Saturday Morning Cartoons: World War Ex

Welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons, a segment where four artists take turns delighting you with their whimsy, facts and punchlines on Saturday mornings! Our four esteemed cartoon critters are Cameron GlavinAnna BongiovanniMegan Prazenica and Sarah Rosenblatt. Today’s cartoon is by Megan!













 Megan’s next comic will un-die on March 1st. BRAAAAIIIINSSS. 

Megan Prazenica is an animator/artist from Pittsburgh, PA. She now lives LA and life has been interesting ever since. When Megan isn't making art comics, or video games, she can be found wrecking havoc on the ultimate frisbee field as her alter-ego, "Bacon." Catch up with her on her website, her tumblr or tweet @MeganPraz.

Megan has written 42 articles for us.


  1. This is amazing and also legitimately the honest truth I can relate to because SERIOUSLY when I used to use AIM and back before I learned how to sign out of facebook chat permanently, it was always random ex-boyfriends or ex-boy-somethings who would pop up like whazzzup LONG TIME NO SEE. it makes a lot of sense that they were all ex-zombies. I love this comic.

    • I was going to post a comment along the lines of “You seem unrealistically popular with your exes”, but I guess this is more of a reflection of me having zero people to even potentially harass me online.


  2. Hahaha! Brilliant!

    Though I must confess it’s always me asking my friends if we could go to the Abbey and one time I asked my ex if he could give me advice on the ladies (worst.idea.ever.)

  3. hahahaha the last panel is so accurate. There’s just nothing like being out and queer for making old acquaintances come up and think they can ask lots of personal questions and/or rely on you for answers about sexuality and/or project their insecurities on you and/or subject you to the other side of sexism and expect you to join in.

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