Sunday Funday Wants To Marry Our Tennis Doubles Partner

Well hello there little flowers! How are you? I woke up today, brushed my teeth, and had the most visceral memory of the way Buffy used to climb on my chest in the mornings to smell my breath/try to lick my mouth (cats are SO weird), and then would kinda settle down and sleep with me for a bit. I really missed her in that moment, but I was so grateful for the memory that I wasn’t sad! I got to start my day thinking about my best girl. I miss her every day, but sometimes just thinking about her is enough.

And then I let two cups of perfectly brewed coffee get cold. Balance, am I right?

+ After five years of blissful monogamy lesbian penguin couple, Marama and Rocky, have become first time moms. I wonder if they have an open donor/adoption situation? How do penguins raise children?

+ More lesbian mom news: they’re in Toy Story 4. Now you have an “excuse” to “take your partner’s partner’s kid” to see it.😉

+ Belgium’s Greet Minnen and Alison van Uytvanck are not only tennis partners, they’re girlfriends.


+ ARTnews published the transcript of their conversation about queer art and lesbian visibility from Pride Month, featuring Joan E. Biren (JEB), Lola Flash, and Tiona Nekkia McClodden. They talked about “how they began making art, why it’s important to center people who have historically been excluded from the mainstream, and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.”

JEB: I think that’s why you make images, because people need to see the possibilities of what they can be. They need to know their history and know they have a future being their own real selves. So many people today tell me the books that I self-published—because nobody would publish them—were literally life-saving to them. They helped people know they could come out, that there were ways to be a lesbian in the world. That’s the way you build a movement. You have to have people who are willing to be seen.

+ In a move to affirm the dignity of nonbinary folks, Maryland is joining the ranks of states to allow a ‘nonbinary’ gender option for IDs and voter registration

+ The rebirth of Resistance choirs

+ La Cañita in Mexico City uses love and cumbia to resist.

+ In the new show at the Hayward Gallery, photographers create work using a queer gaze.

+ Sacramento’s newest homeless shelter is a haven for LGBTQ+ youth. Pixie Pearl, “is the assistant director of housing at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, which runs the facility…”the system and society has failed them over and over and over again,” Pearl  said. “And even as radical or inclusive or mindful as we’re trying to be, we still have to develop that trust.””

+ So, you’ve heard about the lesbian on Season 3 of Stranger Things, now find out how Twitter feels about her!

+ Compton held its first Pride festival on Saturday!!

+ Did someone mention soccer? “All Stripes is an Atlanta United supporter group for LGBTQ fans and their allies.”

+ Lesbian visibility at the Women’s World Cup is having an impact on and off the field. Go lesbians! Go sports! Pay them!!!!!

Alright little bricks, I just cried watching this Nike trailer about inspiring little girls to change the world, and I feel so good I’m gonna leave my house before it’s dark out! I’m gonna do it! Whatever you feel inspired to do, maybe try to do it today! Feel good! I love you! Bye!

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  1. Having those pet memories is so precious; if the moment’s right, I can feel my dog’s nose under my elbow sometimes. I’m glad those memories bring you something.

    I saw the HH exhibit mentioned in last Sunday’s roundup! I’m not sure how fabric ladders are “explicitly lesbian” but it was interesting.

    • I don’t want to click on it but I did want to say that whenever I search for kids movie info, the top hit is Common Sense Media. It rates movies according to “family values.” I wish there was some way to undercut whatever SEO magic put them there. Makes me so mad because I only am aware of what they are trying to do because I pay attention, and most folks just going through their lives and doing their thing would be totally unaware of what Common Sense Media is trying to do.

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