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Hello, friends! Did you know that when you lean a Macbook Air up against an ottoman, it disappears completely from above? I spent so long looking for my laptop today. So long! Is it possible that this computer is actually too thin?

Anyway. I am so grateful for your existence, today and every day! Let’s hang out. How was your week, bbs?

This week on Autostraddle, Natalie gave us a perfect breakdown of the Democratic Candidate LGBTQ Forum, which was moderated by none other than Angelica Ross!

Have you been catching our gorgeous Bi+ Week content? Bisexual writers on the team talked about what they’d like the future to look like; Lisa wrote the definitive list of bisexual characters on Bob’s Burgers; Casey spoke to bi people about the challenges of joys of dating; someone tried to flirt in Foolish Child; and more!

Janis reviewed Hustlers and wrote about what it got right, and also what it can’t change, for sex workers.

Raid laid out how to not fuck up a three-way relationship.

Ari’s got your apple-stuffed challah for Rosh Hashana.

And then there were your comments!

On FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Cheeses, Ranked — Fight Me!

The Safe Sext Award to Snaelle and Vanessa:

Snaelle: Beautiful picture of cheeses stacked liked wedding cakes / Vanessa: This is a sext.

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Has An Elaborate Sex Spreadsheet:

The Dirty Laundry Award to Chandra:

I’ve always found the word “spreadsheet

On Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2019: The Future Is Bisexual:

The Boring Company Award to Larisa:

I may not be a fictional character, but I am definitely out here increasing boring bisexual visibility. You want infinite pet pictures? Way too many facts about bugs? Buddy, I can help you out.

On Every Bob’s Burgers Character Who’s Definitely Bi, With Receipts:

The Bi, Bob Award to Kitten Heel Femme:

THIS IS THE BOB’S BURGERS CONTENT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. I have it on a loop too. My roommate and I have been saying Bob is bi for years, and Nat rang all my queer alarm bells the moment she came on in a bright pink suit and accidentally fell on a (dud) hand grenade. Thank you, Lisa. Will save this for future hypothetical Bob’s Burgers arguments at parties.

On The Rituals of Love in Everyday Life:

The Visibility Matters Award to Cecily:

I haven’t finished reading this yet, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for *finally* publishing a piece by someone who is over 40 (over 50, even!). I mostly feel invisible from queer media, so seeing the author’s age so clearly in print at the top of the piece made my heart dance.

On “Killjoys” Gave Its Queer Characters the Happily Ever (and Ever) After We Deserve:

The Love Squared Award to Heather Hogan and Valerie Anne:

Heather: I love the way you love things. Valerie Anne: I love the way you love the way I love things.

And on Foolish Child #55: Your Friendly Neighborhood Bisexual:

The @ Me Next Time Award to Whitney:

This is a call out comic, looool. Like, I am in this comic, my goodness

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