Queer Tarotscopes for Virgo Season 2020: Are You Ready to Do the Hard Work with Yourself?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Spacious Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

We’re still moving forward through this impossible year, trying to adjust to new information even as we hold fast to our communities and chosen families. How are you doing, friends? How have you adjusted, evolved, transformed? What have the challenges and struggles of this year been teaching you about yourself, your goals, your dreams, your fears? In some ways it feels like introspection and awareness is an unfair request, that any additional processing in 2020 is something we cannot possibly participate in — yet we are all undergoing major shifts and changes, discovering which parts of our lives we cannot do without, and noting what pressures or burdens have slipped through the cracks, abandoned or deemed unnecessary. As we shift from a season of movement into one of stillness, as we consider what more we have to learn about ourselves, you have an opportunity to give yourself space and time to think about where you have been, and where you are going next.

This past season was one of brilliance, inspiration, personal power. And after all of the fire and heat and magic of Leo, after embracing our wildness and honoring our capacity for patience with Strength, Virgo season is now asking us to slow down, to assess, to consider. There can be so much freedom in movement, in blazing new trails, in allowing ourselves to recognize and celebrate the things that make us unique and powerful — but after all of that forward motion, after chasing what we want with both hands outstretched, we begin to slow down, to catch our breath, to consider our surroundings and think about our next steps. We have managed to capture some of the things that we hoped for, have found satisfaction and pleasure in achieving some of our dreams, but there is still more to do. And now that our confidence has been built up, now that we have a better handle on our gifts and talents and skills, we can dig into the next phase of work.

Mutable earth may seem paradoxical — we tend to think of earth signs as focused and patient and disciplined, while mutable signs are flexible, diplomatic, and a bit restless. But Virgo’s combination of logic and adaptability make them a brilliant energy for finishing projects and moving into a new phase, for seeing what is still possible and creating a plan to make it happen. This is a season for getting shit done, for easing places of chaos, for organizing and delegating and prioritizing. Gemini season brought new ideas, Cancer season helped us focus on the ones that matter the most, and Leo season allowed us to put our magic and energy into making them happen. And as Virgo season begins and we enjoy this last season of summer, you may feel a new drive to complete tasks that have been hanging over your head, to clear out junk and get your affairs in order. What can you finish up, smooth out, resolve? What still needs refining?

In a similar vein, Virgo’s birth card of the Hermit asks us to take a critical look within, to begin peering into all of our darkest corners and most hidden places. A card of retreat, introspection, and awareness, the Hermit requires a step outside of the familiar, taking us away from our usual routines and instead asking us to explore our own internal wilderness, our deepest depths. What have you been hiding from yourself? What have you resisted examining more closely? What desires, fears, needs, wants, expectations, or shifts have been coming forward? And how can spending time understanding these aspects of yourself more deeply help you know what to pursue next? The Hermit is not simply about seeking rest and solitude, though that can be important — it’s instead demanding that we stop hiding from the things that scare us and instead learn to embrace those secret shadows. If Strength and Leo season was about finding confidence in the face that we show to the world, Virgo and the Hermit ask us to shine that light inward, to recognize all that we are and all that we are capable of becoming. The Hermit requires deep and constant patience. Just as Virgo is deliberate and thorough, double-checking and making adjustments so that every line is clean and perfect, the Hermit cannot be rushed. This is hard work, as we make a commitment to uncovering what we have been hiding from ourselves. It requires time, dedication, and a tremendous amount of patience with the self.

So many of our cards for this season involve slowing down and being conscious and deliberate about our decisions. Even if it feels like you’re still high on energy and power from Leo season’s fire, be thoughtful about your choices, your movements, your ambitions. In this season of Virgo, be intentional about the ways that you show yourself love. Powerful new realizations may come forward, and instead of being hard on yourself for what you are just now discovering, instead celebrate this new sense of awareness, this new kind of magic. Remember the wisdom of the Hermit, and take your time exploring what has been hidden away. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and movement, so if you know your Mercury placement you can also read for that sign to receive a more complete picture of your Virgo season.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Have a safe and productive Virgo season.


The High Priestess

The fire and magic of Leo may have felt extra energizing to you after so many months of isolation and quiet, but as you shift into patient, focused Virgo season, you have an opportunity now to look deeper within. You know yourself well, Aries, understanding what drives you and what gives you purpose — but how often do you actually take time to ponder all of your choices? Being led by instinct is a powerful and useful tool, but this season you may find that sitting in stillness for a time, giving your intuition a chance to speak and offer wisdom, may be even more important. You’ve been working with the heart for the past few seasons, and this is a chance to introduce some thoughtful, insightful air to the mix. Think of the High Priestess as the big breath you take before signing a contract, starting a pitch, making a big ask, knocking on an important door. Instead of always letting your inner fire call the shots, instead of pushing forward at all costs, take a beat to check in with yourself, to make sure that what you’ve been pursuing still feels right. How can you honor the voice that whispers within you? Where can you exercise patience?


The Tower

You’re generally right at home in earth seasons, enjoying a sense of stability and comfort as you work on the things that matter most to you, and continue to chip away at your bigger personal goals. But there may be some upheaval that you find yourself working through in this time of Virgo, a sense of chaos or even destruction that throws things out of place and forces you to reevaluate some things that you were taking for granted. As destabilizing as this may feel, especially in a year where so few things have been predictable, remember that what is breaking has likely been fractured for a long time, and that this is something that is absolutely essential for you to work through before you can continue making progress.

After the stillness and contentment of last season, it may be frustrating to feel that you now have more to do, more repairs to make, more tasks to complete. But instead of viewing this season as a time of failure, allow yourself some freedom to explore and roam, to consider new pathways forward, to assess all of your options. What have you been overlooking? What new opportunities are revealing themselves? How can you see your options through fresh eyes, and what are you feeling drawn to?


Five of wands

Your ability to create, learn, and grow is inspiring, Gemini, and the wide variety of ideas and interests that you so often bounce between is a great way to keep yourself busy and entertained. It’s a gift to be engaged in so many different projects and possibilities, something that not everyone is capable of doing — and yet you may find that as you move from fiery Leo season into quiet, grounded Virgo, you feel a bit lost in your own plans. The big ideas that captivated you last season may now seem overwhelming or overly complex, leaving you uncertain of what to do. While you usually know where you’re going, this lack of focus may be unavoidable, and force you to slow down, consider what is really exciting to you. You may feel that it’s best to shelve some of the other ideas that aren’t yet fully formed, giving yourself permission to return to them at a later date. How can you focus on the things that bring you joy? What future excites you? Remember the energy of the Hermit and spend time in reflection, exploring what has you mentally tangled up. Where is your fire eager to go? What stagnant ideas can you leave behind?


Eight of swords

You have a natural instinct for boundaries and protection that has served you well many times, allowing you to honor what you know and trust that you will act in a way that resonates deeply for you. And while knowing your limits and being willing to say no has often helped you stay safe and confident, you may find yourself a bit isolated, even trapped, during this new season of earth. Last season may have encouraged you to check in with yourself more often, giving yourself freedom to explore and understand what you’re longing for, so pay attention to what emotions may have shifted, or where doubts may be creeping in. Sometimes we get so focused on our own plans and perspectives that we lose sight of the big picture, missing key details that shift what we know to be true.

If you find yourself struggling to move in any direction, feeling like you have no options, there’s a very good chance that you have simply blocked yourself from recognizing the way forward. Consider asking for new perspectives, pausing to assess, or even giving yourself a break in order to look at your situation from a new angle. What is holding you back? What have you not considered? What options may you have dismissed too quickly? And how could you ask for help?


Two of cups

As we shift out of your season and into a slower time of awareness and patience, as you begin to assess the progress you’ve made and evaluate your options, you may find yourself seeking out richer, more intimate connections. Whether you are deepening friendships, getting caught up in a new romance, or discovering a more powerful capacity for community and partnership, for you Virgo season will be about opening your heart to new possibilities. And even if love is the last thing on your mind, this card indicates that a new connection may help you find joy, pleasure, or comfort in something unexpectedly beautiful.

If you spent last season looking for clarity and truth, choosing which path forward to follow, it may feel that you now have another decision to make — how brave to be with your heart. You’re not afraid to be bold and open with what you want, to seek adventure or rise up to challenge, but make sure you take time to check in with yourself, to pursue a person or situation because they truly appeal to you and not simply because they are present and available. There is a powerful opportunity here, but make sure it’s the right one for you, and not simply a way to distract yourself from your bigger ambitions and dreams. How vulnerable are you willing to be?


The Devil

Happy birthday, Virgo! This year has been an incredibly difficult one, and as we move from a season of passion and magic into your time of stillness, reflection, and awareness, you may find yourself desperate to control anything that you can. This isn’t necessarily a bad instinct, and your capacity for organization and details have come in handy so frequently that it may feel comforting to slip into familiar roles and patterns — yet if you cling to control too tightly, or allow those old habits to take over, you may find yourself getting lost in destructive behaviors. And after wrestling with this on a smaller scale last season, you may be particularly tired of dealing with this particular struggle.
Consider what you’ve had trouble saying no to, the aspects of your life that feel completely out of your control. Even the healthiest, most positive behaviors can be harmful if we let them restrict our choices, so consider how you can maintain a more balanced perspective. And if you find yourself regressing into cycles or habits that you’d thought yourself free of, pay careful attention to what is driving your behavior. Where are you being called to let go? What needs to be recalibrated? What are you holding on to too tightly?


Nine of pentacles

This earthy season may be more comfortable for you than the passion and courage of Leo, offering you opportunities for balance, connection, and deep personal awareness. As you move forward into Virgo season, take stock of how far you’ve come, of all that you’ve accomplished, of the ways that you have grown and flourished in difficult circumstances. What have you learned about yourself? What can you celebrate? You tend to be someone that works well with others, that always has the needs and desires of those around you in mind — but this is a chance to celebrate yourself, to recognize the independent spirit that you possess and the hard work that you’ve been putting in. After working with the eight of pentacles last season, the nine urges you to celebrate your successes and share the abundance that you’ve found with those that have helped you along the way. How are you enjoying all that you’ve built? Where does your pride manifest? How can you give back?


Two of swords

You’re right at home in seasons of introspection, and as we move from Leo into Virgo, you may find yourself anticipating an opportunity for reflection, exploration, and personal awareness. But take care to move with deliberation and thoughtfulness, rather than jumping straight into the deep end — you may find yourself at a bit of a crossroads, with no obvious right answer presenting itself. The heartbreak of last season may still be lingering in your subconscious, and it’s understandable that you would want to jump into movement, to create distance, to give yourself over to something new. There’s an important opportunity here to carve a path forward, to decide how you want to approach a particular problem or situation. And rather than getting caught up in what is correct, give yourself a chance to listen to your intuition, to honor your insights and pay attention to what resonates for you. What feels clear, and what is still out of focus? What choice feels like the best move for you?


Ace of wands

Last season may have felt slow and frustrating, even painful, as you assessed your resources and found yourself wanting more. This period of earth and reflection may have you feeling restless or anxious, and with good reason: you are a child of fire, Sagittarius, and you may find yourself moving into Virgo season with a brilliant, intoxicating new idea. If you’ve been feeling held back recently, worrying that inspiration isn’t flowing the way that it used to, this season may bring a new wave of fire, magic, and confidence, pushing you to explore the world in new ways. Enjoy this rush of sensation and power, but remember too the wisdom of the Hermit, the power of awareness and reflection and solitude. Rather than rushing straight into work, consider what you want this to become, the seed that you’re planting, the spark that is growing. How can you remain in control of your fire? What feels abundant, and how can you channel that energy into something beautiful and tangible? What do you need to keep this spark from burning out too quickly?


Child of swords

Virgo season may bring a profound and important new path forward for you, a chance to see things from a new angle and begin exploring a project, challenge, or ambition in an unexpected way. After working with your heart last season, after opening yourself to new connections and possibilities, this season may feel more focused on the mind and body as you get organized and assess your options in a logical, pragmatic way. You are someone that likes to have a plan, to know where you’re going, and the energy and power of Virgo will serve you well as you consider your next steps. But instead of holding back until you have every single detail plotted out, leave yourself space for innovation, for the unknown, and allow yourself to be creative with the ways that you approach these goals. Where might a fresh idea help move things forward? How could collaboration, new insights, or a different perspective shift the possibilities you are seeing? What happens when you allow yourself to think on your feet?



In many ways, Leo season was a time of reckoning for you, as you allowed yourself to expand beyond one narrow perspective, to consider the variety of options that have been available to you. And with this shift into practical, pragmatic Virgo season, you may find yourself leaving something important behind, allowing yourself to release an old idea, dream, relationship, or situation that is no longer serving you. All of the fire and earth swirling around you may feel challenging, with calls to be present when you would prefer to be focusing on what’s ahead, honoring what you are building. But give yourself space to process this shift that you are moving through, to be fully present for the transformation that you are in the midst of.

Even if this ending feels painful or unexpected, resist the urge to rush past your grief so that you can start something new — it’s important that you sit with this loss, that you process your emotions, that you allow yourself to start to heal. Try not to isolate yourself too much, as you may find that the insights of others allow you to take a broader view of what is happening. How are you being set free? What new possibilities can you now see for your future?


Explorer of wands

This new season of magic and introspection may feel right up your alley, Pisces, comfortable as you are with dreams and intuition and visions of what’s possible. And particularly in the light of last season, which had you processing heavy emotions and perhaps feeling a sensation of loss, this new time of grounding and personal exploration may allow you to open some new doorways. But as you look inward and take stock of all that you find within yourself, you may find that you feel eager to move, to start something new, to pursue an adventure or challenge or line of thinking that feels both unexpected and inevitable. Sometimes this manifests as inspiration, but it can also look like restlessness, an inability to focus on any one project or idea for too long, What is coming forward for you? What has been capturing your imagination, your fantasies? Where are you feeling led? Be cautious not to rush yourself, not to burn out too quickly or brush past the planning stages in your eagerness to express yourself creatively. How can you protect your inspiration? How can Virgo’s earth temper this exciting sensation of fire and magic?

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