Reflections On Tegan & Sara’s Cuteness, Inspired by New Cute Video, Alligators

Tegan & Sara’s Alligator remix album releases today as does Episode Two of Tegan & Sara’s Reflections: USA. We have only one question for Tegan & Sara; how are Tegan & Sara real human beings?

Tegan & Sara are to “cute” what Jennifer Beals is to “saintly perfection.” Whether the topic is t-shirts, exercise, ink blots, or plums; the Twins Quin embody cuteness & cleverness at all times.

If this acronym doesn’t already exist, we’d like to invent it now in honor of Tegan & Sara. SFC = So Fucking Cute. SFC can also stand for “So Fucking Critter.”

Refresher of the term critter (in 2009, Rachael Hip-Flores & Nicole Pacent of Anyone But Me were named Critters of the Year):

* Critter: A critter is someone who does things that normal people do in a way cuter than the average person. It can be used as a noun, adjective, or a greeting. Examples of critter behavior are as follows: being super cute and fun all the time, not causing drama, wearing hoodies that make you want to cuddle no matter what your relationship is, a stranger being super nice for no reason for no personal benefit for themselves, making the best out of awful situations, always being up for anything.

Critter is totally not a sexual term at all, although obvs we’ve probs all had sex with critters, it is by no means a qualification for the term. (definition by Cait from here)

Is there a fansite that is keeping track of their most adorable moments in some kind of organized fashion for our children’s children?


Tegan & Sara Are Always Cute: A Reflection

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  1. As I have said it is amazing how the are grown women, yet I have never thought or said ‘aww’, ‘cute’, ‘adorable’ or smiled as at anything as much, even more than babies and kittens.
    Sara was dressed like tiny time in a reflection episode that was ridiculously/unbearably cute. When Tegan laughs, when they were glasses, when Tegan impersonates her mom, when Sara raps bone thugs in harmony, when sara talks about stalking people, when they mess up songs,etc.

    Yeah I don;t think they are real and I can see why people think they were manufactured in a tiny Irish or Scottish town by the record label to be consumed by the masses.

  2. Ive a question for everyone, I know your all a bit biased towards them but would you recommend going to see them in concert? It’s just that they’ll be playing in Dublin in the summer and im considering buying a ticket but dont really have the money so I want to make sure it wont be a waste! Apparently the last time they were here it wasnt good at all.

    • Well, I’m going to go see them. My fear is not that they won’t be good, but rather that I will get caught standing in the wrong place at the wrong time and be trampled to death by a stampede of feral lesbians rushing to chuck their knickers at them.

      • Well that is a serious danger after all! Ive heard lots of stories about drunken lesbos shouting at them to take their tops off and such like and apparently they were not amused! I’ll see about going to the gig, I should go just to see that many lesbians in one place.

    • i def recommend the show. in fact i’ve gone twice in the last 3 months. also i always feel like t+s always look like they have the most fun playing shows in europe so ideally you’d catch them at their best.
      oh and to respond to the others, i think t+s shows are the calmest of all. nothing but polite dancing girls and their girlfriends i’ve encountered…

    • I went to there concert for the first time a month ago and besides the standing and the fact that my care broke down it was one of the best concerts i have ever been too. They sounded great, very funny, charming, if you want to know what it will be like go here she has a bunch of videos.

      If you click my name I did a video review, lol.

      I am just bought the Honda Civic Paramore/Tegan and Sara tour tickets. My mom was like you are going to see them again? I was like hell yeah if they came every month i would go.

      • Thanks for the info, I think im definitely going to take people’s word for it and go to the gig, I just found out tickets are actually only 25 Euro anyway, bargain! Looking forward to it now, nothing beats a good gig with an audience made up nearly entirely of gay ladies. :-D

        • That is how I bated my sister. I was going to go alone. She was going accompany me just because and then she realized the meat market. I also made her a cd so she wouldn’t be lost for 2 hours and now she likes them too!

    • No no Dr. Rosen RX has the best remix BY FAR!! All the other are a big fail to my ears after listening to that. And it is not even on the album. Which is crazy because I would have paid for it. You can download it legally though.

  3. Hey, you guys misspelled Caprica as Capricia a couple times here. Unless I’m missing something witty, in that case, nevermind. I noticed a search of “capricia” brings up more articles.

    And if there is a God, Tegan and Sara will shoot an episode of Reflections with Holly Miranda. I haven’t found any video of these guys together. Anyone?

    • Just noticed it was fixed(that, and “gangster”)

      p.s. I hope you guys get paid per click for that Dinah banner at the top. I’m always clicking that thing thinking it will take me to the homepage. I’ll never learn.

  4. The only good thing about this duo is their art director and marketing team. They make questionable music (with poor critic ratings and reviews). They are gimmick after gimmick (think “Lesbian Twins”). But you know, they’re really happy to take your money, so keep spending it on branded shirts and tote bags that will cause Real Lesbian Hipsters to laugh at you when you use/wear them. Thanks, and have a nice day.

  5. haha all i’m gonna say is, someone’s more of a tegan fan huh?

    also does anyone else think it makes a difference that ricky martin came out only after a decade or whatever passed since he was actively famous? or is it the fact that it’s more easily accepted now?

  6. I just saw them for the first time in detroit, well royal oak. Whatevs. It was possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I think they’re mostly adorable when they argue, but they’re not really argueing. Also, I feel like I’m bad at relaying my thoughts.

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