“To L and Back” Podcast Episode 2: L’Pilot (Part Two of Two)

Hello again dearest lesbians, bisexuals, queers and others interested in the mediocre media of our people! It’s time for the second installment of “To L and Back,” in which I recap every single episode of the show that ruined my life, The L Word. For Season One of this epic adventure, my co-host will be my dear friend and yours, Kristin Russo, who also co-hosts an episode-by-episode recap podcast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

We recorded this episode before releasing last week’s into the wild, so it was before we got such a warm welcome into the world of podcasting from all of you, for which I would like to declare myself VERY GRATEFUL. Thank you so much! Our goal is to make it onto New & Noteworthy so that we can be famous. (We did make it to the New & Noteworthy Section of TV & Film but we wanna be on the main page obviously.)





Episode Music:

Due to music licensing deals being negotiated prior to the existence of streaming and digital downloads, The L Word is one of many shows and movies that have had their soundtrack totally destroyed in the streaming version. So, if you want the authentic, original music that was intended to be on the show, the only way you can do that is to buy the DVDs. Season One is currently $11 on Amazon Prime. None of you took my advice and bought it last week, but maybe you will this time!

In my Autostraddle posts for each podcast episode I’ll let you know which songs were swapped out. This episode was one in which I cannot believe they are even pretending like this is the same TV show!!!

Jenny & Marina Do It

Original: “Sun Again” by Kinnie Star
Streaming: Another only-for-Netflix tune that’s like, “I’m above you, I’m before you, trust me”? Nobody has ever had sex to this song.

Bette & Tina do it

Original: “How Long” by Mr. Airplane Man when they bring the guy home, “Up in the Room” by Mr. Airplane Man when they’re doing it with each other.
Streaming: Okay it looks like all the new music is also… original Netflix tunes? None of these songs seem to exist elsewhere! Anyhow it’s, “I’m over here, you’re over there,” wow this is a different scene!

Final scene at breakfast with Jenny:

Original: “Cannonball” by Damien Rice
Streaming: Sigh. Netflix.

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    • I’m watching the show for the first time and my impression was “thank God for the therapist because they should not have a kid right now”

      (I’m on episode 9 right now and my responses to Bette and Tina have mostly been “TALK TO EACH OTHER ABOUT THIS YOU FOOLS!!!”)

  1. I think at least the Bette/Tina love scene still has the Mr. Airplane Man song under it, but otherwise, what the L, Netfix?!
    On the bright side, this is very useful information and leads me to my new hobby, redubbing L Word sex scene soundtracks by syncing them with YouTube videos of the original songs. Just call me Bootleg NOTBetty.

  2. Loving the podcast, can confirm it’s excellent to cook to.

    Can’t wait for the nipple confidence jingle.

  3. I’m listening to this in the bus and I’m laughing out loud and people are looking at me weird and I have absolutely no regrets. I’m loving it. So much.

  4. Lol, Dan Foxworthy! This recap is great, the commentary in this episode is so accurate.

    Maybe you can get the christmas special with the reboot, I’ll be praying to the queer gods for all of us.

    Also totally relate to Jenny and Riese wanting to be with someone supportive of art and the understanding of that space. I find it hard to be with anyone who doesn’t care for my music or more importantly my acoustic guitar. ;)

    Looking forward to next week.

  5. This is so great, I feel so validated in my simmering, 15 year hatred of foxworthy. I think in 2004 I’d never had a therapist – but my GOD yes he is an absolute shambles and Bette should report him to the board

  6. Shout out to Riese & Kristin for the Super Real first time lesbian sex discussion at the 33:00 minute mark of this episode – so poignant and powerful that I wrote down the timestamp immediately, whilst crying.

    Always appreciate Autostraddle; I am particularly humbled and moved by the vulnerability and profuse honesty within these first two podcast episodes. This is life-affirming, queer excellence in journalism. Thankyou for your work.

  7. Riese and Kristin, I just wanted to tell you that I listened to the podcast for the first time today and had soooooo many feelings!!! I have low vision, so I take advantage of audio description whenever it is offered. Most of my favorite Netflix shows have it, but sadly, The L Word does not. Now that I’m almost done with Season 2, I’ve managed to follow it a bit better, but at first, it was really hard for me to keep track of who was who, and where the scene was flashing to next. I was thinking just a few months ago, “Gosh, how I wish I could watch this with someone who could fill me in on everything I’m missing.” Seriously gals, your podcast has made that wish more than come true!!! So I’m going back to the very beginning and re-watching everything along with you! I also noticed the comparison between Riese’s and Jenny’s “coming out stories”, and I want to add that mine followed the EXACT SAME narrative last year!! At the time, I was dating a man, and it really wasn’t working out. Something inside of me was beginning to whisper that I was “more than just straight”, but I shoved it down just trying to make that whole relationship thing work out. But when I watched the first episode of The L Word last July, I knew it was all over!! I totally saw myself in Jenny, and I didn’t want to cheat in order to fulfill that wish. So, broke up a few weeks later. I still don’t have a girlfriend yet, but I have so many new friends, and my life is totally different now (for the better!) I hope I get to shake both of your hands at Camp in 2 months, and maybe get an autograph… Y’all are like rock stars in my mind, LOL! Thank you for all that you do!

  8. I just added DVDs to my netflix plan so I could give it a whirl with the original music. after my DVD trial period though I might just cough up the $ to buy them

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