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The Autostraddle Insider Issue 90, March 2022

Letter From Your Editors

This month, while half awake at an Airbnb, I took one of my new favorite selfies in a Whitney Houston T-shirt and no bra. I was so excited (listen it’s rare I take a selfie I love) that I shared it in the office and Nicole and Laneia turned my middle of the night snap into inspo for this month’s theme: "wear a graphic tee that really describes your whole situation." This is what we came up with.

Vanessa / Shelli / Heather / Drew / Laneia / Carmen / Nicole (and partner, Sadie) / Em / Kayla / Anya

This March around the Autostraddle way was really defined by two things (at least, for me): Our 13th Birthday Membership Drive and new writer season. On the writer front, when we last spoke it was also the last day of applications and we had north of 350 people apply. WELL! That number ballooned overnight and we ended up with just about 600 applications!!!! Kayla and I read all of them — and I mean we very literally p...

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