Sunday Funday Is Feeding the Lesbian Seagulls At The All-Girl Baseball Game

Hello, flourless chocolate bundt cakes! I’m in an airport for the third time in one week with the third delayed flight in one week! I’m chill, though. I’ve got my large coffee. I’ve got my free wifi. I’ve got my Waffle. I’ve got you all to keep me company.

Let’s fly the friendly link roundup skies!

The Real-Life All-Girl League of Their Own That Is Making Boys’ Teams Eat Their Shorts

I feel you must check out this delightful and inspiring Bleacher Report article about the Girls’ Travel Baseball (GTB) teams that are taking on boys’ teams and building sisterhood and power and magic along the way.

screenshot of the opening of the Bleacher Report article on GTB

It’s… just go read it. Feel the feelings. I mean, I don’t care at all about baseball, but I care a lot that GTB exists.

“I like beating the boys. I like shoving it in their face when they say, ‘Girls can’t play baseball.’ Then we come out and pitch a no-hitter against them, and they’re like, ‘What?'”
– Olivia Clines, 12, GTB

Here, Queer, Etc.

+ This lesbian couple launched a rescue of children caught in a riptide. Lesbians save the day, as per usual!

+ A Year After Orlando, More LGBTQ Nightlife In The Rogue Valley

+ Lesbian Seeks “Love Connection” In Historic First For Rebooted TV Favorite

I Will Be Shopping This Collection For Remi, Thanks Target!

via Toca Boca lookbook

Target dropped a new line of gender-neutral back-to-school kids’ collection in collaboration with kids’ brand, Toca Boca and I LOVE IT. Will be dressing my child in these outfits in the near future, thanks.

“Everything we make at Toca Boca is designed for all kids; it’s our mission to make sure no kid ever feels excluded by Toca Boca. True to those values the collection was designed with inclusivity in mind, and we are so excited to see it will be merchandised together as a collection sitting between the boys and girls aisle of many Target stores.”
– Mathilda Engman, Head of Consumer Products for Toca Boca


A-OK in the UK

+ ‘Great British Bakeoff’ Star Sue Perkins Opens Up About Her Sexuality. I <3 you, Sue Perkins, and your queer heart.

+ London Tube scraps ‘ladies and gentlemen’ to make announcements gender-neutral.

+ Thomas Cook Airlines to Create LGBTQ Expert Service

This is the Way Lesbian Seagulls Live and Looooooooooove!

The title of this article is, The gulls are alright: How a lesbian seagull discovery shook up 1970s conservatives and that’s all you need to know!

The Hunts found that 14% of the gull pairs on the island were comprised of two females. One telltale sign of a lesbian nest was a ‘supernormal clutch,’ meaning more eggs than a single female could possibly produce. ‘They had fertile eggs, which means that females were consorting with males at some point,’ George says. But the birds appeared to use the males only for procreation, returning to each other to raise their families.”

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  1. Olivia Clines, 12, GTB is my new hero.

    Also I read about that human chain, but had no idea a lesbian couple initiated the rescue effort. Doubly awesome!

  2. ‘‘They had fertile eggs, which means that females were consorting with males at some point,’ George says. But the birds appeared to use the males only for procreation, returning to each other to raise their families.”’

    This right here is the future that liberals want.

  3. London tube is great :) an unintended positive part of it is it also includes all ages. I’ve been the main one in my family listening out for what such announcements actually said since I was a kid (deaf parents) so kids do listen to these things.

  4. 1. My sexuality IS Sue Perkins

    2. Okay TfL, I’m not forgiving you for the pride posters but that was a good step towards a reconciliation, thank you.

  5. I donated to the girls travelling baseball organization because girls pissing off the patriarchy from such a young age gives me all the feels. Get em girls!

  6. When I was in year 8 at school, a group of girls in my class came up with a song called ‘The Lesbian Seagull’, and they sang it all the time for a year, so I still remember the words. It went: ‘the lesbian seagull flies through the sky, not looking for a man but a girl. She flies east and west and tries her very best to find another lesbian seagull’.

    I kind of half believe I hallucinated this, but I’m pretty sure at one point the whole class were allowed to perform this song in assembly in front of the whole year with an accompanying seagull dance. This might be the only occasion in my life where this bizarre anecdote is actually relevant.

    • No, this is real. There is a 1970’s song called, “Lesbian Seagull”, by Engelbert Humperdink (his real name). My childhood understanding was that it was about a character from the book, Johnathan Livingston Seagull, but I have no idea. Going to google it and get deep now.

      P.S. there is a video for the song on youtube

  7. I feel like it’s super important to just add in here the news about the 13th Doctor, who will be played by Jodie Whittaker, making the Doctor a woman for the first time in forever.

    I hope they continue the trend of having the Doctor be pansexual with her.

  8. Oh god I love Sue Perkins. Also: for absolutely no reason, they threw this into the end of the article about her, lolol:

    “In the past, Miley Cyrus described herself as both pansexual and gender-neutral, saying that she is “open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age.””

  9. ‘”Can I say something else?” Confidently and unprompted, she says, “I will want to play baseball until I’m not allowed to play anymore.”

    She’s only ever known baseball, and she already knows one day someone will stop her from playing.’

    There are no words. As a teacher – as a human being, this makes me so incredibly sad and angry. No child should ever be told “you can’t”.

    Rock on GTB girls – show the world your strength.

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