Sunday Funday Is Full of Bisexual Luxury

Hello cutie pies! How the heck are you? I’m currently overly sleepy and watching one of my cats sleep in a box of my clothes. It’s…really inconvenient because I have to be a more vigilant lint brusher, but also y’all, she’s beautiful. I could cry.

Sara Ramirez is Still Perfect


+ Sara Ramirez has been killing it lately. First she blessed our entire 2017 with a photo announcement of her new role on Madam Secretary (next Sunday!!). Most recently though, she gave a speech about the importance of bisexual and non-monosexual visibility in media! ????

Watch the video here! An autoplay ad keeps playing over the speech if we put an embedded video in the post.

Queer Oppulence

+ Have you heard about Tiffany’s new line of ridiculous thousand dollar replications of everyday objects? For instance, there’s a sterling silver and vermeil “tin can” with a Tiffany blue pop of color for a super affordable $1,000! Let’s all get one of each, we deserve it!

Queers and Babes

+ “Congratulations to Caroline Ouellette ?? and Julie Chu ?? Olympic rivals, CWHL teammates who had their first child today.”

+ Autostraddle’s own Dickens brought a new adorable babe into the world right after the emoji mom gave birth!!

Queers in Theatre and Film

+ Jennifer Reeder’s new film Signature Move is a lesbian rom-com about a lesbian Pakistani lawyer and the Jewish-Latina bookstore owner she falls in love with. There are no white men in this film; I repeat: no white men.

Through a series of vignettes, PlayGround Lessons asks the question, “Can you see yourself in my experience?”

What’s more, the show will donate one hundred percent of proceeds to The Trevor Project and Live Out Loud. The Trevor Project offers crisis and suicide prevention services to LBGTQ youth, while Live Out Loud connects queer youth to role models and mentors passionate to share their stories and knowledge, as well as career advice, with their mentees.

Playground Lessons takes place at New York’s Alchemical Theater Laboratory, and runs December 7 – 9. For more information, click here, and donate to their GoFundMe, here.

Have an amazing week I love you so much! If you need a laugh, maybe sing Keith Urban’s new song “Female” to the tune of The L Word theme song.

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Ari is a 20-something artist and educator. They are a mom to two cats, they love domesticity, ritual, and porch time. They have studied, loved, and learned in CT, Greensboro, NC, and ATX.

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    • As if we needed the person in the top hat, suit, and cane to tell us that. You might as well change your name to Rich Aunt Pennybags.

  1. BABIES! BABIES. I’ve been so baby crazy recently in a very SOS SOS THIS IS NOT A JOKE kind of way. I do not have health insurance! I cannot afford an internet connection! I’m pretty ok with never having the internet or cable again?? IDK??? I FEEL LIKE I READ MORE? I love babies so much I Cannot Afford Babies, So Much.

    • My first thought, too was BABIES! My more coherent thought was why are babies such a powerful draw for some people, myself included? I did in-home child care for 10 years and had lots of babies in the house. Now we have a 5 year old foster kid who is funny and fun, but my goodness sometimes I miss babies.

      • I work in preschool / daycare in an infant room (12 month to 18 month) and tbh, while I love babies, toddlers are my main jam. Like I enjoy Individual Babies. but as a collective? Nah

  2. If you have not seen a signature Move and have the chance, GO IMMEDIATELY. It won Best Comedy at the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in my town and I adored it.

    • Agreed! I saw it on Friday (also at an LGBT film festival) and it was great. Co-writer Fawzia Mirza was there and she is delightful.

      • I just discovered Fawzia Mirza – she was the subject of a short documentary I saw at the Chicago Film Festival and she was amazing – I will have to check this out.

    • CO-SIGNED!

      I saw it on Friday at the Ottawa InsideOut queer film festival, and it was DELIGHTFUL. Best of all, writer/star Fawzia Mirza was there taking questions after the showing, and when she asked the audience how great is it to have a movie where no lesbians die, the entire audience applauded, it was so great.

      Also, during the Q&A section, my friend who is a gay Muslim middle-eastern guy went up to ask her a question, which I won’t reveal for fear of spoiling the ending, but needless to say, her answer was so thoughtful and articulate that it actually made me love the film even more than I already had.

      Anyway, just see this film.

  3. I remember a few years ago I went to Tiffany’s just for laughs and I saw a $20,000 silver watering can. Like what even is this? Hahaha!!

  4. I read the headline as Full of Bisexual Laundry and I was like, how did they know I’m doing laundry right now?

    And, that video by Sara Ramirez! <3 <3 <3

  5. What if my sexual orientation is just Sara Ramirez Looking Casually To the Left in a Leather Jacket? It might be so…

  6. Okay so when she said “more non-monosexual representation” was that just like another way of saying “bisexuals/pansexuals/etc” or a “fewer monosexuals” thing? Because I feel like to group gay men/lesbians/straight people all in the same category when it comes to media representation is almost laughable. Especially lesbians…time and again we’ve established that there are far more bisexual women in media than lesbians. I love Sara Ramirez and I’d rather keep believing she’s not just casually making problematic statements.

    • i don’t…understand your question. are you asking if more non-mono folks means less mono queer folks? she’s not saying that. it’s a good – nope, great – speech, she’s pretty clear in it. I’d go listen to it if you haven’t. (if you’re asking ME what I mean, i use they/them pronouns and no, i’m not saying more bi+ people means she, Sara, wants to see less lesbian/gay folks represented.

      also, i should’ve mentioned this, but a lot of the speech is also about lgbtq+ spaces that cater to cis (white) gays and lesbians and force everyone else to squeeze themselves into one of those identities to fit in with their programming.

      it’s a great speech. don’t take my word for it.

      • I was talking about Ramirez so I used the right pronouns as far as I know, and I was just going based on what you said she said. I wasn’t interested in actually hearing her say something problematic if it was indeed problematic. Look, when I say I want more gays in media, I mean I want fewer straight people. When I say I want more women in the media, I also mean I want fewer men. So that’s why I read it that way and sought clarification, which I feel like is better than just assuming and moving on.
        I’m a lesbian of color so I can appreciate that she spoke about lgbtq spaces being for white people but still, painting lesbians, even white lesbians, as the keepers of power in queer spaces isn’t at all a universal thing or a contemporary thing. It’s why I’ve kind of bowed out of gay spaces in general despite being in my twenties, because I got tired of being inundated with gay men, and being told I was privileged for being a lesbian, and hearing people say that sexual fluidity is the natural way to live and that I was being boring and denying my true nature by being a Kinsey 6, and being the only self-identified lesbian (or the only one under 40) in a room full of people when I can just get that in straight spaces. Idk. Still peeved. Agree to disagree. I’ll dip out now.

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