Buffy the Vampire Slayer Returns to TV, Lohan Returns to Acting Sexy

BUFFY: Logo & its parent company MTV prove they’re awesome by bringing Buffy the Vampire Slayer back onto our TV screens weekly and is kicking this off with a marathon on January 1st 2010. Now we can watch Willow & Tara fall into extra-flamey love all over again, and relive Buffy & Faith’s lesbionic sexual tension! Most importantly, BtVS addicts can force their unaware friends to watch until they become fangirls too. (@sitcomsonline)

LILO: Lindsay Lohan’s MUSE Shoot, Now in Moving Form … is actually way hotter than the photoshoot. (@nerve)

muse-lindsay-1 + muse-lindsay-sofia-2 + muse-lindsay-2

FILM: With the influx of awards season buzz, it’s become woefully clear that there’s a severe lack of actual women in film/female filmmakers. (@nytimes)

It will take more than millions of teenage girls (and their moms) squealing in delight at sparkly vampires and hairy beasties with swollen deltoids before real change will come to American movie screens. Women need to develop their own muscles.

I’m not talking about those buff babes who pop up in adolescent fantasies, licking their lips as they lock and load; I’m talking about movies made for and with women. I’m also talking about movies directed by women. Here’s a little history: Only three women have been nominated as directors by the academy in 81 years: Lina Wertmüller for “Seven Beauties” in 1976; Jane Campion for “The Piano” in 1993; and Sofia Coppola for “Lost in Translation” in 2003. None won.

When I read about Hollywood’s gender gap, it always makes think of The Bechdel Rule, which is still (unfortunately) relevant nearly 25 years later:

The Bechdel Rule

The Bechdel Rule (from Dykes To Watch Out For)

To be fair, it’s hard to top the super badass movie Alien. I mean, while we’re on the subject of awards, it’s ranked #45 on IMDb’s Top Movies of All Time list. Alien movie poster

GRAMMYS: Fuckin’ A! Miley Cyrus is disqualified and Karen O gets the Grammy nomination instead. The future is bright! (@rollingstone)

VH1 COUNTDOWN: To get your awards fix even sooner, VH1’s “Top 40 of 2009” airs next Friday. Our prediction is GAGA FTW! (@vh1)

BILLBOARD: Let’s take things even further — Billboard breaks down the best of the whole DECADE. Thumbs up to Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” taking the top spot on Hot 100… thumbs down to Creed’s Human Clay coming in at #5 of 200 Albums. (@billboard)

ALEXA CHUNG: Sadly, there will soon be one less sexy British chick on your telly. MTV has called it off with Alexa Chung. (@variety)

REALITY TV: In other brilliant MTV programming news, Jersey Shore isn’t just trashy (like we all expected), it’s also racist! Listen, just because these people self-identify as “guidos” doesn’t mean that the word isn’t offensive to the millions of Italian-Americans who can’t stomach watching them demean themselves and their heritage in the name of reality celebrity. (@ew)

BACK TO THE FUTURE: 11 Predictions That Back to the Future Part II Got Right and 11 Predictions That Back to the Future II Got Wrong. (@11points)

Wrong Prediction #8: People working out while they eat.

Wrong Prediction #8: People working out while they eat.

ADAM LAMBERT: Logo’s episode of NewNowNext PopLab hosted by our golden boy Adam Lambert is also made of win:

Watch the Full Episode (@logoonline)

THE LEARNING CHANNEL: Cable TV network TLC decided to lay down the law on Jon Gosselin — while I’ve lost all respect for the “learning channel”, the good news is that it means less Jon & Kate crap! (@washingtonpost)

MICHELLE OBAMA: Barbara Walters wrapped up her Most Fascinating People list with numero uno Michelle Obama. She loves bad reality TV shows — you guys, she’s just like us! Wonder if she watches Jersey Shore… (@abcnews)

LINDSAY: A new day, another “unnamed source” Lindsay Lohan rumor. This one is kinda awesome though, ’cause OMG wouldn’t it be amazing if Ellen DeGeneres opened her loving home to Lilo? Imagine the adorbz double-dates with Sam! (@sawf)

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  1. I wonder if part of the problem is money — as in, women have a hard time finding people to finance their films, and also have a hard time asking for money (this is according to sociological workplace studies, not my own observations) or demanding authority and power and yannow, money. So then they end up not being able to make the movies they want to make?

  2. There is a lot in the daily fix today..where to begin?
    -LiLo-Again I ask what is the point? What is she promoting? Smoking is not sexy, my throat started hurting by watching.
    -Yay Mushmouth is out! Although that Karen O song annoys me. Good to see someone else get recognition.I am still pissed at the Grammys for giving Taylor Swift more nominations than Gaga!
    -Alex Chung..eh..whatevs she is not the hot and she always seemed kind of rude, disconnected, and indifferent about everyone she interviewed. So I am not surprised

        • I love her too! Her voice is amazing and it actually baffles me how her legs are that long.
          I think part of the problem with her show is that her interview style and humour is quite British, and doesn’t quite get across sometimes, so just seems a bit off. I used to think I was imagining it, but then her interview with Daniel Radcliffe was back to how ace she was on Popworld back in the day.

          • Yeah you are right. The style is very British. That is the problem, esp. since her guest are american and the audience is young americans who have probably had little to no exposure to British culture. However, as a interviewer and 2 years in, she should have learned to work with the that better.

          • oh yeah definately it should and could have been done better. Given what mtv were trying to do and the kind of show they were aiming for, and her general style, i’m not really sure why they started her show in the first place. I think it would have worked well here, on E4 or something (the same channel that has Skins) but even watching it on youtube whilst knowing the audience that it was targeted at made me cringe a bit sometimes! Bit of a fail, unfortunately.
            Also I do not like her boyf at all, but that is prob unrelated to her tv show!

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  4. Despite my efforts to the contrary, I’m becoming more and more of a Lindsey fan every day. This is a problem, but then again I should have expected it; I’ve always had a thing for crazy crazy women.

  5. “According to Hovertech, an R&D company that focuses on developing hovering products, without either an engine or a track, there’s no way to currently make “BTTF Part II”-style hoverboards.”

    I’ve been waiting for the hoverboards since i can remember. Thank you for breaking my heart autostraddle.

  6. 1. I didn’t MTV was the tv papa of Logo.
    2. Holy shit that Lindsay footage IS hot. Oh man, I’ll be her next gf. I like the song. I hate cigarettes but it’s somehow still hot, and I’m not even tempted to call her a slut for this. I’m turned on, in fact. How, oh how can I get that permanently on my computer? P.S. The heart/star/stripes on dude’s face reminds me of Sia’s “Some People Have Real Problems” cover.
    3. Fucking A on the Cyrus tip!

  7. Wow. That boy in Lindsay’s video is so very girlishly pretty I almost don’t mind that the video was 90% hetero.

  8. BTW. Ellen Ripley’s microscopic undies caused me no end of stirring sexual confusion when I saw Alien as a young preteen.

  9. YAY!!! SO freaking excited to see Buffy on tv. I’m a newish fan( only been one for a year and a half) so I’ve never actually seen it on TV before. Also, you should add fanguys to the sentence about becoming fangirls, because the BTVS gender split is pretty 50/50, and all ages too. Ahhhh, sooo excited. I just hope they play the eps in chronological order, or else this will suck.

  10. Twitter has just informed me that Samantha Ronson is also v pissed off about Its On..with Alexa Chung being cancelled. I’d like to think that I could use this common ground to start up a conversation, inveigle my way to becoming friends, and then persuade her to get back with Lindsay and stop her doing daft photoshoots with men, but I know in my heart that its a bit unlikely.

  11. i was so happy to see lindsay keep her damn finger out her mouth! and then it all came crashing down around 1.45

  12. is it weird that i didnt even see the guy in the lindsay vid. i only noticed that he was there from reading the comments…still i imagined him as a hot girl with a very short haircut…
    god im such a homo…

  13. Speaking of a critical lack of female filmmakers, did you know that only four animated films have been directed by women?


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