Should I Put Eggnog In My Coffee?

Just wondering what you thought.


They put whiskey in their coffee. Seems to be working out for them.

“We put Fireball in our coffee and it’s almost karaoke o’clock! HAHAHA these dishes match my dress shit it’s cold in here oh I love chess squares! Hand me a chess square! Oh god these are so good I love life!”

"I put Xanax in my coffee and I think all the fucks I had to give are up in those trees over there. Do you see them? What a beautiful day."

“I put Xanax in my coffee and I think all the fucks I had to give are now up in those trees over there. Do you see them? What a beautiful day.”

"I put MDMA in my coffee and now I can't stop touching my face. This sweater is like being eaten by a Popple, but like, a Popple who loves you more than life itself."

“I put MDMA in my coffee and now I can’t stop touching my face. This sweater is like being eaten by a Popple, but like, a Popple who loves you more than life itself.”

"Hm? I'm drinking gravy. Just straight gravy. It's vegan."

“Hm? I’m drinking gravy. Just straight gravy. It’s vegan.”

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  1. I think you should make a latte but with eggnog instead of milk? Is that a thing? I am going to do this next time I have eggnog

    maybe put some whiskey in there too to deal with the last option on that pole because healthy choices

    • Starbucks’ eggnog latte ‘uncut’ (i.e. a weird term meaning with no milk, just nog). It’s kinda gross IMO, but it’s definitely a thing.

  2. I have also never had eggnog. It, along with pumpkin pie, is on the list of Things My Mom Doesn’t Like so we never had either of those things in the house, ever. I didn’t have pumpkin pie until college.

  3. I’ve never tried eggnog (in fact I’m not too sure what it is?) and now I’m a vegan and I’m assuming eggnog has egg in it so … (Unless it has a really misleading name like “eggplant” which is in fact not a plant that produces eggs)

  4. The best liquor thing to put in hot drinks is Fireball into apple cider. It’s practically why alcohol was even created in the first place.

  5. I kinda think eggnog is weird? I’ve only ever had it homemade though–maybe the storebought type has less of a funny texture? my grandmother makes it with enough alcohol to knock you on your ass, though, so it’s got that going for it.

    (relatedly, a couple reasons I’m excited for family christmas: champagne cocktails, the expensive wine my grandfather always brings…)

    • Ah! My dad makes high octane homemade eggnog too–but he always makes a nonalcoholic batch after a bit of (a lot of) pestering. I mix the two together and all is well with the world after that.

      I can hardly drink the boxed kind, though–because of texture weirdness! Homemade doesn’t bother me.

      • it doesn’t bother me; it’s just weird. also I kinda like the ridiculous level of booziness, especially because then it allows me to talk about how my grandmother makes eggnog that’ll get ya drunk just smelling it. …I find that funny.

        • My grandma’s booze recipe is peach fizz, which will also get you smashed. I think our grandmas would get along, you know, as drinking buddies.

    • The last time we had eggnog with my grandma she accidentally bought 151 to put in it instead of regular rum. It was…potent.

  6. Has anyone put eggnog in their coffee? I feel like it might be really delish. Also the captions had laughing so hard.

  7. My shameful admission is that I have not only never tried eggnog, but don’t actually know what it is. I only know it exists because of American TV. Someone enlighten a confused Brit?

    • It’s a sweet beverage somewhere between milk and custard, and it’s so rich that you’re only legally allowed to drink it during the holidays and if you have more than a teaspoon you will be sick

        • Right?? I keep seeing the word and thinking ‘why would you drink egg, that is weird’, but it is also weird that egg is apparently not involved.

          Thanks for the clarification, Allison! :)

          • Eggnog is basically eggs, milk, cream and sugar. It has a thick creamy mouthfeel to it and it is delicious. Top it off with a shot of bourbon & sprinkle it with whipped cream and cinnamon, or just drink it plain. By the way you can use leftover eggnog (there’s never any in my house) to make French toast. Hope this helps.

          • I stand corrected. But why would anyone want to drink…egg? with alcohol? I mean, alcohol I get, but eggs?

          • The mystery of how raw egg and rum produces such a delicious beverage is second only to the mystery of milk mixed with Coke in a paralyzer. In both cases, the concept makes me want to barf, yet I could happily drink three glasses in a row.

  8. ugh i just had this visual of mixing eggnog in hot coffee and somehow cooked egg yolks result and awfulness ensues and well lets not talk about it anymore bc i might gag. and while that is probably not at all how life works because you know science and whatnot…for that reason I had to vote no, laneia.

    however, may i suggest whipped topping? because that is probably the best thing that has ever happened to those two ladies

  9. last night after Friendsgiving I put both rum and eggnog in my coffee. My only complaint was that my coffee was then lukewarm.

    I answered yes to the survey, but I need to add that you’ll need to come up with a way to not ruin the temperature of your coffee alongside the eggnog.

    I have found though, that I only like eggnog if its inside coffee or with rum (or both ).

  10. I feel like the real question might be rum or whiskey in your nog? And the answer is both and a touch or cognac or port.

  11. I tried putting eggnog in my coffee and it was heavier (denser? More dense? Thicker? I’m not a scientist, guys) than the coffee so it sank and I had to constantly stir as a drank, à la Chandler and Ross season 2. So…. no.

    (Also more polls like this please. Doses of vapid fluff in a world of stressful things makes me happy).

  12. I think that coffee and eggnog (not the light stuff either. Go real or go home)are equally fantastic in their own ways… Mixing could end my enthusiasm.

  13. I am Brit and obviously thus an eggnog heathen. However after some googling I have discovered it’s kind of like advocaat and I’m wondering have any of you folks put it in Lemonade and made a Nog based snowball?
    I like to Irish up my coffee from time to time and by from time to time I mean at weddings.

    • I’m not sure what advocaat is but the idea of lemonade and egg nog together does not sound good at all to me. I could see adding a dash of lemon juices perhaps but not lemonade.

    • Lemonade also has a different meaning in North America, so I’m assuming you mean the fizzy lemon-flavoured stuff and not sweetened lemon juice? If you mixed N.A. lemonade with eggnog you’d end up with a curdled mess. Not sure if it would work with Brit eggnog.

  14. I like eggnog – I mean, basically it is alcoholic, spicy, runny custard which is a fabulous idea in my book. Being Australian, it’s not something I’ve grown up with, but when I’ve had it I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

    However, with coffee? Nope, not in coffee. Seems like it would be an overload of flavour that ends up destroying what makes them both wonderful separately.

  15. I voted yes. Even better than just putting eggnog in your coffee, is EGGNOG LATTE. I prefer SilkNog lattes yummm

  16. This! I’m getting those ‘These Cashews’ feelings I love so much.

    Also, I’m afraid of eggnog. Isn’t it raw eggs? No? I have no idea and have done zero research. But I love whiskey and coffee so maybe I could try it.

    • Yes, it has raw eggs. But there’s probably zero danger of food poisoning as long as you don’t open it then and leave it sitting at room temperature for several days. Don’t be scared away by my comment below. Our power went out, our fridge died, and the already-opened eggnog was sitting in there for three days. The other members of my family apparently didn’t realize how much the fridge had warmed up during that time.

  17. Oh eggnog. We have a love-hate relationship. On one hand, I like the taste of most eggnog-flavored stuff. On the other hand, spoiled eggnog was the reason I spent 3 days puking as a little kid and is the most terrible food-poisoning memories I have. Still, that was nearly 18 years ago, and I have learned to not be repulsed by eggnog and graham crackers (the primary solid food I ate during the ordeal) anymore. I voted yes because eggnog lattes are good, although I’m not a big fan of the straight stuff.

  18. iced cheggnog latte is the best damn thing, it’s just a truckload of eggnog + chai latte mix on ice

    dairy sometimes fucks me up and I detest milk, but I’m 100% #teamnog

  19. Eggnog is a recipe for barfing for me. It contains 2 of my most detested ingredients ever, egg, worse, raw egg, and nutmeg. I have had this many a time when I was young as my Dad made it and loved it, and I just grew to hate it. I have tried to like it, but failed. This is the drink I would drink to prove that I really really loved someone, just once, and then I would grab a bucket and empty my stomach to feel mentally and physically better.

    • Annalou, this is an emergency announcement, if someone requires you to ingest something that will make you hurl as proof of your love, WALK AWAY. Fast.

      Or hurl over them, your choice.

  20. nog is okay.


    it is like boozy coconut nog.

    I want to learn to breathe underwater so that I can stick my face in it and never come up.

    • I had to google Coquito immediately after I read thisbecause it sounded so delicious.I recently had a cocktail at a local bar which had coconut flesh infused with cruzan Light rum with homemade coconut sorbet and pandan syrup so I’m wondering if it’s close?

  21. Voted No, simply because of the Official Autostraddle Motto aka You Do You.

    However, upon reflection I feel that maybe this is something I should support, but not participate in. Rather like straight marriage.


  22. I tried this last year, and I was so ready for it to be delicious, but it just wasn’t. I was so disappointed in wasting both the eggnog and the coffee that I finished it out of a weird sense of obligation even though it was gross.

    • Oh my gosh, that is me 100% on the having to finish it haha I’m drinking some right now but used mostly coffee mate and a little eggnog and it’s pretty ok.

  23. I don’t know about eggnog in coffee but I do know about soy nogg in life and how much more delicious it is than eggnog. All the nutmeg, not of the noggy texture. (There’s probably going to be almond nog this year, too.)

  24. Vegan eggnog lattes are a thing of beauty. I can actually buy vegan eggnog from multiple different companies where I live – Silk, Califa Farms, So Delicious, and one or two others – and they’re all good.

  25. I am reporting back for duty having attempted the cold eggnog/Mexican chocolate crossover experiment.

    OH MY GOD MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED FROM THE BEAUTY THE INCREDIBLE BEAUTY!!! Also my mouth is tingling like it might consider exploding too…

    Thank you so so much, Laneia Nicole, Yvonne and Carmen for your combined inspiration!!

    This post is genius in every way.

  26. Is it weird that I got really frustrated when I couldn’t see a bar graph or something of everyone’s responses?

    I’m way pro eggnog, but I maybe need your validation or something? Idk I really love data, whatever.

  27. So, after reading this thread, I present my new favorite drink. A mix of locally-roasted organic decaf coffee and Teeccino brewed in my Moka pot, with So Delicious nog and Starbucks cocoa, topped with a Dandies marshmallow cut into smaller bits. Served, of course, in my favorite mug.

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