Queer Anthem: Micah’s “Did It On ‘Em”

Sebastian’s Team Pick:

So NYC Pride just kicked off. And if you’re looking for a thuggin queer anthem to bump in your Subarus, look no further than the hot new track from my boy Micah.

Micah is an up-and-coming FTM rapper who has been blowing up in Boston’s queer scene. And for good reason – this dude has serious talent, a sexy voice (I said it!), an amazing stage presence, and is unapologetically and vocally queer.

I think Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” failed as a queer anthem for two main reasons: First, it didn’t have enough spunk and power. Second, homegirl ain’t that queer. Micah offers all the spunk and power you could possibly want over a reworked and even bassier instrumental from Nicki Minaj’s “Did It On ‘Em” and you know, he is actually a member of the queer community.

Micah Domingo – Did It On ‘Em by Cluster Mag

Read more about “Did It On ‘Em” by Micah at Cluster Mag which debuted the track on the 20th.

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  1. Given all the division within the queer community, I find that comment about Gaga and the description of her anthem as a fail kinda offensive. Politically queer is queer. Publically queer is queer. Sexual liberation has little to do with the use of her fame to help our community. Plus, it is her fame that makes in an anthem.

    On another note, great song.

  2. I like this but I also like Born This Way.
    I liked Nicki’s version of this but Micah’s voice is totally sexy so he just edges her out imho.

    I still think Lady Gaga tried her hardest and did pretty well. She had good intentions. And I think some of the outdated racial lingo was more due to the rhyme scheme than genuine belief those terms are okay.

    And I think that the religious overtones are pretty important for any queer kids out there who are religious and feel they’re ‘wrong’ – since she’s a religious queer too, I think any message which helps a queer kid out there feel like they’re okay should be encouraged.

    But that’s just me. :)

  3. Um, ok. Call me lame if you want, I do not want to be chanting about defecating on other people. Like, at all. The beat is good, and I especially love the fact that it’s not dance/techno-y.

    So, give me a song that won’t represent queers as incontinent, and I will gladly make it my anthem :)

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