Sunday Funday is Destroying Homophobia from Russia to Iran and Back Home Again

It’s SUNDAY FUNDAY! Now that you’re over the whole Ellen Page thing (JK, probably nobody is even reading the Internet anymore because all they can find are stories about Ellen Page and they don’t mind but are just a little tired), here’s some other good news to slap your adorable LGBT face with.

Women Destroying Your Bullshit


Lightspeed Magazine started a Kickstarter to publish “Women Destroy Science Fiction,” a special all-woman issue. But since they far exceeded their goal, women are just gonna go ahead and destroy everything you hold near and dear in lifeBecause it’s good for you.

Billie Jean’s Coming Out for The Closing Ceremonies


Billie Jean King didn’t get to go to the Opening Ceremony at the Sochi Olympics, but her gay, tennis-playin’ ass won’t be gone for long. She’s baaaaaaaack.

Googoosh Loves Gay People

Iran’s pop goddess Googoosh has broken new ground in her video for “Behest,” which features a lovey-dovey lesbian couple and also co-stars sequins in general.

Thank You For Being A Friend


Edith Windsor’s got a friend in Barack Obama, who is seemingly the tallest man alive in this new photo of him with the “accidental activist” herself.

“When the Court handed down its decision last June, President Obama called Edie from Air Force One to congratulate her on her victory,” wrote senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on the White House blog today. “And earlier this week, the President invited Edie to the France State Dinner and the Oval Office to thank her in person. … The thanks expressed by the President that day have been echoed by millions of Americans, including thousands of legally married couples who can now live their lives with greater justice and dignity — thanks to heroes like Edie Windsor who have been willing to stand up and fight for equality under the law.”

Russia’s Very Own Gay Propaganda


These subverted Soviet propaganda posters put a new spin on everything.

Yee Haw: Marriage Equality Roundup

+ Marriage equality has been demanded by a federal judge in Virginia, but marriages can’t actually happen yet. That’s not enough to stop some lesbians, though.

Missouri’s Governor is totally over the state ban on gay marriage.


Some Bunny Loves You


Let’s snuggle.

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    That photo of Obama and Edith Windsor looks so unreal. It looks like he’d be 50% taller than her if he stood up and his feet look 4x as big as hers. Is it really just a crazy perspective and not photoshopped?

    • 0

      If you look at his feet, he’s a solid six inches in front of her. They’re actually not facing each other at all– she’s looking well to his left. I think it’s just a trick of perspective, and not 50 Foot Tall President Destroys New Jersey.

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    the googoosh video is amazing. also i’m pretty sure it was filmed in Berlin and the main actress is a quite successful german actress I’ve seen before. I will google the shit out of it asap

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      The bill actually didn’t get signed, much to my relief. Museveni sent it back to Parliament for rewriting, although his commentary wasn’t particularly enlightened, but it’s a respite.

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