Queer Tarotscopes for Leo Season 2020: What Are You Fighting For?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Next World Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

With retrogrades, eclipses, and uprisings, Cancer season has been intense and challenging for many of us. It’s been a time of sensitivity and heavy emotions, of caring for ourselves as well as those around us, of learning how to maintain community in the midst of so much upheaval and uncertainty. But after these weeks in cardinal water, we are now stepping into Leo season, a time of fire, independence, and personal power. This transition can feel dramatic or disorienting for many, as Leo’s bold courage and desire for adventure has a very different vibe than Cancer’s quiet intuition. Even if it feels like we are still in a place of stagnation and frustration, like we haven’t made as much progress as we would like towards our personal and collective goals, this season of fixed fire is all about courage, boldness, and taking charge of our future.

We are moving into a time of growth, of action, of independent movement and expansive ambition. And while Leo is often reduced to a dramatic energy that craves attention and accolades, this is a sign known for loyalty, playfulness, leadership, and joy. Although this year has felt impossible in so many ways, Leo wants us to celebrate where we can, to honor our accomplishments, to recognize where we have persevered and conquered. Even if you feel utterly discouraged, this season brings an opportunity to take pride in the things we do well, the unique aspects of ourselves that bring pleasure and satisfaction. What sets you apart?

Our birth card for this season is Strength, an archetype of patience and maturity, restraint and thoughtful action. After the momentum and determination and victory of the Chariot, Strength asks us what lessons we have learned from our recent success, urges us to slow down and pay attention to all that we have achieved. Leo’s fiery passion and fierce independence may seem at odds with the quiet resolve that we so often experience in Strength, yet to only see this as an archetype of control and stoicism does it a disservice. Strength is about more than quiet awareness and the willingness to wait for the perfect moment to act: this is also a card of deep pride in the self, of understanding the power and value in all of our facets. Sometimes we must be calm, still, waiting for the perfect moment to strike — but other times we must bare our teeth, reveal our rage, stand up and fight for the things that matter.

What is giving you purpose, shape, energy? What are you fighting for? As this administration continues to ignore the realities of the pandemic in favor of stripping away our rights and freedoms, as the streets continue to flood with citizens crying out for justice and change, what is lighting a fire inside of you? Leo and Strength ask you to take pride in the things you excel at, to celebrate where you can contribute. None of us can take on every single thing, but each of us have an essential role to play — and learning what yours is, harnessing your personal magic and recognizing when and where to use it, is what Leo season is all about.

Many of our cards for this season speak of either awareness or intention, urging us to be conscious about our actions and movements, to be deliberate about what we are working towards. Strength’s power is in where it’s wielded, and if we can be attentive about where our energy and magic naturally flow, if we can balance our cravings and our needs, deep and lasting progress can be made. Some may find themselves grieving this season, experiencing feelings of loss or sorrow. And in such difficult times, Leo asks us to remember our power, to recognize our courage, and to not overlook the magic that we hold. What inspires you to keep going? What is your bigger mission?

In this season of Leo, remember the lessons of Strength, and pay attention to how and when you act. What makes you unique, distinctive? How is your magic different, and how can you play to your natural strengths? What dims your light, and what feeds your fire? Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Leo is ruled by the sun, a planet of consistency and celebration, so pay extra attention to the card reading for your sun sign.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Have a safe and inspiring Leo season!


Page of cups

What is the full spectrum of your experience, of your emotions, of your intuition? How often do you let yourself fully trust the insights and wisdom that well up within your spirit? Dear Aries, you had the same card last season, which indicates that you are at the beginning of a powerful new journey of the heart. And while this may feel frustrating for you, as someone that so often prefers to be in control of both the journey and the destination, who likes to call the shots and march to the beat of their own drum, this page is asking you to expect the unexpected. For you, Leo season will be an opportunity to shine that powerful light inward, to make space for a new beginning that invites expansion and emotion, creativity and magic, love and connection. What have you been learning about yourself with regards to your partnerships and communities, the ways that you relate to others? What has been bubbling up within you? What are you dreaming of? Pay attention to where you find wonder, joy, and curiosity, and allow those desires for exploration to propel you forward. What parts of yourself, of your world, inspire awe?


Ten of cups

Last season may have felt a bit restless for you, as you struggled to focus your ideas and energy into specific goals rather than just sinking into frustration. But as you step forward into Leo season, you may find yourself enjoying a sense of victory in the everyday, honoring the magic and community and beauty that you’ve found in your life. What are you celebrating? How have you created spaces of safety, joy, and comfort for yourself? What connections inspire you to keep going, and how has your chosen family brought love and wonder into your routines? Even if your world isn’t flawless, there is so much to be proud of, to honor. What and who are you grateful for? Where have you triumphed? How do you share energy, creativity, inspiration? Take time to show yourself and those around you love this season, to recognize how far you’ve come and take pleasure in the life that you’ve built for yourself. What does fulfillment look like, and where have you already found it?


Page of swords

It’s been several seasons of new beginnings for you, Gemini, and you may find that your mind is racing with even more ideas than usual, urging you to start new projects and pursue ambitious goals. It can be exciting to dream of new possibilities, to follow your inspiration and see where it leads. But rather than slipping into familiar patterns, consider where you can innovate, push the limits, cut through existing boundaries. You’re someone that loves your freedom, but there may be places that you’ve been avoiding exploration, subjects or concepts that have felt off limits until now. Where have you accepted restrictions, and how can you stretch yourself beyond those limits? When you make space for your highest, most authentic truth, what comes forward? How can you use that sharp mind and brilliant ability to gather and process information for the greater good? Leo wants us to be proud of the people that we are, to celebrate the things that make us unique — what do you love most about yourself? And how can you put it to good use?


The Lovers

As we shift out of your season and into a time of fire, you may find yourself releasing some of the heavy emotions that you were working through and embracing a new sense of joy, pleasure, and freedom. You’re so good at creating spaces of protection and safety, at establishing boundaries that give you space for creativity and connection, but this season may push your understanding of love, community, and intimacy to a new level. How have you survived, and where has it required evolution and change? What kinds of connections and magic have you found within yourself, and how has that experience invited a new understanding of all that you are capable of? This is an archetype of balance and harmony, and while it often holds special significance for those that are partnered, in reality this card urges us to learn to love ourselves in all of our facets, strengths, and weaknesses. How does love shape you, and what is it teaching you? Where do you need to trust yourself more deeply? What is your intuition pushing you towards?


Two of swords

Happy birthday, Leo! You have been moving through a time of powerful transformation and release, and this season may find you at a crossroads, working to choose between two paths. There isn’t necessarily a right answer for you, an obvious choice or easy solution — yet the process of making this decision can teach you a lot about who you are, what you want to pursue, and where you hope to go. Sometimes, it’s easier to refuse to make a choice, to stay quiet and hope that in ignoring this shift, the need to speak up will pass. As you move into your season of fire and magic, don’t lose your natural sense of courage, adventure, and independence. It’s okay to be cautious, but in trying to protect yourself, where might you be limiting your own progress? A problem or decision doesn’t go away simply by avoiding it, and although denial can feel freeing, in reality the act of not choosing is in itself a choice. What truths have you been avoiding? And how might grabbing a blade and stepping onto a new path help you remember just how powerful you truly are?


Four of pentacles

Last season found you enjoying a sense of movement and momentum, powering forward towards a clear and exciting goal. And as you move into Leo season’s fixed fire, it may feel that you’re making excellent progress, staying focused and determined, ready to keep moving. You are someone with a brilliant ability to stay on task, to mind the small details as well as the broader vision — but this season, you may find yourself getting so fixated on success that you forget some of the joy in the work that you’re doing. There can be great pleasure in checking off items on a to-do list or gathering resources for your next step forward, but try to remember where these goals came from, what you are building for your own future. How can you balance work with play? Are you finding yourself in a scarcity mindset when you actually have everything you need to thrive and succeed? How tightly are you holding onto your resources, and where might a bit of release help you find pleasure in your progress again?


Eight of pentacles

Cancer’s sensitive emotions and powerful creativity may have left you feeling a bit scattered, uncertain of which goal to pursue or path to choose last season. But as you soak in the heat and brilliance of Leo’s fire, you may find that this new season brings a fresh sense of security, vision, and focus on your broader ambitions. You are someone that has such a gift for balancing beauty with substance, and as you consider the dreams that have been driving you, take some time this season to pin down the details, to clarify what you’re working towards. What about this process gives you pleasure, inspiration, satisfaction? What mastery have you found in your work, and where do you still have space to evolve and grow? How are you devoting yourself to your vision? There’s a real opportunity for success in what you’re pursuing, so take your time and enjoy this process. How can you incorporate all that you’ve learned into everything you’re building?


Three of swords

You’re not someone that’s particularly comfortable in the brilliant, relentless fire of Leo, and this season may bring some harsh truths or powerful insights that catch you off guard and cut you to the quick. You are a seeker of truth, but sometimes that pursuit can lead to painful revelations that force you to reevaluate relationships or situations. Yet as painful as this process may be, there are some important lessons to be learned about your strengths, your challenges, and your ability to heal. Give yourself time to lick your wounds and process what’s happened, rather than pushing yourself to recover on a specific timeline. Be cautious, too, that instead of ripping that wound open over and over again, finding a complex pleasure in your own pain, you take your time and allow yourself to heal fully. What does restoration look like for you? How can you grieve and recover without sinking into despair or self-pity? And how will you turn this painful lesson into something useful moving forward?


Five of pentacles

After a season of assessment and consideration, transition and growth, this new shift into Leo season may feel like a bit of a setback. This may be a time of wanting, of disruption, when the resources that you’ve always depended on or the communities you’ve come to rely on feel out of reach. There is loss and turmoil in this card, but try not to despair, sweet Sagittarius — your natural fire and ability to imagine endless possibilities for yourself will help you pursue new avenues for growth, power, and magic. Things are changing, and you may feel uncertain for a time, but remember the things that are solid, the routines and boundaries that you have already established for yourself. If you need time to grieve, take it — but be aware that there are solutions within reach, that there is help available to you. Where do you turn when things feel hopeless? How do you keep your natural optimism in tact? What resources have you perhaps forgotten, and how can you establish new places of safety and security for yourself?


Two of cups

While Cancer season was in many ways about maintaining boundaries and seeking personal truth, as you move into fiery Leo season you may find yourself making some powerful and important new connections. This is a card of love, and whether you’re partnered or single, actively looking or intentionally avoiding, something new is blossoming. But after working so hard to build up walls and protect yourself last season, you may find that this need for vulnerability and openness doesn’t come as easy as you may like. Capricorn, you are not someone that easily gives up control, yet the act of sharing parts of yourself with another person requires it. Be gentle with yourself as you explore this tender new relationship, whether it’s one of romance or friendship, and celebrate how magical it is to be seen and appreciated by another person. What do you need to feel safe in relationships? Where can you be more open, in a way that feels right for you? How are you allowing yourself to be loved?


Eight of swords

You’ve been in a place of comfort and stability, prioritizing resources and generosity, honoring your own needs and caring for those around you. But with this shift into Leo season, you may find yourself doubting your own insights, becoming uncertain about where you’re going and what might be possible. You may know what you’re working towards, what you want, but are you getting in your own way? Have you created internal boundaries that are actually preventing you from moving forward? Sometimes self-imposed limits or intensive control can be necessary, but too much of either may have you tangling yourself in knots, causing you to overlook the possibilities and opportunities that might offer just what you’re craving. How are you restricting yourself? What healing have you been avoiding? If you find yourself getting in your head this season, overthinking or spiraling into anxiety, consider any possibilities you may have dismissed too quickly. How can you protect yourself without stifling your growth?


Five of cups

Cancer season brought a sense of calm and self-care for you, and with your natural sensitivity and awareness of the emotions around you, that quiet balanced rest hopefully allowed you to recover a bit. Leo season may bring a sense of isolation or loss, a dream that you have been longing for slipping through your fingers or a relationship you’ve been investing in taking a difficult turn. It’s important that we let ourselves fully acknowledge and feel our grief, that we don’t push ourselves to recover too quickly or force ourselves to move on before we’re ready. But at the same time, spending too much time lingering on our losses or blaming ourselves for where we are can lead to a complete lack of hope — and in this case, the situation is not actually hopeless. Be gentle with yourself as you process your feelings, but don’t lose sight of everything that is still around you, the communities and friendships and connections that are willing to support you through this shift. How can you care for yourself? What new truths is this loss revealing?

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  1. oh man I clicked on this knowing my scorpio sun was going to be so accurate and..yea I felt like I didn’t have to look past the picture for it haha that about sums up what my month ahead looks like. thank goddess for my sag rising!

    thank you Meg! the deck is so pretty.

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