The 5 Best Lost Episodes For A Thorough Mindf*ck

Lost may be drawing to an epic, left-your-brain-in-the-microwave-too-long conclusion soon, but the show’s replay value means you’ll be enjoying everybody’s favorite action-packed, tropical acid flashback for years to come. Here are my favorite Lost touchstones from the long, weird ride to this month’s series finale.

1. “Pilot”


It all started here. Lost‘s pilot is a standalone movie on its own– I’ve probably seen this episodes a dozen times. At the time of filming it was the most expensive television pilot ever produced, you know, what with the jungle and the jumbo jet and all. This is a fantastic introduction to our trusty protagonist, Jack Shephard. Plus, The Fucking Crash!


2. “The Constant”


Arguably the most trippy episode. Probably the most romantic episode. It’s very hard to watch this one without getting choked up at the end. And oh yeah, the introduction of time travel: ‘Nuff Said.

3. “Walkabout”


I think this episode made it sink in that Lost and the Island were something special. I have an emotional involvement with “Walkabout” because my mother was in a wheelchair, so the big Locke reveal really got to me. This one’s proof that Lost can be as emotionally potent as anything else on TV.


4. “A Tale of Two Cities”


Ah, the introduction of Juliet and Hydra island. I had no idea how integral Juliet would become but I loved her instantly. But more importantly, after three seasons of Kate running around in dirty pants, “A Tale of Two Cities” gives her a makeover (with a clean dress, to boot!) thanks to Ben! She cleans up good.

5. “Through the Looking Glass”

SEASON 3 / EPISODE 22 & 23

One of the best cliffhangers in Lost history. Hell, make that recent television history. We get the epically twisty ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ moment. And flashforwards abound! Future Jack’s lookin’ a little worse for wear: ‘We have to go back’– we get it. Shave your beard, sketchy Jack. And little did we know we get a peek into the show’s future even less comprehensible time-play. Oh, to do it all over again! We feel you, Jack.

What are your Lost faves? Have you made it all the way to Season 6? How tenacious of you!

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  1. YES!!!!
    I consider all Desmond-centric episodes to be soooo good, (brudda) and so I have to mention his first appearance in Man of Science, Man of Faith (“but you got to make your own kind of music”!!). Such a good first scene. The one with Juliet in the first episode of season 3 is great as well… when she’s playing Downtown. And really, “Not Penny’s boat” is probably the best tv moment ever (the Shane/Cherie Jaffe pool scene comes in a close second).

    I have a very crappy memory so I hope the others (:D) mention more episodes. I’ll miss Lost. Thank you for this article.

  2. I love Desmond-centered episodes. Hopefully he’ll get more airtime in the last two episodes. I’m so over Kate/Sawyer/Fake Locke/Jacob/Jack. I DON’T CARE. bring back the sci-fi kthx.

  3. Great list Juan! Over the years on Lost I loved Sawyer, Sayaid, Jin & Sun, Hurley & Libby, Penny & Desmond, and Charlie!! I’m sad that Claire is a little whacked out and that so many of my favorite characters are dead. I guess it doesn’t matter- it’s all going to end very very soon!

  4. I don’t know how you managed to narrow it down to only five. However, you did pick what the best ones as far as I’m concerned. That reveal in Walkabout, oh man. The season 5 episode Dead is Dead gave me total chills and creepouts and omgwtf when Ben told Sun that even on the island, DEAD is DEAD and the fact that John Locke was walking around scared him to death.

    And of course the biggest mindfuck moment for me (SEASON 6 SPOILER HERE PEOPLE) was in LA X after the Smoke Monster killed those people in the base of the statue where Jacob was. And then Fake!Locke appears and tells Ben “I’m sorry you had to see me like that.”

  5. Great choices!! However, I would have to include Across the Sea to that list!! It was so important and so amazing! I love where they put that in the series, and am very happy with the reveal at the end! Also, the creepiest most awesome moment for me in Season 6 was after Smokie killed all the people at the temple and Kate is walking through with the gun and everyone is walking so slow. So creepy and that song in the background! I am really going to miss lost! Thanks for this article!

  6. Sooo…did anyone else attend the live LOST event tonight with Carlton and Damon? I was surprised to see about 20 people at our local movie theater. Nice little show AND the sneak peak clip!!! I was almost afraid to watch because I didn’t want anything to be spoiled before Sunday, but like they promised it didn’t really reveal anything. Except…a possible dog print? VINCENT!?!

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