Tweeting For Freedom: The Second Presidential Debate

Duh, Carly. Businesses are people. The TV isn’t a person, silly! It’s a little box that can be HACKED like the COMPUTER.

Like Ryan posed for a picture washing dishes at a homeless shelter but has never actually spoken to a homeless person.

LOGIC! Ah, stop using it! Mittens, he’s melting! He’s like a vampire, and logic is the sun…meltingggg.

The fact that this is one of the less scary things Romney has done recently is cause for major concern.

  Shit just got real, brought to you by C. Effing Rios.

Real or not real? – Peeta (Real, whispers Katniss. Real.)


Seriously the only joke every queer made today but it’s never not funny, y’know?

That’s true, that’s real. Forget the binders, bring on the BOIS!

Copyright this immediately.

And that’s a wrap folks. Are we gonna get mad hits? Have we been less radically illogical than Mittens was last night? Who’s to say. Hopefully you had fun. We had fun. We have carpal tunnel syndrome now but it was worth it. This is the price we pay for freedom, ya know?

The Second Presidential Candidate Debates 2012: Don’t cry because it’s over…smile because it happened.

See ya next time, kids.

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  1. I’m still surprised Romney let the debate go that late. Shouldn’t he have sent Candy Crowley home to cook dinner for her family?

  2. His comment about women needing to be home to cook dinner. I was like, err, actually, my dad is the cook in the household. My brother is cook #2. My mother cooks pasta. Once a year.

    • Same. My stepfather always cooks and is home before my mom who has a more demanding job that keeps her working late. Take that mittens.

      Sidenote: Despite my mom putting in extra hours and having a more demanding job, my stepfather still makes significantly more money than her and is at a higher manager level than her – and they’re at the same company. And he’s only been at the company 24 years vs her 20 years.

  3. This is fantastic, Vanessa. My favorite tweet of last night came from @r_ortega11, one of my Choice USA field associates:
    “BINDR is the best app for finding women in your area who are DTW (down to work). #debate2012”

  4. Loving the Trapper Keeper comment. Also did anyone else think “Binders? BINDERS? FOOL IT’S 2012! This is the future!”

    Seriously, though, everything that comes out of Mittens’ mouth is bullshit or condescension or both. I don’t understand how anyone (but women especially) feel okay voting for him.

    Also how on earth is anyone undecided in this election?

  5. Can I just say the nickname “Mittens” just warms my oatmeal?

    “Binders full of women.” I still can’t.

  6. Omg, “#Mittsachusetts” is fucking golden. My newly-converted-liberal-mother was screaming about how she’s tired of hearing about Mitt and Massachusetts.

    This almost makes me wish I had a twitter account.

    • #Mittsachusetts was all lemon, you guys. i can take zero credit — she is the funny roommate, always & forever. i’m just organized and good at reminding everyone to buy toilet paper.

  7. SERIOUSLY with the Massachusetts thing. As a former and always proud Massachusettsian, I’m going to need for you to stop referencing my home state as why you should be president. WE ALL HATE YOU, ACTUALLY.

  8. I’d really like to hear from a republican voting queer on Autostraddle (rumour has it they exist). That would be a really interesting article.

  9. The best thing about this debate has, of course, been all of the facebook statuses from my ultra conservative “friends”. First, my brother admitted that Obama did do much better, but that he was still “full of it.” And just now I saw one calling Obama a big liar, and Romney a “straightforward”, “honest” man, while Politfact ran a story about Romney telling 31 lies/myths in 41 minutes, a new personal record.
    Of course Obama/Biden aren’t without their faults, but at least they get their facts straight.
    As frustrating as this election cycle is at least it’s amusing?

  10. Every time Romney said something stupid, annoying or demeaning, I threw pretzels at the tv. My digs ate ALOT of pretzels Tuesday night. Also, also @taylor-s, when he said “binders” I totally screamed at the tv “Put ’em in a Trapper Keeper so they can’t accidentally slip out!”

  11. Lol @ this >,29959/
    “Tearful Mitt Romney Announces He Has Rare Disease Where You Can’t Sit Quietly On Stool When Repeatedly Asked To”

    “Without meaning to, I reflexively stand up, stride forward, and continue trying to speak—doing so even, and especially, when one or more people are instructing me to stop talking immediately and go back to my stool. It is a truly debilitating condition that I have battled all my life.” Romney said additional symptoms of the syndrome include an inability to maintain a convincing human smile, inexplicable reversals of previously stated policy positions, and an impaired ability to chuckle without sounding like a deranged maniac.

    • All I thought when I saw this was, “yeah, but he’d never say that because a preexisting condition means a hard time getting healthcare.”

      When that is the reason an Onion article is unbelievable, there is something wrong with politics.

  12. Can I nominate Carly or Lemon to moderate the next Presidential debates? Ladies were on FIYAH. All of you.

  13. Okay during the immigration part I swear I heard Romney saying something to the effect of children born in the US with immigrant parents should get a clear path to citizenship, like joining the army. My dad also heard it that way too. He may have meant immigrant children, but I’m 95% sure he SAID children of immigrants born here. Anyway my point is anyone born here is a citizen and they don’t need any path, it’s the 14th amendment. And if he meant immigrant children, there is already the joining the army thing in place, he wouldn’t be making that policy, it exists.

  14. This is significantly better than the debate itself. And, Lemon/Kate– congratulations on dropping your anonymity!

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