Sunday Funday Is Adorable Lesbian Kissing on Daytime TV

Happy post-holiday weekend! I hope that you ate well, rested well, talked to some folks you love a little bit, and are filled with so much gratitude. I’m always super grateful for this community, and even more so right now. Okay, we’ve got news! Let’s get to it!

+ LEGO is releasing a set of building blocks especially to help with stress reduction in adults. This is 10 million times better than coloring books in my opinion because you know what the finished product is supposed to look like!!

+ The musical “The Prom” participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and featured its first gay kiss! Cute!

+ Let’s celebrate 75 years of Billie Jean King.

+ Read what these 13 transgender legends have to say about resilience, joy, and survival.

+ Native women inspired Western feminism as we know it.

+ Check out some of Holcombe Walker’s “Requiem: A Queer Divine Rite” which just premiered at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

+ “Loosen Up the Bible Belt” is a comedy tour featuring pastors and queer comedians heading around the south. Sounds like something my mom would love, idk!

+ Emily Scheck, a college athlete who lost financial support from her parents when she came out has earned over $100,000 on GoFundMe. Scheck’s university and the NCAA have been working together to ensure the donations don’t violate NCAA student-athlete rules, and she’s decided to stop taking donations at this time, instead encouraging folks to find a local LGBTQ organization to donate to.

+ After a public consultation, it seems most Scots are ready and excited to add non-binary as an alternative gender marker on legal documents.

+ Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury (and the unofficial leader of Anglican denominations worldwide) has said what myself and other non-binary queers have been screaming from rooftops for years: God has no gender. Get over it.

+ Some US Hebrew students have created a gender inclusive grammar for the language. Lior Gross, one of the students working on this project, said,

“I was really feeling out of place in terms of, I go to synagogue every week and I go to minyan twice a week, how do I get called up for an aliyah?” Gross said, referring to being called up to bless the Torah during weekday prayers. “How do I talk about myself in conversation? If I go to Israel, how do I engage there while respecting myself?”

+ Anne Lister’s racy diaries are hitting the best-sellers’ lists on the back of the new BBC miniseries about her life.

+ Ottawa has given Pride Toronto a federal grant of over $400K as part of a plan to improve LGBTQ safety!

+ Utah might pass a ban on conversion therapy.

Love you, mean it, do something cute today like playing with your fattest cat even though he sometimes accidentally scratches you. You deserve it, he deserves it, and the world deserves pictures.

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  1. I saw The Prom twice when it was doing its tryout in Atlanta and oh my goodness it is magical. I can’t wait for the cast album and for everyone to love it as much as I have for the last year <3 As someone who came out in high school and never got a prom (but if there had been a prom in my homeschool groups it wouldn't have been safe to be gay at), I cannot gush enough about this show. I'm eventually going to have to write some sort of personal essay about it and how much it means to me, because I need people to appreciate it. I very much started crying when they kissed on the parade broadcast <3 <3 I so wish I could show it to myself at 16.

    I also got to meet my Broadway heroes, the incredible Beth Leavel and TV dad of my heart Christopher Sieber (yes, my friends and I told him we grew up watching him on Two of a Kind and he loved it). I got a photo with him and he told my friend to hold the camera up high–the man knows his angles.

  2. Those Lego building blocks for adults look cool. I jumped on the bandwagon for the adult coloring book craze and honestly I hate how long it takes to color one picture, yes, I know it’s supposed to be good for your mental health and all but at what cost!

  3. I’m so excited about The Prom! My wife and I tuned into the parade just in time to see them kiss at the end. We’ve watched some of the rehearsals on YouTube. It looks extremely cheesy, but also like the feelgood queer content we all desperately need right now. Honestly, 10 years ago I never thought I’d see a masculine of center lesbian lead on Broadway, and now we have both this and Fun Home. #blessed

  4. I saw The Prom last night – I can’t believe we have two queer women as lead characters in musicals on Broadway right now (The Prom and Head Over Heels). I loved the Prom, but it hit me really hard emotionally and I sobbed through much of it. I definitely need to go see it again.

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