juggling? Are you managing multiple complex projects, making plans for a number of new conquests, trying to balance relationships that are competing for your time and energy? It’s certainly possible that every single thing you’re managing is essential, but as Scorpios have a tendency to get obsessive or controlling, chances are you’re running a few things that could easily be delegated or set to the side. Release the need to dominate every choice and action and instead give yourself permission to focus on the things that are truly important to you. Trust that powerful intuition and let yourself be present in each moment, rather than getting tangled in how you think things should be.


Ten of wands

Last season may have brought forward some powerful visions for the future, dreams and ambitions that you’re just beginning to manifest in creative, inspiring ways. And as amazing and empowering as that energy can be, your natural fire and desire to explore and understand can sometimes put you in difficult positions, where you’ve taken too much on and now find yourself running out of energy. This season, you may find yourself stretched too thin, with more projects than you can reasonably handle. And even though you may be truly excited about everything that’s on your plate, the time will come when you need to focus your energy on a few things at a time instead of trying to do it all.

I know you’re a badass, friend — you can handle so much. But you have to stop feeling responsible for everything and everyone around you, to stop carrying all of that weight alone. You don’t have to say yes to every opportunity, every possibility, every path forward. Prioritize what really matters to you, figure out which projects can be shelved for a time, and stop being afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do it all, and while it might feel scary to put down some of those responsibilities or delegate some of those tasks, if you can release some pressure you’re going to find so much renewed energy and passion for the things that you truly care about.



This year may have felt like transition after transition, with constant shifts, challenges, and obstacles to overcome. But after such an intense and rapid beginning to the year, Scorpio season is a time for you to slow down, listen to your intuition, and work to create some much-needed balance in both your professional and personal lives. You tend to go hard, holding yourself to high standards and frequently pushing beyond your own limits — and while that can bring both success and pride in accomplishments, it also creates an endlessly increasing burden for you to carry. Give yourself permission to release some of that pressure and instead embrace a spirit of moderation, blending that powerful work ethic with those mischievous, playful temptations. All work and no play is a hard motto to live by, but there’s a part of you that needs release, joy, and comfort, a personal aspect that you may not be indulging enough. Take advantage of the magnetism and passion of Scorpio season and enjoy a bit of well-earned pleasure. Your work will still be there when you’re ready, and you’ll likely find a new sense of joy and focus once you return.


Five of swords

Last season brought some intense shifts and even losses, and as you come out the other side of those transformations, you may feel a little frustrated, a little irritable, a little angry. The next few weeks may find you struggling to adjust to this new world, and you may even be causing friction or conflict in parts of your life that normally move with ease and grace. Your tendency to err on the side of rationality and focus on the positive may get you into trouble right now, especially if you find yourself constantly fighting battles that seem unwinnable.

Take a deep breath, take a step back, and find some patience within yourself. Stop making things more complicated, difficult, or challenging than they need to be, and instead consider that your emotions (or your unwillingness to confront those emotions) could be getting in your way. If during a tense moment you realize that you don’t know what you’re fighting for, release the conflict and look at the bigger picture, something you’re very good at. This is a time for quiet reflection and self-care, rather than a moment that you need to be pushing forward at all costs. Consider what you truly want, make a plan for how to get there, and resist the urge to create unnecessary drama — it’s not worth it.


Seven of pentacles

You’ve been moving through seasons of deep awareness and powerful intuition, so Scorpio season may feel very comfortable for you — all that intense water and rich internal exploration can be a beautiful thing, but the transformation and loss element could be a bit less pleasant. This season, you’re being asked to take a step back from movement and instead focus on the bigger picture, the progress you’ve been making towards your goals and the growth you’ve been experiencing over the last few months or years. How has the vision you’ve been carrying of your future shifted and grown? Have the goals you’ve been working towards expanded, changed course, or transformed altogether? What tangible progress have you made, and how do you feel about what you’ve accomplished so far? It’s perfectly fine to adjust your path and make different choices, but do so with intention and purpose, rather than just going with the flow to see what happens. If you don’t feel that same joy and drive in what you’re creating, some small shifts or adjustments could help you get back on track, or move towards something that feels more right for you.

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