Glee, Glambert, Maddow, Big Gay Sketch Show: Verdict on TV’s Gayest Night Ever?

Okay, we’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it again as if we have never said it before — last night, TV got very gay.

1. GLEE:
Last night’s GLEE episode, besides cementing Brittany & Santana into the “special friends”/”exhibitionist bisexual” category (which to be honest, is not necessarily so unrealistic for high school girls, it’s just annoying within a broader context of other shows & storylines about lez/bi women) was a significant improvement on the repetitive “I quit” storylines and aggressively irritating “fake pregnancy” storyline that dominated the first half of the first season.

Jonathan Groff (gay) was there and gave us Spring Awakening flashbacks singing with Broadway’s Lea Michelle. Idina Menzel was there as the coach for Vocal Adrenaline. There was lots of Sue Sylvester.

And then we ended with this AMAZING VIDEO of Sue doing Vogue with Kurt and Mercedes. Who are the other dancers in the video?

Also, everyone is excited about the Lady Gaga episode of GLEE including Lea Michele: “‘Just wait until you see Chris Colfer!’ Lea tells me excitedly. ‘I mean, I can’t even…He decides to hang with the girls and do Lady Gaga with us and the boys do Kiss. He was like, ‘This time, I’m going with the girls.’ And Mr. Schuester [Matthew Morrison] let him. And we were lucky to have him because he was amazing!'” (@eonline)

Adam Lambert was a “coach” for the children of American Idol, where he sported a very vertically ambitious hairdo and did his best to whip those kids into shape. During a discussion about Adam’s singing style, Ryan Seacrest commented that Adam was “more talented with his tongue” than Ryan was — and then this happened:

…laughter ensued, Adam mouthed, “it’s true”… [plz pay special attention to the first angle where Jane Lynch is in the background being amazing?]… and then  the next day we woke up and BAM HELLO ROLLING STONE JAPAN!

Yet ANOTHER amazing thing that happened last night was that The Big Gay Sketch Show began its third season on Logo! We talked to all the girls on the show (well, two of them, and just made up answers for the third) about their excitement for Season Three.

The Advocate interviewed Colman Domingo, the only African-American cast member on the show (Erica Ash is not in the show this season). Colman appeared in the Tony-award winning Broadway musical Passing Strange and won a GLAAD award for his autobiographical off-Broadway solo show, A Boy and His Soul.

What’s it like to be the sole black member of a sketch troupe?
I’m always very conscious of what I’m doing and where the joke is, but our writing team is also very responsible. We spoof, but we also have a great respect for the characters that we portray. I’m not playing any crazy thugs or anything, and it’s all in light fun. Everyone welcomes my perspective, so I’ll absolutely say something if I think a sketch is leaning toward being hateful or offensive. Even as she reads “missed connections” on Craigslist, I want to make sure Maya Angelou’s saying things that are funny but not too vulgar.

And as a bonus, you don’t have to compete with anyone when it’s time for someone to spoof Beyoncé.
Yes, I don’t have to fight anyone for the black characters anymore. Erica Ash and I used to go to the mat! Now I get ’em all. I want to go for the Asian and Latino characters too.

Rachel Maddow guested on The Daily Show last night! Two of our favorite liberals in one room being snarky/perfect!

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Rachel Maddow
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So what did you watch and how did you like it?

On Monday night, Marshall, the son of Tara and Max on The United States of Tara, came out to his Dad and his Dad said, “good!” and that was that! (@queerty)

Christian Singer Jennifer Knapp has been hiding from us personally for many years — she has been hiding away her hotness and her very existence, as we have never listened to Christian music in our lives. But apparently she has also been hiding from the world for a little while, too, because she was in the closet, but now she is out! Jennifer Knapp is a lesbian!

Her sexuality is certainly part of why Knapp left music and dropped out of sight to the other side of the world for nearly a decade. She fell in love with her girlfriend…. and after eight years together, there’s no denying that anymore. But there were also conflicts with her business partner (with whom she had a hand in the early Christian music career of Katy Hudson, who has gone on to kiss her own girls as Katy Perry). Music had become about work instead of about joy. And then there was the rift between her faith and her sexuality. “I thought I had to exchange one for the other,” she says.

For Knapp, the process of bringing faith and sexuality into a coherent self required her to step away from her life and career in the U.S. The music that had spoken through her voice and hands became completely alienating. “I would think, I don’t even have a right to sing a song I wrote, because I am a hypocrite,” she says.

It’s not fun to hate Twilight anymore: “When the trailer for new Twilight movie Eclipse played at a recent fan convention in San Francisco, the crowd erupted in boos so loud the soundtrack was drowned out. That’s when I realized hating Twilight had gotten boring.”It’s just not fun to hate on Twilight anymore.” (@jezebel)

Thirteen explains bisexuality on HOUSE. (@afterellen)

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  1. I grew up with Jennifer Knapp (see I have her first cd Kansas right here..) so it was nice to hear this this morning. Just like when Ray Boltz came out last year. It’s always kind of satisfying for me – as someone who was raised in a christian household and lost a great deal many friends when coming out – to see the “famous christians” coming out as well.

    • Ray Boltz is gay too? how did i not know that.

      i also lost a ton/all of my christian friends when i came out. i agree that it is somewhat vindicating when “big names”
      in christian entertainment turn out to be gay. i’m still waiting for Carman and Mark Lowry to come out.

      • Being gay and Christian is kind of isolating. And on a personal level, I know most on both sides of the fence don’t agree with the extremes. But it often feels (to me) like most Christians hate homosexuality / homosexuals, while most homosexuals hate Christianity / Christians (and honestly, I struggle with Christians as well, I’m honestly automatically wary of most people who tell me they are Christian. Like I put up a barrier right away- ‘oh, we won’t be too close then- she’ll like me until she finds out Im gay’). None of my gay friends are Christians, and none of my church friends are gay. So its like I can’t really fit in anywhere, even after the (years long) struggle with my personal faith is won and over and I’m comfortable with myself. Its a human condition to want peers around who are like you, who “get” you. And thats so hard.
        “I’m quite comfortable to live with parts of myself that don’t make sense to you” – Jennifer Knapp

        • It’s very isolating. It turns out to be so, so scary because of all the things that they teach in church. It’s no wonder that myself and other people with similar backgrounds to mine took so long to come out. All you learn about for years is about how god hates gay people and that’s a one way ticket straight to hell, no exceptions. I think a lot of christians believe that and they feel very, very entitled to share their information with homosexuals whenever they get the chance.

          I don’t find it surprising at all that the two groups of people are so separated from one another. It seems like a majority of christians have no compassion when it comes to declaring you’re gay.

        • I actually know quite a few gay Christians, but I still see exactly what you mean, Liz, about being automatically wary of Christians. It’s a hard expectation to break when the most vocal are the homophobes. I’m very guilty of this myself.

          But I hope it’s something we all make a conscious effort to move past and give people a chance to surprise us, or we might miss out on connecting with some great allies. A friend of mine from high school went from being very outspoken in his opposition to gay rights to co-founding a GSA at his Methodist university because a friend coming out changed his POV. I also have a friend who is a Church of Christ minister (very conservative branch) who is in favor of gay marriage rights. They aren’t a majority and they are drowned out by the louder homophobes. But as difficult as it is not to, it’s no more fair for me to make assumptions about someone just on the basis of them being Christian than it is for them to assume anything about me because I’m a lesbian.

          I hope Knapp’s coming out helps some young Christians out there to reconcile who they are and the likely negative response of their church doesn’t scare them further into the closet.

          I think it’s so strong of her to come out and continue her musical career like this. She’s obviously truly comfortable with who she is and what she believes. It’s different from say Lance Bass coming out. A general pop star like that has a wide audience and can expect a mix of backlash and support. But for someone whose career had been as a Christian artist, more of her fans are going to struggle with this news and emotions will run higher. Hopefully those who support her will start conversations and open a few hearts and minds and a new, wider audience will enjoy her talent.

          Wow, sorry this is SO long. I have a lot of feelings about this, obvs.

          Also, this:

          • I didn’t say it was right, its just how I feel. In fact, my father is a pastor, and supportive of gay rights. In fact, my church has taken some flack from more conservative churches in the area for being so accepting (not just of the gays, but in general). You know how they say it takes ten compliments to cover one insult? Well, it takes 100 good experiences to overcome a bad one I think. When my former very close friend sent me an email after I came out, and challenged my faith and salvation and ability to parent- it took a huge chunk of my perceived safety with Christians away. In reality- there are many gay and gay friendly Christians. I just don’t always feel that way.
            And I am the feeling queen on this subject. lol I’d actually like to go to seminary and add to this discussion church and faith wide.

          • Oh I certainly didn’t take it that you did, I just was intending to agree with you (on both it being wrong/something I am inclined to do). And best of luck with your seminary decision!

          • My Bible studies class went over 1 Corinthians today… We started talking about marriage in general then later digressed into how certain sects view same-sex marriage. Needless to say, it was an interesting/difficult discussion. Can we put the contact theory into action please? Excuse me, I need to go order a copy of Fish out of Water…

      • Oh yeah! He came out at the end of 2008!

        It ~is sort of vindicating. A lot of christians don’t realise that they know someone who’s gay. And a lot of them really kind of turn up their nose when someone they know comes out. (from my personal experience of course) So for someone that is/was looked up to as being uber spiritual to come out and say “yeah, I’m gay and I’ve struggled with it for a very long time.” It kind of feels like a little victory.


    That’s really all the words I can put to it for now.

    The part about the email from a fan wanting her to come out so she’d feel less alone BROKE MY HEART. So happy for her. Can’t wait for the new album.

    I hadn’t listened to her stuff since I got away from all the Christians-for-show kids I spent a lot of time with when I was around 12 (you know, the upper middle class kids that wear WWJD bracelets and gold crosses over their Abercrombie shirts and then talk shit about people who aren’t as “Godly”/cool as them). I kind of didn’t want to do anything I associated with that group and until I read about this earlier today and re-listened to Kansas I forgot how much I truly love her music. Whole Again, you will never again stray so far from my mp3 player.

    For those of you who didn’t ever tune into the Christian music scene, let me assure you she was HUGE. Just, OMG.

    • Omg Rachel, Whole Again.
      And Undo Me.

      Guess what I’m listening to later today. A blast from the past, that’s what.

      • I’ve moved on to Lay It Down and AAAAAAH YES. I love the title track. And All Consuming Fire. But I prefer Kansas because it’s angstier and I get that.

        Definite blast from the past and the last thing I expected to be discussing on Autostraddle.

        It’s a funny, queer world out there!

        • I am so with you on this Rachel. My mouth dropped OPEN when I read that headline! Kansas was such a huge album for me. I’m gonna listen to it when I get home tonight and see how many I can still play on guitar. Jennifer knapp is gay! I have like, ten people I have to email about this right away.

          • There are a few vids on YouTube of her recent shows and OH EM GEE. She’s playing my hometown tonight and this is one of those times when I HATE being overseas.

            Seriously, go. Watch. Love.

          • I bet you still know all the same ones you used to. Cause I definitely listened to it yesterday and I definitely still know all the words. I kind of can’t wait for her new stuff because uhm… Kansas was awesome, right?

    • I haven’t listened to christian music in years, but I remember her (and did a holy crap scream when I read that).

  3. I’m glad someone else refers to her as Broadway’s Lea Michelle. I just do that every time I talk about her. If I met her, I’d still do it to her face, but then she’d just think I’m weird. Weird and on Broadway.

    • we were in the same general extended web of friends when lea was still on b’way and all her friends called her “broadway’s lea michelle’ or “BLM” for short. it’s actually hard for me to remember NOT to call her that anymore, ’cause we all still think it’s funny

  4. I love Rachel Maddow’s blue frames! Only she and Jon Stewart could make a segment about sociopath Timothy McVeigh both informative and entertaining.

  5. Ohhhh………OSAMA.
    I’d read it as Obama when I read the recap, and wondered what Rachel Maddow had against the President. Fail self, fail.

  6. holy fuckin’ shit jennifer knapp is gay?

    y’all don’t even know. my parents only let me listen to christian music when i was little and jennifer knapp was my favorite. coincidence? i think not.

    • Samesies, Kristina. They just didn’t know about the huge secret secular music cache beneath my bed.
      Yay for Jennifer Knapp!
      Guys, she got kicked out of the Christian music industry because someone felt she came off “too lesbian.” When I was still really church-y in high school I really identified with her because I was a musician who also came off “too lesbian” for my church. And it makes me feel warm and fuzzy now that we are also both queer. What a gem. I hope she makes some more music. Ans yes, she is also HOT.

      • haha. i also had a hidden secular music stash. i used to hide my “bad” cds in the christian music cases. then when i learned to download music and make mix cds…game over. i win.

  7. I hope these crazy bastards from my home state watch that McVeigh special and think twice about what they are encouraging. How the hell is a state militia supposed to combat things like the health care bill? What message are you sending when you say the response to perceived infringement on states’ rights is an army?

    Hopefully these tapes will also put to rest those who keep trying to say McVeigh is a cover-up to hide that it was Arab terrorists all along. They manage to make the local news every year or so.

    I loved Maddow’s glasses. And their ability to steer from a very serious topic into some laughs while still making a point. “Why a spoon?”

    • I don’t understand how a state that has a musical named after it can countenance such things.

      I feel I had some very pertinent further point to make, but my judgement is clouded by just having watched Glee while drinking many ghetto kir royales, so everything just feels like it should be musical-ified.

      But seriously, do U.S. laws really allow a bunch of armed nutters to band together to form a militia like this? Because it sounds bloody scary.

  8. In other gay/bi tv news apparently Dr. O’hara on Nurse Jackie has a girlfriend.


    re: Maddow, she brings the funny and makes great cocktails. Did I mention she is kinda my idol? I wish I knew about her when I was younger so when people asked me what I wanted to be when grow up I could have just said ‘Rachel Maddow’

  9. OMG Jennifer Knapp? This is the most amazing news I’ve heard all day. This seriously lifts my heart in a way I can’t even describe. To have someone who was so influential in my Christian childhood and adolescence say she is gay, she struggled too, she felt like a hypocrite and has decided to come out and tell everyone else that it’s ok to be gay and Christian. This is amazingly encouraging to me.

    *runs to post this on facebook*

    • Seriously! My little babydyke self used to blast her from my Christian camp cabin in the woods – i’m so happy that little future Christian gays will have her as someone to look up to.

  10. 1. Hot glasses, Rachel Maddow.

    2. The coming out scene on United States of Tara made my night. I love that show for so many reasons, and one of the biggest is how it deals with homosexuality. Perfection. And Marshall’s so adorable.

  11. Re: background dancers in the ‘Vogue’ video (also known as “the best thing I’ve ever seen grace my television set”) – I’m pretty sure Santana and Brittany are at the very end with the big group dancing in pantsuits. Besides them and Kurt/Mercedes, the rest are just nameless random background dancers. At least, I didn’t see anyone else I recognized.

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