Sunday Funday and Noname are Saging Your Playlists

Happy Sunday dearest readers! The sun is still rising, Anya is sleeping on an open windowsill, Alexei is on the floor with his little feeties in the air, and we are content. I just discovered this show, Rosemary and Thyme, which is a lesbian British crime drama, I think. I mean, the two lady detectives live together and bicker and care about each other and fight crime and don’t have husbands. Lesbians, right?

Anyway, here’s some cute news from the week, I hope you also saw some lesbians!

+ Ofelia Fernández is the 19 year old abortion activist running for office in the Buenos Aires legislature.

Fernández belongs to Frente de Todos (Front for All), a leftist political coalition whose most visible face is former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Kirchner, now a senator, is running for vice president to Alberto Fernández; the ticket is expected to defeat unpopular President Mauricio Macri. (None of the Fernándezes are related.)

In Buenos Aires, if Frente de Todos matches the 30 percent support it received in the August primaries, Ofelia Fernández would comfortably win a seat in the legislature.

+ Ghetto Sage is Noname’s new music group, featuring herself, Saba, and Smino.

+ The French National Assembly approves IVF for single women and non-straight folks.

+ “The Daughters” and San Fran’s lesbian history.

+ How working in a women’s prison changed this woman’s feminism.

Working in prison messed up my ideas of what feminism should be. It didn’t invalidate the ideas I had learned and fought for, it just disrupted the clean lines, leaving me with unresolved tensions and fewer opinions. I went into prison thinking that I would be able to use feminism to help empower women, and to reform a system. Instead I met women who taught me about feminism, and saw myself change instead.

Why Women Kill is a feminist manifesto.

+ This gym is all about empowering queer and trans folks.

+ A “thank you” to the queer latinx representation on TV by Priscilla Bloom.

+ The Brits said “cluck off” Chick-fil-a and now they’re closing they’re only UK store.

+ Club Scum, NYC’s newest punk and drag club night.

+ Kellogg Company said “gay rights!”

+ A nonbinary teen crowned homecoming queen after he lost the title his first three years in high school! 😭

+ Hello, yes, have you seen Brittany Howard’s Tiny Desk?

Wow, what a week, you know? And next week has the potential to be just as good! All you gotta do is try a little bit, play a little bit, love on yourself and your pals a little bit. We got this. I believe in us all, and the power of our collective efforts! See you next week so you can tell me just how great you did. Also, show me your Memoji! Is it cute???

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  1. Kellogg’s also said twenty dollars for said rainbow box! IDK how much cereal costs Stateside but I’m pretty sure it’s not THAT expensive!

    • like, i don’t really want to root for the singularity, but then things happen that make me forget why. but then i wonder what will happen to all the puppies in a logic-based reality, and it’s back to not rooting for it. and now i see rainbow together on a cereal box but it reads TO GET HER. so i’m pretty sure the singularity already won and is just messing around.

      but the joke is on it because $20 is too much money for internet cereal.

  2. Yessss Rosemary and Thyme!! Love it!
    Obsessed with Brittany Howard’s new album, been on repeat for weeks! So happy to see she did a tiny desk!

  3. That law about IVF in France is actually not that great.

    Like, when one of the woman in a lesbian couple is trans, the kid cannot be automatically recognized as hers and she’d have to get through an adoption procedure.

    Trans women still can’t get their own sperm back from the conservation bank to use it in a IVF with their parter.

    Trans men are left behind too as they can’t have IVF and carry the child even if their reproductive system is totally functional.

    And the assembly voted against an amendment which would have forbidden genital mutilation on intersex newborn childs.

    Yes, it is great for cis lesbians, but it really is a transphobic and cisnormative law.

  4. Omg I used to be OBSESSED with rosemary and thyme!!! I legit ordered the DVD’s from PBS in pre-streaming days! who knew gardens and crime solving would be such a magical combination?

    I remember vaguely wondering/hoping if they were a couple… but Laura had previously been married to a man, which in my mind at that time 100% ruled out the lesbian possibility. Ha. Al(aina) thank you for this memory. I’m glad you’re liking it!

  5. Oh my god, I’m so excited to see SF Playhouse’s work featured on here. That place was my artistic home not too long ago, and I can’t wait to see The Daughters. It’s a great interview, too. The lack of lesbian spaces in SF can honestly be alienating, and it’s so strange because there are so many of us here.

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