FoxNews is Also Confused About Law Prof’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Controversy

ANTI-GAY WHAT? Boston College Law Professor appears in anti-gay marriage ad: Apparently the legal consequences of our future marriage to Ellen Page would be so detrimental to our success in life that the world would probs explode. OK … so that isn’t exactly what Boston College Law Professor Scott Fitzgibbons said in his appearance in an anti-gay marriage ad, but he did declare, touting his academic merits, “legal experts predict a flood of lawsuits against individuals, small business, and religious groups. Church organizations could lose their tax exemption [and] homosexual marriage would be taught in public schools, whether their parents like it or not.”

Also, Fox wrote about this story as well.—but got the headline wrong. They either completely misread the article or just continue to love messing with their readers minds. We sense it was a mixture of both. Picture 3

Many Boston College Law students and faculty alike are upset with Fitzgibbons for mentioning his association with the school in the ad—without any clearance from the college itself. Yay for the people at BC opposed to Fitzgibbons appearance in the anti-gay marriage ad. As for me, I’m still confused about these specific “legal consequences”. Fitzgibbons doesn’t go into detail about them in this article and merely suggests that he explains them somewhere within his letter to the Governor of Maine. PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST. (@uwire)

GAY BAR: Montreal’s Oldest Gay Bar To Close Its Doors– “Despite its rather drab décor, Quebec’s gay historians say Mystique is hallowed ground, a crucial spot in the city’s queer evolution.” (@xtra)

NO ON 1: C4ME Urges Support for NO On 1 To Protect Marriage Equalitycanada-wedding(@pamshouseblend)

CHURCH: Forgive me father, for I have to bust up this monolithic myth: From the C4ME press release: “Marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacrament reserved to the Church to define and administer. Civil marriage is a right of the state to define and with it comes over 300 state benefits to better the lives of our families and children. No church can morally deprive families and children of state recognition.” (@goodasyou)

HATE CRIME: Memphis billboard featuring gay soldier vandalized– “A Memphis billboard featuring a gay soldier was ripped to shreds by vandals Friday night. The billboard was part of a campaign for National Coming Out Day.” (@wmctv)

ANN COULTER IS STUPID: Coulter: It’s Liberals Making All Those Obama=Hitler Signs– (video)(@joemygod)

TAKE IT BACK: This weekend, social conservatives held a so-called “How to Take Back America Conference”:

Step 1: Locate receipt. Step 2: Place America in its original packaging. Step 3: Drive to store. Step 4: Tell customer service why you’re unhappy with nation. (@goodasyou)

And the description from People For The American Way– [shudder]
“Health care reform is about rationing, euthanasia, and pushing the elderly and vets off a cliff. The “radical homosexual activist movement” is the biggest threat to religious liberty, and ENDA is a bid to “criminalize Christianity.” (@rightwingwatch)

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  1. Why do people keep allowing Ann Coulter to speak? I love the constitution as much as the next gal, but still. Can’t America go Survivor on her ass and just vote her out?

    • Hahah I think your plan is perfect!

      Ann Coulter brings up so many awful feelings in me that I can’t even begin to try to articulate my hatred. SHE NEEDS TO GOOOOOOO.

      • A vote on this issue sounds like an excellent idea. Even better though, we could include another voting opportunity on the same ballot asking where she should be sent to.

        I vote to kick her out and send her to Patagonia.

  2. Oh boy… there is just so much good conservative mockery to be had its hard to pick which to vomit on first. How about we start with Ann Coulter. Oh Ann, if it weren’t for you my days would be dreary… rational maybe but no doubt dreary. I think Ann Coulter is just really f-ing hungry. I would probably be pissed off and six kinds-o-crazy if I were starving all the time too. And yes Ann, I always mar photos and replicas of people who are fighting to uphold my interests and try to humiliate them even though they agree with me… ALWAYS. Also, can we talk about the name Fitzgibbons? No wonder he’s such a dickwad. He was bound to fail at life with a name like that. On a serious and slightly more infuriating note, how in the world would ENDA be criminalizing Christianity? That is the biggest steaming pile I have ever heard. So they are saying that they worry about the government interfering with the way they think/believe/express themselves, when that is exactly what they are already doing to others by trying to maintain legal discrimination. OOoo that makes me mad gurrrrrl! I know plenty of Christians who don’t feel that way, so they should shut the hell up and stop speaking for everyone else. People for the American way are trying to take America back and I just need to know if they want a refund or an exchange so I can piece the story together correctly. Also, I wonder if they will run into Justin when he is bringing sexy back. Yea, I said it.

  3. As a native Bostonian, I want to testify that Scott Fitzgibbons and actually BC in general are batshit crazy and embarrassing.

    ALSO I may or may not have dressed up as Ann Coulter for Halloween last year and every time I made out with someone it was extra satisfying because I imagined her squirming wherever she is in the world and not knowing why.

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