The Triumph And Tragedy Of Lisa Frank

By Anna North

Pollock and Basquiat got their biopics — now it’s time for another artistic visionary to lend her life to the silver screen. Brought to you by the Upright Citizens Brigade and Diamonds Wow, the story of Lisa Frank’s misunderstood genius, meteoric rise, and heroic stand against the philistines of a school supplies conglomerate is sure to be a major Oscar contender. Your heart will soar like a flying purple dolphin when Lisa says her famous line: “No one’s going to trap me, and no one’s going to keep me!”

Lisa Frank
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Lisa Frank [UCB Comedy]

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    All of a sudden want to bedazzle my work desk and put glittery stickers or kittens and gumball machines all over my monitor. I just might…

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    HA! That was brilliant. Also, that’s almost exactly what I always pictured her looking like when I was a kid.

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    Heh. I totally saw a couple Lisa Frank pencil pouches while shopping for school supplies today. Wish I still had all my Lisa Frank stuff.

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    As mentioned in my profile, I have a t-rex lamp that wears a top hat. I wish Lisa Frank would have painted more whimsical, brightly-colored dinosaurs.

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    All of my Pokemon cards are in a rainbow-colored Lisa Frank dolphin trapper-keeper. When both of those forces combine…

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    I still own my Lisa Frank sticker collection, and I refused to let my mother throw them out last year. I am a college student.

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