Remembering Stonewall Was a Riot: It’s Time To Meet Up For Autostraddle Pride 2019!

It’s the 50th anniversary of Stonewall this year, and as we celebrate Pride 2019 I’d like us to remember two things: one, Stonewall was a riot, and two, we’re here on earth to take care of each other. The intersection of these statements — activism, community care, historical accuracy, pride not like a corporate rainbow but like I’m so fucking proud to come from this legacy — is where we want to live for Pride this year. And that’s where y’all come in.

We’re hosting Autostraddle Pride Meet-Up Month like we do every year, and we want you to come and bring your friends. Bring your roommates. Bring your new girlfriend, bring your cool mom. Bring your ex, bring your crush, bring your loves, bring your family. We’re celebrating 50 years since Stonewall, and we’re reckoning with how things are different now but also how some things are exactly the same. There is no better time than now to care for and about each other, and there is also no better time than now to organize.

As always, our IRL Meet-Ups could not happen without YOU! Autostraddle has always been about the readers and our community. What do you need right now? What do you want? We can talk about it in the comments! Here are some of my thoughts: Community organized Pride parties are rad. So are chill picnics in the park. Should we get together to raise funds for some on the ground abortion providers in Alabama and Georgia (and beyond)? You tell us. What’s the Pride meet-up of your dreams? Can you help host it? It can be small and low key or large and ambitious. Some things that I’m thinking about this year: How can we include as many people as possible in our community organizing? What is the accessibility at any event like? Do our elders feel welcome? Are kids welcome? Can we make some events sober spaces? Are we centering QPOC? Are we centering trans folks?

Tell me what you’re thinking about when it comes to Pride 2019! And if you’re able to host an event, here’s what to do:

  1. Submit to the Autostraddle events calendar
  2. Make a Facebook event (if you want to)
  3. That’s all!

Once you’ve submitted your event, we’ll add it to this very post and we’ll publicize it on our social media channels. If you take photos at the event and you want us to share them, tag them #AutostraddlePride2019 and we will!

Thank you, as always, for being here. Thank you for growing up with us in community. Corporate Pride be damned, we are grateful to be proud and meet-up with you every June. We love you – see you at the meet-ups!

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  1. Just for perspective, this is how the New York Daily News reported the riot on July 6, 1969. We sure came a long way…

    “Last weekend the queens had turned commandos and stood bra strap to bra strap against an invasion of the helmeted Tactical Patrol Force. The elite police squad had shut down one of their private gay clubs, the Stonewall Inn at 57 Christopher St., in the heart of a three-block homosexual community in Greenwich Village. Queen Power reared its bleached blonde head in revolt. New York City experienced its first homosexual riot. “We may have lost the battle, sweets, but the war is far from over,” lisped an unofficial lady-in-waiting from the court of the Queens.”

    • Ugh at the transmisoginy in this

      But also “first homosexual riot” is a good riot grrrl album name!

    • Anyone in Victoria BC interested? Would be stoked to help organize some kind of park/beach picnic situation. DM me!

  2. Is it possible to do this a bit earlier next year as some cities have pride in the last two weeks of May and a few may have it this weekend? It would have been nice to meet some fellow straddlers for LBC pride the other week.

    • absolutely yes. the plan was to make it earlier this year, but unfortunately my school schedule combined with preparation for a-camp and a few other behind the scenes issues made it so that we couldn’t publish this until, well, now. but i hear you and would love to do it earlier next year.

      also do just want to put in a plug to use this opportunity to make new community events in june, even if your city’s pride has already passed! why not?! <3

  3. If anyone in the DFW area is interested, let me know! I always want something to happen, but never feel quite up to planning/I don’t have facebook. I am disabled/can’t drink or stand for a long time, so bars aren’t always accessible, but I also like to dance when possible.Chairs are cool. Also enjoys brunch, popsicles, specialty beverages, free things, the cinema

  4. Is anyone doing a meetup in Pittsburgh? I really want to go but can’t host because anxiety.

  5. I have free time and space to host something smallish in SF, but no ideas beyond that.

  6. Is there any Straddler action happening in Perth? I just moved here, where do I find the queers?

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