• ok, it’s fixed now!

      (is that a bad sign when the only comment on the daily fix is that we messed up a link?)

  1. I’m listening to The Future is Bright and that Tank Girl pic made my day!

    I totally understand wanting to act for the sake of acting and art, and not for want of (the invasions of) fame… but you have to expect it. Otherwise… stick to the stage. Don’t be ungrateful to the people that paid for those $200 ray bans and haircuts that you hide behind. I’m just saying.

    And I’m too upset about to Obama to say anything else about that whole deal.

  2. I’m taking the “Why I Now Support Gay Marriage” link and saving it forevs. It gives me hope that if Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi (a name I’ve known for years living here on Long Island) can realize that Civil Unions are unfair and unequal, than others can too :)

  3. my fave part of the adam lambert interview is probs the baby pic of him in the cowboy outfit, clearly ready for the rodeo disco

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