Satellite of Love: Queer Horoscopes for February 2016

With Venus in Capricorn as the month begins, we’re still working on being more grown up in all our relationships, and it’s as good a time as any to clear up some misconceptions about this sign. Capricorn isn’t just the stone cold butch who lights matches on her teeth or the power lesbian whose career is her GF. Capricorn isn’t really that different from Cancer, she just has a tougher front: she feels everything just as deeply but doesn’t think it’s wise to show her vulnerability. Capricorn is the energy that teaches us how to make mature, adult decisions; how to work within the limits of reality, how to grow into the wise old souls who won’t be shaken by every crisis. Capricorns feel way more than they show you, and need tenderness and reassurance — but not if it feels manipulative or phony. Capricorn love at its best isn’t showy or dramatic, but steady and reliable. Capricorn love wants you to succeed, wants you to take yourself seriously, and wants to support you in so many subtle ways you may not even notice them all. Capricorn energy balances out the youthful, heart-on-my-sleeve vulnerability of Cancer, and when you can integrate both signs into your relationships you’ve got a real recipe for mature, powerful love.

So how do we work with Venus in Capricorn? We slow down, and we get real. This is especially true the first week of the month, as Venus teams up with dark-and-brooding Pluto (planet of power, obsession, and psychotherapy) and forms a hard aspect to Uranus (planet of sudden changes, queerness, and independence). This aspect can stir up some deep feelings, old memories, or sudden needs for dramatic change. Tap into that Capricorn energy to be patient and realistic about whatever comes up, and honor your inner wise old crone this month as you navigate all your loves and likes and lusts: picture yourself in ten, twenty, or thirty years and think about the life you’d like to build. Who do you need to become to get there? What kinds of choices do you need to make about how you show up for different kinds of love? Are you already trapped by some idea of what an adult “should” be? Do your relationships reflect what you’re ready for right now? Be especially careful around Valentine’s Day, as that high-stakes holiday can have us all — partnered, single or poly — anxious that the love we do have isn’t good enough, real enough, or romantic enough. Tap into that Capricorn wisdom and remember relationships prove themselves over months and years, not just on a single day.

As always, read these horoscopes for whatever is helpful in them, and discard anything that doesn’t resonate! The astro-literate are encouraged to read their Venus and Moon signs first.

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01 aries header autostraddle copy

Even when they’re brief, your romances tend to be all-encompassing. The urge to couple off and get trapped in love jail is most powerful when you aren’t in love with the life you’re living. Take some time this month to fall back in love with your purpose in the world, and remember what you’re capable of. This has been a killer year for you: reach out to anyone and everyone who can remind you who you are and what worlds you belong to. And in whatever current or future romance you pursue, don’t use it to lose yourself: remember all the other friendships and connections that make you who you are.


02 taurus header autostraddle

If you’re feeling uninspired this month, curl up with your favorite animal familiar and let them teach you a thing or two: cuddliness is a fantastic thing, maybe the best thing, but you also need teeth and claws. This month you need to reconnect with your wildness and wanderlust. Don’t let any relationship domesticate you. When your connections are strong, none will crash and burn if you take a little time away to remember how adventure feels.


03 gemini header autostraddle

You’ve been learning a lot about your sexual identity this year, and that process is nowhere near over. This month can bring revelations about how you handle power in sexual intimacy — if power imbalances are a turn on, how can you explore those while safely containing that dynamic to agreed-upon times and places? If you have a hard time connecting to your fantasies, or sharing them with anyone, this month could offer some revelations and build your confidence. You’re coming into your own as a sexual being, and while the ride can be exhilarating remember that sex, as a rule, is messy stuff, and can bring up our deepest fears. Be gentle with yourself and your partners as you figure it all out.


04 cancer header autostraddle

Yes, you can do this. You’ve grown so much more in the last few years than you’d ever thought possible. You may be in new terrain in your relationships, in situations that need you to communicate and plan more than you ever have before, but you’ve been building the skills for doing that well. If your style of communicating is more emotionally tinged than not, that’s nothing to be ashamed of — what’s important is that you know how to solve the problems you’re facing with the people you love. Expect this month to deepen your deepest relationships, maybe by initially shaking things up, but remember that not every change is a crisis.


05 Leo header autosraddle

It’s not the sexiest trick you’ll ever learn, but it might be the most useful: this month you’re learning how to compromise. You’re great at wooing someone, at the big romantic gestures and even the big fights that let your boo know how big your feelings are. And big feelings are great, but this is a quieter month for you. Practice devotion as something that brings you out of yourself and into a sense of communion (but not so far out of yourself that you get resentful and need to retreat huffily back into yourself for a few days). Think more about a note of encouragement tucked into her pocket and less about anything that John Cusack has ever done in a rom com.


06 virgo header autostraddle

What if there is no right choice right now? What if you can only make choices for this month, or this week, or this day? As you navigate a Neptune opposition for the next few years, your romantic life can feel foggy and erratic (too good to be true on some days, dismal beyond belief on others). Luckily, this month’s Venus-Pluto conjunction forms a helpful aspect to Jupiter in your sign, offering the prospect of powerful insights and clarity. If you’re looking for a sign, don’t worry: when it comes it won’t be subtle. Just remember to keep your feet on the ground and move slowly until you’re sure your vision is clear.


07 libra header autostraddle copy

Anyone involved in feminist or radical networks has heard of “safe spaces”; places designed to protect people from the kind of oppression they face in the larger culture (like sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.). Though created with the best intentions, these spaces often fail to live up to their promises because there are so many threads of internalized oppression we all carry with us, into every space. This doesn’t mean we should give up on the idea of creating havens for one another, though. This month, you are perfectly positioned to think about how love can be a sanctuary. What’s the difference between a safe space and a sanctuary? The first aims to meet minimum requirements to keep someone from being harassed or intimidated; the second intends that everyone who comes into that space will feel uplifted, inspired, and profoundly welcome. Where can you create sanctuaries right now, for yourself and those you love?


08 scorpio header autostraddle

Do you remember how it feels to fall in love with someone new? It can be exciting, but often it’s downright terrifying. Suddenly your priorities shift; you feel there’s so much at stake. You can’t stop thinking about them. The thought of losing them oppresses you with a sense of tragedy that also reminds you that loss is inevitable and someday you will lose this feeling. New love is so dizzyingly terrifying that all those drugged feelings our hormones produce can distract us from the person we’re trying to connect to. Right now, no matter what kind of relationship you’re in, you have a chance to recognize the difference between passion and obsession. Passion is what helps us feel alive and in love; obsession is what keeps us trapped in the fear of death. Which do you want to pursue?


09 sagittarius header autrostraddle

We each have something we fear makes us unlovable. Maybe it’s something about our bodies, or our gender. Maybe it’s a bad habit we picked up from our parents that we can’t shake, or something from our history that twisted us up in some way that we believe anyone we love, confronted with this fact about us, would be justified in walking away. However you’ve been protecting yourself from this kind of rejection, this month you have to face the ways in which you keep rejecting yourself. If we all have to fall in love with ourselves first, your step this month is to stop being disgusted by whatever it is about you that you feel sets you apart from the rest of humanity as some special oddity or monster. Once you can drop that script, you’ll have a fighting chance to find the love you deserve (hint: it might already be right in front of you).


10 capricorn header autostraddle

Expect your relationships to change this month. Some might challenge you to be more honest about who you are now, and what you’d like to become. Some might offer you a space for deep healing and recovery. Some you might need to shed like a snakeskin, freeing yourself to grow. In all your relationships, you’re able to reach a deeper level of truth. Don’t be afraid of the insights that come to you, or the opportunities for renewal and rebirth. Especially during the first few weeks of February, welcome situations that offer you a new perspective, and don’t start planning your next steps till the end of the month.


11 aquarius header autostraddle copy

It’s your birthday month, but it might still feel like the old year is weighing on you. With Venus and Mercury lingering in Capricorn this month, you’ve got some unfinished business that will mean being extra careful that you’re communicating clearly in relationships, and specifically that you understand your own needs first. It’s okay to use this month as an extended solo birthday retreat: spend as much time as you can regathering and regrouping. If you’ve taken on too much, take a breather. Go over the changes since your last birthday, and honor the challenges you’ve met and the decisions you’ve made. On the 17th, when Venus moves into your sign, you might feel ready to welcome select friends and lovers back into the warm glow of your presence. Until then, don’t be afraid to recharge alone.


12 pisces header autostraddle

Mature love, for you, means tapping into that innate generosity you have and finding a way to share it without draining you. With Venus in Capricorn this month, you’ll benefit from acts of practical idealism; tapping into your capacity for compassion and offer it to folks you’re inspired by in a sustainable way. This means understanding what it means for you to do something consistently. What small thing can you commit to doing on a regular basis? How can you honor your need for chaos and freedom while also agreeing to some kind of schedule? Who really gets you, and can help you share your talents with the world in measured, steady, and responsible ways?

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Corina Dross

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  1. Ok clearly, I need to find that courage I know I have. This is one more thing telling me to essentially get over myself and be open to creating new relationships/friendships. And like to actually actively pursue new things. I invited cute girl from class to one thing, she was busy, but I can do it again and like maybe it’ll work out this time.

  2. You give such wonderful advice and readings and I’d like to follow the one you gave for my particular sign, so I’m sorry to ask this, but my birthday is on June 21 and I tried looking up my sign, but some sites list me as a Gemini while others say I fall under Cancer. Which is correct?

    • Hi Santo Gato, you are actually on the Gemini Cancer Cusp. Gemini Cancer cusp is born between June 17-June 21. You are considered to be on the cusp of magic. You gain a blend of traits from both signs. Both signs work really well together and tend to create a very well rounded person who is bright, incredibly intelligent, artistic, creative, driven and thoughtful individuals. You should research it, it’s a really awesome sign to have.

    • Hi Santo Gato,

      Thanks! And yes, as the others have noted you’re on the cusp of the two signs and looking up your chart at will tell you which sign you *technically* are. I find that people on cusps tend to exhibit qualities of both signs at different times in their lives, but may identify with one of the signs much more strongly! What’s interesting about cusps is that each sign is very different from the one that precedes it; they’re like inhales and exhales, energetically. So being between them can feel a little like that moment between breaths: like you’re poised for something to happen but aren’t sure which direction to move! With Gemini and Cancer, you’re moving between a very curious, intellectual, extroverted energy (Gemini) and a more emotional, nurturing, inward energy (Cancer). Balancing those two energies is what you’re learning to do!

  3. Safe space vs sanctuary – that is some powerful writing. I can already see that thought/question being a touchstone for me in the future. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. When you say that this year has been a killer for Aries, is there a positive or negative connotation with ‘killer’?

    • Well, my past year as an Aries has been killer bad. I’m trying to make the next one killer good though.

    • Aries here: I read it as killer bad because, well, the last year HAS been killer bad and healing is still very much in progress. I think “killer (anything)” usually has a negative connotation, even if it’s just a synonym for “draining.”

    • Killer, in this context, means *intense.* It’s been a year of fast, hectic, non-stop change and challenges. Like running a marathon. For some people, that’s a bad thing, but others might welcome it. Whichever way you feel about it, it’s worth appreciating what you’ve been facing.

  5. This is seriously exactly where I am right now. I am a Cancer and I am in an amazing relationship that I never could have dreamt of, we are in a place I have never been before. I can see a future with her, and I am learning and growing so much. I also just put money down for a new rent house that I am in love with, and I am looking for a second job to supplement my income. It’s a bit of putting the cart before the horse, it feels so right. I am taking on new responsibilities for myself that I have never taken, and I have no doubts. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  6. I’ve always felt a little separate from my Capricorn designation, but I think this is the first time I’ve truly connected with a description of my sign! Thank you thank you <3

    • Same! My moon is in Capricorn and I’ve always felt like my chart is the big old battle between this and my Aquarius sun. Lately I’ve been reading more about Capricorn and it’s enabling me to see how the two signs can work in harmony. I really, really love your description Corina – it’s opened up a new perspective for me, which I can really relate to.

    • So glad I could help! I have so many Capricorns in my life who deserve a better connection to their sign.

    • Yes me too! It’s taken me a long time to grow into my Capricorn-ness and really own it (maybe because of relating more to my Aquarius moon), and this month’s horoscope is so spot-on for me. I’m always so stoked to read these.

  7. As a Virgo, I now feel fairly sad… I’m looking forward to my sign, whatever it may be, but I’m disappointed about the Neptune opposition. I’ve definitely been feeling it for a little while now, here’s to hoping that I can learn to work with it over what will apparently be the next few years!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sarah! As a fellow Virgo, I feel ya. Do you know if your Venus or Moon is also in Virgo? That would tell you more about how seriously Neptune is be-fogging your relationships right now. Also, checking in with your chart (on or with an astrologer) could tell you exactly when Neptune will be transiting to your personal planets. Horoscopes are always way more vague than an individual reading!

  8. “Take some time this month to fall back in love with your purpose in the world, and remember what you’re capable of. This has been a killer year for you: reach out to anyone and everyone who can remind you who you are and what worlds you belong to”.

    Wow, this is just so accurate. Love it.

  9. Saggitarius here and WHOA that hits close to home. Although it’s kind of hard to isolate one thing in particular… I guess most emotions seem like a liability. Still working on that whole “it’s okay to have actual (especially negative) feelings” thing.

  10. I’ve gone my whole life identifying as a Capricorn only to find out that I am technically an Aquarius for the year/day/time I was born. I feel much more like the the confusing compound of a goat/fish though, tbh.

    • Do you know if you have any other planets in Capricorn? Also, traditionally both signs are ruled by Saturn, so they do have some natural affinity.

      • I’m Aquarius sun, Libra rising, Cancer moon with nearly everything else in Capricorn. I wonder how I even function. ;)

  11. Today was pretty wretched and totally awful. And I don’t believe in horoscopes; I regard it more as generalist advice. So after 4 hours of crying, I check AS to find:

    “Curl up with your favorite animal familiar and let them teach you a thing or two: cuddliness is a fantastic thing, maybe the best thing, but you also need teeth and claws”.

    I’m currently fostering 3 kittens (adoptions pending) and my resident cat has been so loving; all of them KNEW tonight. Tomorrow I shall use my teeth and claws.

    “This month you need to reconnect with your wildness and wanderlust”

    I literally screamed at the A-Camp announcement. This definitely means I’m going to get an email saying a spot is available, yes?

  12. “Virgo: What if there is no right choice right now? What if you can only make choices for this month, or this week, or this day?” This was posted like an hour after I got done crying and stressing out about college and how everything is going to effect my future and my future children’s future (and their possible children’s future) lol. Totally have been feeling that Neptune opposition as well.

  13. It’s funny.. I’m a Libra but the Sagittarius horoscope resonates with me way more than my own. I went to and got my chart, and if I’m reading it correctly (I’ve never tried to read one of these before so no idea if I am), my moon is in Sagittarius, so maybe that has something to do with it?

  14. This is the first time I’ve read Autostraddle’s horoscope, and it is one of the greatest horoscopes I have seen! It’s so thoughtful and approachable. I am very excited to keep reading.
    I especially resonated with you asking Virgo if there is a right choice right now… my Virgo self is constantly afraid that the decisions I make now are going to affect the rest of my life. It is so soothing to think that maybe I am only making a decision for today. Thank you, Corina!

  15. This is the second Autostraddle article that made me cry today, although this time it was personal and not just empathy. This horoscope confirmed so many things and gave me just the right guidance to move forward. Thank you.

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