Let’s Talk Food Blogs: Here’s a Vegan Site That Will Probs Change Your Life, Etc.

I spend a lot of spare time at work perusing the internet for fun vegan, vegetarian, raw, organic or gluten-free recipes because I love food more than I love sleep (and I LOVE sleep). I thought I was familiar with all of the food blogs, then I found Happy Healthy Life, written by Kathy Patalsky.

Olive Tapenade Tempeh Vegan Sandwich - click image for recipe

My initial feeling was, “WHAT. How did I not find this site sooner?” which quickly morphed into, “Who is this Kathy and why are we not friends?” She covers juicing, detoxing, super foods, FOOD FOR YOUR MOOD (I know – you just fell in love) and Five Healthy Tips for Eating at Chipolte!? YES. Yes, this is my home now. Thank you.

“My favorite wellness tips include: drinking lots of coconut water, eating giant big multi-ingredient salads everyday, experimenting with seasonal ingredients, epsom salts in a hot bath, hot yoga, long walks on weekends, naps, spending time with animals like my kitty, deep breathing, smoothies/juices, raw foods whenever possible, starting each day with fresh fruit, not shunning healthy fats like avocados-nuts-and olive oil and using laughter as the medicine that heals all.”

…you had me at ‘big multi-ingredient salads.’

Kathy lives in New York. I live in New York. Obviously I’m devising a way in which I can surreptitiously run into her, then be invited to one of her dinner parties. It should go something like this:


Me: “Oh, hi! Yeah, I am in the West Village a lot, especially for someone who lives way out in Queens, haha… Well, I was just in the neighborhood with this homemade hummus and no potluck to bring it to…”
Kathy: “Please come in! I have some locally-grown organic vegetables THAT ARE ALREADY SLICED TO PERFECTION! Let’s be friends!”
Me: OK!

Share your favorite vegan-friendly food blogs in the comments!

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