Tag Yourself in This SNL Lesbian Reality Show

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This week’s Saturday Night Live debuted the lesbian answer to Logo’s actual and upcoming drama-filled reality show that follows six gay men during a summer-long, gay-mecca beach party. Fire Island, meet Cherry Grove, the affluent-lesbian-with-child silent retreat. (Careful with this one, finding this offensive would make you the exact kind of person it’s parodying.)

These tropes that package gay women into overly emotional bores and gay men into hot beds of fun have been very, very, very well established to a point that could be classified as tired, and the queer landscape has changed so much even in the past five years that this really feels like the last year you’re going to be able to get away with something like this without calling attention to the fact that you haven’t met a gay person below the age of 30 in a decade, but in the meantime, who are we here?

I’m Beth, the lesbian that no one seems to be able to find.

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  1. So so tired of this trope.
    But I would say I’m Beth too, provided that she’s missing because she’s child-free and bored out of her mind with all the baby talk going on around Cherry Grove
    As I child-free lesbian over 30 I would last around 30-45 minutes in there before “disappearing”

  2. To me, the point of this skit is that highlighting all these lesbian tropes is just as stupid as the trope of the naked boys on fire island. Nearly every gay guy I’m friends with thinks that (ridiculous) show on logo will set the community back 7-8 years. To gay jersey shore.

    Also those babies really need to be replaced with cats.

  3. “…the queer landscape has changed so much even in the past five years that this really feels like the last year you’re going to be able to get away with something like this without calling attention to the fact that you haven’t met a gay person below the age of 30 in a decade…”

    omg ERIN, I hope so!!!

  4. Gah. I was watching this on Hulu with my girlfriend yesterday and I had to both roll my eyes in annoyance and laugh. It’s annoying to default to such an old trope, but also the stereotype is definitely not dead. I lost nearly half my women’s hockey team to baby-making two years ago and now they host lesbian mommies and their babies gatherings on the regular. I’m happy for them. We’re all in our mid-to-late 30’s and I know the struggles they’ve been through to start a family and the concerns they have just being parents under this administration. But… I am not settled down and interested in talking about getting a baby to take the nipple during breastfeeding or whatever baby crap I’ve been trying to tune out in the lobby after our hockey games now. Send me to fire island, please, where I can be aggressively and repeatedly walked into as if I don’t exist or my presence is an insult. At least there’s a bar there, and no screaming babies or plans on how to share a CSA.

  5. I need a Cherry Grove: Brooklyn Edition season. It’ll be a group of millennial queers arguing about who is more radical than who while hanging out at Riis Beach, drinking beers and smoking cigarettes dramatically on a stoop, and posting on Tumblr and Queer Exchange.

  6. Ahahahaha yeah the stereotypes are a bit outdated in some ways butttt this is also a great representation of what I often find myself ranting about to straight people: gay men and lesbians are very different groups and “homosexual” is not a uniting enough force most of the time. Our hobbies are often very different…
    It started when a soccer mom who works in my place of employment found out I was gay and was like “omg you must know my [45 year old gay] brother!” No ma’am. No my early-20s-flanneled-lesbian-self does not.

  7. I’m the conflicted lesbian who wants all the things lol.

    Part of me is Beth because instead of a party I’d rather be at home playing dinosaurs with my autistic step-daughter.

    Another part would be secretly replacing all the babies with cats because the only cute babies are my own.

    Another part would be hoping for some great stimulating conversation.

    And yet another part would be trying to start a game of Truth or Dare in hopes of getting to make-out with Scarlet and/or start an orgy

    Can I has all of that? I want all of that lol =^.^=

  8. I’m the one hiking in the day time, drinking wine and reading books on the beach at night, and hiding from all the drama by just avoiding all people. This is why I’m not in the clip – I was just gone. I’m also the one that’s single forever…

  9. I’m whoever gets with Scarlett Johansen! She’s my secret crush. I’ve watched more than one terrible movie based on how she looked in the trailer.

    Sadly, I’m also the bi woman who’s not on the show due to bi-erasure.

  10. I’m definitely sobbing in bed and then yelling at my wife to stop shouting at people out the window because it’s too late. She’s so Kate McKinnon in that… except no hat. Just really dapper brown leather shoes and the beer.

  11. I know this is stereotypical, but like… my fiancée and I ARE the crying-in-bed lesbians, the singing-around-the-table lesbians, and will probably be the tired-at-9 p.m. waterbirth lesbians. Sometimes stereotypes are based on truth.

  12. SNL was never very good even when it was new. Now that they have a has-been hack regularly attacking the only non-globalist POTUS who will protect us from islam & sharia law, I await their cancellation.

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