The Welcome Week Interrobang

Lesbian Lexicon Monday: “Interrobang”

interrobang (v) – 1. To engage in sexual activity resulting from ambivalent attraction; to commit the act of a questionable hookup. May result from drunkenness, desperation, poor judgment, or Welcome Week at American University.

2. Though usually hypothetical, to engage in sexual activity with a person who is contrary to one’s “type.” May result from the same factors as definition #1, but is usually less embarrassing, as individual in question is probably at least a little attractive.

X: So you think she’s hot?
KC Danger: Yeah she’s pretty cute; I just don’t usually dig redheads.
X: So you wanna interrobang her

KC Danger: Yeah, I guess.

GENDER: Is it truly possible to raise a kid gender-neutral? Maybe not, but science has only proven two innate biological differences between boys and girls — however, the social norms are insidious and difficult to circumnavigate. Salon talks with an expert on the scientific side. (@salon)

ONLINE DATING: OK Cupid’s study on what people respond to in Online Dating ads is fascinating. Women prefer men who employ humility over bravado, indicate actually reading their profile, and compliment them on things besides their looks. “The lesson: Treat a woman (on the OK Cupid dating site) like a human being and she will respond positively.” (@sociological differences)

BODY: THE OBSESSION WITH TV FATTIES: “What’s so funny about overweight people getting hit in the groin with footballs? Everything.” According to Details, “fatertainment” is good for us, ’cause if we’re skinny it makes us feel better about ourselves, and if we’re medically obese, maybe it motivates us to get off our fat asses and apply for The Biggest Loser? The catch is that I don’t think fat people getting hit in the groin with footballs is supposed to be meaningful … it’s just lazy joke-writing. And this article ignores the major differences in how fat women and fat men are handled by the meida. (@details)

WAL MART: Wal-Mart best symbolizes America, a new poll finds: Almost half of the respondents of a new “60 Minutes”-Vanity Fair Poll picked Wal-Mart over Google as the business that symbolizes America… but they also picked the Obamas and Angelina Jolie as faves. So they’re actually kind of smart about a few of these retarded things. (@salon)

THE LAST WORD: Buy Me Some Peanuts And… Yoga Mats?: “I don’t go to a baseball game to do yoga or knit or meet the cast of Days of Our Lives, I go to a baseball game to watch a baseball game.” (@jezebel)

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  1. Hmmm yes it’s true – When I think of America Walmart is probs one of things that comes to mind. I mean I even had a dream I asked Riese to show me around Walmart once :) LOL!

  2. Yea I always hit the gym after I see some actor perceived/portrayed as overweight + physical humor. WTF? I could go into a rant about how pissed off I am at the world for screwing with women’s minds and contributing to poor body image and self esteem, but I think instead I’ll go eat a cookie. TAKE THAT SUCKAS!!!

  3. Eight years into the parenting gig (one boy and one girl) and everything I thought I knew about boys and girls has been smashed to bits. My son and daughter are incredibly different and are stereotypical in some ways and non-stereotypical in others. It’s impossible to tease out what is biological and what is put on them by society. I try not to think too much about it anymore…probably because I spend more time as sibling smackdown referee.

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