Quiz: What Queer Video Game Should You Play?

Need a new video game to consume your every waking thought? Maybe you’re into playing through long, tragic stories about loss or maybe you want to marry and divorce an entire town while running your dead grandfather’s farm? Or perhaps romancing brooding mythology figures while hacking and slashing your way through the underworld is more your style? For all you queers slouched in your gaming chairs looking for a game to keep you up at night, quiz on. Or idle in the character creation menu for an hour — that’s cool too.

You’ve been trekking through the darkness all night, covering as much ground as possible. You’re almost back to home base. What are you looking forward to the most?(Required)
As you get closer to town, you notice something isn’t right. There are no guards at the gate and smoke plumes up from various buildings. You race to your sleeping quarters and grab your most prized possession to ensure its safety. You grab what?(Required)
When you emerge outside, you see that the town has erupted into chaos. Many familiar faces run past. Who do you follow?(Required)
You find yourself in a skirmish with one of the enemies. They’re strong, but you’re stronger. What do you take them down with?(Required)
As you deal the final blow of damage, the enemy falls to their knees and their mask cracks. Before you can decide to spare them or not, their comrades swoop them up and retreat. What’s your next move?(Required)
Months later, you decide to go off in search of these enemies. You take one last look at home and set off — you won’t be back for a very long time. The screen fades away and the opening credits roll. What do your opening credits sound like?(Required)
After weeks of traveling, you come across an abandoned arcade. Seems like a safe enough place to stop at. What do you do first?(Required)
Before you leave the arcade, you decide to power up the generator. You have time for one game before you depart. What’s your mini-game of choice?(Required)
Back on the road again and your stomach starts growling. What’s on the menu today?(Required)
After traveling for a few days, you come across a town. You’re tired and they offer shelter so you agree to stay one night. You decide it’s best to speak to a member of this place just to get a feel for who you’re dealing with. You end up speaking with…(Required)
You end your night in one of the town’s vacant rooms. There’s an old workbench, a variety of clean clothes to pick from, and an old music player. Everything seems normal. How are you spending your night?(Required)
Just as you’re about to nod off, you hear footsteps outside. When you peer outside you see three masked figures — the same ones that attacked your town! Think fast or you’re going to be in danger very quickly!(Required)
You come out of the fight victorious. You’ve saved the day and figured out the mystery. As you reflect on your journey, you come to what conclusion?(Required)

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Julie Gentile

Julie is a writer by night and marketing bot by day. She enjoys long video game playthroughs and pretending like she didn’t internalize every single episode of Glee. Contact her at julie[at]autostraddle[dot]com.

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    • Right?! I just sat kind of stunned when I finished it unsure of how to process so my emotions about it and it preoccupied me for WEEKS. Which is really hard to deal with when nobody in my immediate life has played it yet so I had no one to proceed with,which might make it the most lesbian game ever lol.

  1. Stardew Valley!!

    This is the very one my partner picked out for us to start two weeks ago that they thought I’d enjoy. I hadn’t played a video game that was a proper game since Pokémon FireRed at ten – and now we’ve played 35 hours…

    • I just finished it the other day! I don’t know why it’s so soothing to unpack virtual stuff when I have a bunch of laundry I could be putting away RIGHT THERE, but here we are lol.

  2. i don’t think i have it in me to play anime chess. so instead i’ll say that i finished Prey, which has an entire ex girlfriend/li for the fem protagonist who makes it out alive! and is a good rpg.

    and that i should just play stardew valley already

  3. As a person who played a shameful amount of Fire Emblem 3 Houses during the pandemic, I’m very happy to see it on this list (Dorothea’s s-support is my favorite of the WLW options)

  4. “You should play Stardew Valley!”

    What do you think I’ve been doing for multiple hours every night for the past week and a half, quiz??

    I’d love to see a list of what the other possible results were!

    • Ahhh, I love that! And I’ll list the other possible results here:

      Gone Home
      Life is Strange: True Colors
      The Last of Us II
      Fire Emblem: Three Houses
      The Sims 4
      Night in the Woods
      Stardew Valley

  5. One of the most interesting things about video games is that they’re capable of being so many different things. You can play them for the story and characters, for the gameplay, for the multiplayer, for the creativity. And sometimes you can even do all of those things at once! Reading this article has taught me what queer games are the Decentraland Alternatives Worth Trying and from where I can download it. It is great to see that number of amazing games developed in LGBT theme.

  6. would it be possible to have a list of the games proposed here? i got one that i already played (stardew valley lol, probably speaks of how good the quizz is) but now i’m curious about the other options :)

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