Saturday Morning Cartoons: Blue

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Cameron is an illustrator hailing from Ohio. When she’s not drawing, she’s probably very, very quietly having loud thoughts about: queer things, her eventual shop, what to watch next on Netflix, food, names for her future pets, and tumblr.

Cameron has written 76 articles for us.


  1. <3 you, Cameron. This really gutted me, because I think we were all having the same experiences and reactions all across the nation on Tuesday night. There is some small comfort in knowing we aren’t alone in our pain.

  2. Love you pal. Thank you for drawing such a raw and real comic that reflects a lot of the ways people are feelings. ❤️ We got your back.

    • ARCHIE! Thanks!

      So, I wanted to propose to you Project Queer The Midwest which is exactly what you’d expect.

  3. Everyone feels like this. Thank you for illustrating our abject hollowness. We’ll get through this together.

  4. This was so real; even for someone living in a blue state which appeared to get even bluer on Tuesday. It sure didn’t feel very progressive in California when my Día de Los Muertos face paint was openly mocked on the UCLA campus last week. It doesn’t matter which state we live in now because they are all states of fear for anyone who isn’t a straight, white, Christian, cis male. I do, however, believe that soon you illustrate our rise from the ashes and it will be fucking glorious. I thank you in advance.

  5. It’s crazy the number of people who actually literally threw up from this. I throw up so rarely and it happened to me too; I woke up throwing up before even turning the election news on, my body just knew. Still hoping for a miracle. :/

    • I was thinking the same thing. I was was also unexpectedly sick all morning tuesday and I didn’t make the connection until the polls started returning results.

  6. Hi other Cameron. I believe in all of us queer folk. We can get it together!! Better late than never.

  7. I am also from Ohio. I also flipped off every damn trump sign I passed for the last four weeks leading up to the election. There were so many. There was one in my own front yard. I considered stealing that one on multiple occasions, even though it would make my volatile living situation even worse. I’m actually glad that I was at work (and working with my only other queer coworker) when the election results came in. I wish I didn’t have to pretend to be okay with all of this. I wish I didn’t have to constantly hide my emotional reactions. I would be handling this so much better if I had a safe space to rage and scream and cry. Thank you AS for at least providing a place to talk about this.

      • I’m so sorry that you are also in an unpleasant living situation. Please stay safe. And thank you for the resources. I will check those out.

    • Also in Ohio, also living with conservatives with a Trump sign in my yard that I want to set on fire every time I see it (it’s STILL UP). I’m here for you.

  8. I had two identical bottles of champagne in my fridge ready for the elections–a bottle of victory champagne and a bottle of consolation champagne.

    The second bottle was supposed to be a joke. We drank the consolation champagne.

  9. I’m not from Ohio, but I do live in a “blue” state, nearby. I, too, travel regionally for my job, and I only ever saw Trump signs. In fact, when I checked the polling data from my state (post-election), it was clear that the vast majority of counties voted red. There were only a handful of counties with higher population density that voted blue. Our state clearly lost a few electoral votes in this election.

    I, however, did not vomit or fall into despair while watching the election. I was not even really surprised by the results. I’ve been listening to Latino, LGBTQ, black and Asian Trump supporters for months, and it was clear that the “official” narrative on the far-left was far removed from what everyone else was ACTUALLY saying. I suppose when people want something so badly that they can taste it, the tendency is to shut out any evidence to the contrary–thus creating a political echo-chamber for themselves that insulates them from reality. Of course, the media didn’t help you. The New York Times came out and admitted that it’s coverage of the election and the race leading up to it was sharply biased against Trump.

    I’m sorry you’re all feeling so bad, but the shock you’re experiencing–both psychologically and physiologically–is the result of speaking on behalf of others, rather than actually listening to what they have to say–particularly when they disagree with you. This level of hubris and sanctimony on the far left is what drove unprecedented numbers of minorities to vote Republican in this election.

    If you check the data, this election was not won by the “white” vote. Only 1% more whites voted for Trump than voted for Romney, in the previous election. What made the difference? Record numbers of poor people voted Republican than ever before, while the majority of wealthy Americans voted for Clinton. This is a complete reversal of voting trends since before the 1960s, when most black Americans were registered Republicans. That large sector of voters included Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQ people (I am a member), Asians and women. Cultural Marxists have been bashing anyone who disagrees with them to the point where people simply stopped talking. You must have interpreted their silence as agreement with your views. So, it’s not surprising that you’re all so flabbergasted by the post-election results.

    • Hey. So, it’s cool that you’re proud of yourself for not being surprised, but not so cool that you’re lording it over those of us who hoped for better. This is really not a great vibe for this thread full of people who are hurting and who will be hurting under this administration.

      <3 your queer, brown, female, socialist comic artist who is:
      -very familiar with feelings of disenfranchisement wrt establishment candidates
      -aware of the polling data (thanks angry white people, rich and poor)
      -not ashamed to have hoped for better
      -currently terrified for herself & minority communities at large

      • In addition to being a sanctimonious asshole, your facts are demonstrably wrong. A majority of low-income people voted for Clinton. Upper class white people voted almost exclusively for Trump.


          According to these exit polls, Clinton did a little bit better than Trump among voters with the lowest incomes, but Trump got 16 percent more of them this year than Romney did in 2012. He also made significant gains over Romney among racial minorities and young people. The Democratic Party’s coalition is falling apart. Maybe this isn’t the place for it, but I hope we can start talking about what happened honestly.

          • It also seems, from what I’ve read, that the Democratic loss has more to do with a failure to bring out the Democratic vote than a surge in Republican support. Trump got fewer actual votes than Romney, and Clinton fell short of Obama’s numbers by *millions*.

    • Cher you can lie yourself about the sky being orange, about gravity being being a lie, about maggots spontaneously generating from meat but facts are facts, the truth still exists.

      “Liberal” and “Conservative” sources have the numbers, the charts that will tell you the majority of Trump’s votes came from white people. But it wasn’t the popular vote he won, it was the electoral because this is not a democracy. It’s a democratic republic.

      The reason people feel so flabbergasted is not because I don’t even know what the fuck you mean by “cultural marxists” (the best I can figure it’s some bullshit pseudo-intellectualist term for the bullshit that is “political correctness) is because they thought other people thought of them as people. Would not elect a person who incites violence, who bullies, who mocks, who has bragged about sexually assaulting women. Would not elect someone who would ride the wave of hate just for popularity with not qualms about having us Othered peoples as collateral damage.
      That other people we thought saw us as people, as fellow human beings worthy of respect and rights, have no problem with that either if they get to “Take their country back”

      The shock is from how readily this lie was swallowed by so many white people from all economic backgrounds.

      I wasn’t surprised or shocked by the outcome just depressed and disappointed in humanity repeating its mistakes because I know history and fascism doesn’t enter the scene goose-stepping garbed in military couture. It arrives pretending to be your friend, promising to restore your honor, give you a job, make you feel proud, protect you, remove anything upsetting that isn’t like you. Make you feel great again.
      It doesn’t walking in telling you how much your soul it will cost, how much blood it will spill, how much violence, division, restriction and destruction it will cause.

      I’ve known neo-nazis, white nationalists, and good ole boys. I’ve skimmed the Turner Diaries.
      And lemme tell ya vomiting in fear is perfectly fucking reasonable.

      I had time to mourn and feel sick before the Fart “won”
      Now I’m ready to fight, because I know from history and white nationalist fantasy what’ll happen if I don’t. Evil will not triumph.

    • The only people who use the phrase “cultural Marxism” seriously are alt-right douchebags. Get lost, troll.

  10. I listened to the coverage on NPR throughout the day since I don’t clock out til 6pm. Around 5pm though, I got that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I stopped listening at that point but my twitter notifications of people I follow kept blowing up my phone. Still held out hope.

    I went to go hang out with the woman I’ve been seeing for a bit and her roommates had the election coverage on. I saw the latest results. 200 vs 240. This was around 9pm. That’s when I knew it was over. And I’ve been really sad and scared ever since.

  11. ❤️ The bar I was at in Texas was full of women in pantsuits. As the night went on, we all kept making worried eye contact. I left before the results were announced. I grew up in the Midwest and I live in the South, and even when the projections were reporting a 99% chance of Trump winning, I wanted to believe there would still be a chance. I’m not sure whether that means I was just hopelessly out of touch with the prejudices of our nation or foolishly hopeful.

    • Don’t worry I felt the exact same way. I refused to believe it was over until they announced Clinton had called trump to congratulate him. I think it means that we’re just foolishly hopeful and think that’s a good thing ;)

  12. It’s not just in rest states. There’s a huge protest here in Los Angeles right now and I’m wishing that I could go and show solidarity, but I can’t. I’m here in the US legally, as a resident alien, yet any small infraction could change my status and my life in an instant; I could be deported. I live in one of the bluest states, but just days before the election I was harassed on the UCLA campus for wearing Día de Los Muertos face paint by a group of white students. Things I expected to only hear about in the southern or middle part of the country are happening here too. There’s a lot of hate people were hiding and it is being unleashed. Do your best to stay safe while this madness plays itself out.

  13. Originally I was coming to comment something like “Wasn’t shocked, but I’ll hold your hair, neck tie or scarf back. Get you some crackers and ice chips till you can handle some soup” but I lost my cool and started talking about awful people and spontaneous generation to a brainwashed idiot.

    React how ever you feel, just don’t commit acts of violence on other people or property.
    Don’t sink to their level.
    I’ll find ya some rubble, safety gear and a hammer.

  14. literally stopped in front of a house with a homemade trump sign outside of it in the middle of the night in suburban new jersey last night just to flip it off for a solid minute.

    fuck this. love you.

    • I flip him off when ever I see him on TV, even in public.
      Especially in public.

      But a full minute? You’re my hero of the day and if this weren’t a comment section of a queer women’s site that you write for I’d say “damn gurl you must be good as lesbianing” but as you work here OBVIOUSLY you’re aces at lesbianing.

  15. This sounds a lot like my election night. Also in Ohio. Yes, there really are queers here! We were having a rousing game of “Snake Oil” and then suddenly the entire vibe in the bar changed. A week later and I’m still …. in shock. But rest assured, I’m also mad as hell and joining the surge of activism.

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