Tobin Heath Says “Gay Vibes,” Christen Press Says “No Days Without Lesbians”

It’s Day Ten of 2022 Pride, so when I got smacked in the face with what felt like extra GAY VIBES yesterday, I just wrote it off as a symptom of the season, like how my migraine auras always turn circus-colored in June. But then! An Autostraddle A+ member sent in a hot tip that explained why I’ve felt like I’m getting super powers over the last 24 hours! Tobin Heath, famous for being a world-class soccer player and also being wrapped up by Christen Press like a Christmas present one time in the snow, posted a photo of herself on Instagram, sitting on the back of some Subaru-looking car, wearing a hoodie that says GAY VIBES.

Oh, hi.

No wonder I suddenly feel like I could transform a rainbow into a lasso and wield it like Wonder Woman! And that’s not even all! Tobin Heath’s aforementioned dear, dear pal and snow canoodler, Christen Press — herself also a world-class soccer player — is out in the wild wearing a shirt that says, “A day without lesbians is like a day without sunshine.” Which is true! And something you probably would not wear on your body without the experience to back it up, I would assume!

The shirts are both from re—inc, the clothing company these two buddies own with Megan Rapinoe (maybe you’ve heard of her). You can also buy shirts from their store that say things like QUEER QUEER QUEER, GAY IS GOOD, and RE-IMAGINE LIBERATION. Obviously gay people made this merch because when straight people do things for Pride, it’s like two top or two bottom buns on a Whopper, or an LGBTQ-themed Bud Light ad talking about Let’s Get Beers Tonight, Queens! That? Is not GAY VIBES.

Our intrepid Autostraddle A+ member who sent in this tip also wondered: “Did Tobin Heath just come out? I hope so!”

Dykes, friend! I mean — yikes, friend: I unfortunately cannot answer that question! As far as I’m aware, neither Tobin Heath nor Christian Press have ever directly addressed their sexuality or their, um, companionship. They simply wear clothes promoting gayness as a concept, follow each other all over the world for vacation and soccer matches, occasionally almost smash their faces together in on-pitch celebrations, have a “ship” name that summons “delete this!” lesbians like some kind of sporty Blood Mary, and I’ve literally never seen either of them near a man who isn’t a soccer coach. But. No. I cannot answer that question.

If any other Autostraddle A+ members stumble over any GAY VIBES out there in the world, you, of course, have access to our exclusive A+ member box where you could just drop that information right off. I would be MORE than happy to stop what I’m doing and investigate alongside you.

In the meantime, I’ll be over wearing a hoodie that says Queer as Fuck, due to being a person who is Queer as Fuck.

Happy Pride!

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Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who lives in New York City with her wife, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. She's a member of the Television Critics Association, GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer critic. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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    • out of my depth, but would you consider…

      reinc – probably-but-maybe-not-lesbiangaybisexualtransintersexasexualplus
      (pronounced ‘rink’)


      q: is she plu?
      a: she’s re-inc.
      q: have we checked her instagram?
      a: it’s june, so let’s revisit…

    • As Christen has referred to Tobin as her “life partner” on multiple occasions. And both of them have dated other females before. But they have been together since at least 2015, do they need to come out?

  1. Heather I was expecting a Wonder Woman comment too after Lynda Carter has been on fire over Pride this week too. Plus Rebel Wilson sort of came out I guess.

    This is Re-inc’s first ever Pride drop. I’ve followed them from the start. And I’m happy to inform you Christen Press of Angel City FC is also the CEO of re-inc and very active in the company.

    And Tobin Heath is the Creative Director. She she co designed the whole drop. Although she is not currently attached to a football club after leaving Arsenal after her 1 year contract ended. She will be a free agent in January 2023. And can be found at most Angel City games supporting the team.

    Angel City just had a fabulous Pride Night at The Banc, over 17,000 fans on a rearranged Tuesday night game. They have several out players such as the newly married Paige Nielsen, starting goalkeeper DiDi Harracic, Sarah Gordon currently injured, Maia Perez rookie goalkeeper. And on the pink carpet many players wore re-inc and Pride gear to support LGBTQIA rights. Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle kissed on the big screen (part owners), and Ali Riley the captain gave a stirring speech post match that had most people on a Wednesday morning in tears!

  2. Your A+ tipster left out some pretty crucial information: Christen Press fully came out in a post in the Re–Inc community this week.

    She wrote beautifully on what Pride Month means to her and stated clearly, “While my identity has always been rooted in being a black woman, it took me a long time to embrace and understand my identity as a gay, black woman…” and also, “I feel a sort of steady confidence in living my truth and loving my partner.”

    I won’t share the rest since it’s supposed to be a post just for the community, but the Pride-related t-shirts aren’t “subtle” hints, they’re bold affirmations (at least in Press’ case, but I mean… Heath’s whole thing is Gay Vibes, so I would consider her out, too!).

    • Hey, KP. The re_inc membership is a member’s only sacred space. An Admin just posted there this week about not taking information from re_space and putting it on social media. Yet, here you are.

      When and if Christen and Tobin want to announce their identities more broadly, they will. You don’t have to do it for them.

  3. “No wonder I suddenly feel like I could transform a rainbow into a lasso and wield it like Wonder Woman!” Is this the best thing you’ve ever written? OK, no, but one of my favorite Hoagie phrases of all time.

  4. Wait Press came out this week?! This is huge! Can you share the link? I would love to read what she said.

    Also thank you Heather for your dedicated reporting and commentary!

    • Hi, GL. Tobin did not come out on Instagram. That is from a stan account who took information that was shared on the member’s only re_inc site and posted it to social media.

      • That pic has also been featured on Re-inc’s Instagram story and the art itself, along with a long caption about Tobin Heath’s “process of self discovery” is featured on their Instagram. Regardless, I don’t think that there is any reasonable privacy expectation when information appears behind a $10 paywall. People have every right to monetize their experiences and stories if they want to do so, but with that comes a loss of privacy.

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