Sunday Funday Thinks Crop Tops Make You Gay

Friends, nobles, countryqueers: Howdy! Have I got some good news for you this week! Lets get right to it.

Grab Bag

+ I love healthy long lasting queer couples!

+ Saving Face helped this queer Asian feel less like a metaphor

+ The WNBA’s Washington Mystics are SMASHING it all thanks to “the Delle Devil”

+ Young M.A loves Nikki Minaj and I want a collab RIGHT NOW

+ Big Little Lies celebrated finishing up Season 2 and it’s looking very Mommi

+ Lucy Clark is the first out transgender football referee (The language used in this article is not the best! beware!)

The Gay Agenda

via Julia Fahl for Mayor of Lambertville facebook

+ This 28-year-old is running unopposed as the mayor of a New Jersey town

+ The gay history of British Royals

+ LGBTQ kids and parents in the south are saving the world and changing lives!

Queer Culture

+ This Photographer Spent Seven Years Photographing Their Trans Bestie

As a trans photographer myself, it’s important to me to shift the gaze of cis photographers profiting off of trans bodies, and create a body of work that is rooted in mutual care. As trans visibility increases, I want to make sure it’s shown that trans people who do not fit neatly in the binary are beautiful too. I want to show androgyny in a way that’s not “neutral,” but rather the opposite—extreme masculinity mixed with extreme femininity. I want to capture the stunning audacity to exist as everything all at once.

+ Do crop tops make you gay? Find out this week on “Our Queer Roots,” featuring a shout out to Autostraddle!

+ Steam has a bundle, “specifically devoted to games that are queer as heck.” 

+ This just in: Mercury Retrograde is actually the lesbian apocalypse. Sounds legit, right?

Love you mean it! Hope you survived the apocalypse!

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