Queer Tarotscopes for Libra Season 2022: Where Do Your Beliefs Come From?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Spacious Tarot and The Spacious Tarot Expansion Pack.

Today the sun moves into the cardinal air of Libra, officially ushering us into autumn. Air as an element is perceptive and forward-thinking, curious and eager, associated with the mind and the intellect as well as communication, information, and collaboration. And when we combine the clarity of air, the desire to analyze and understand, with Libra’s cardinal energy that activates and initiates, we find a sign that is associated with balance, harmony, perspective, and equilibrium — this is the desire to share equally, to ensure that everyone has what they need to thrive, to hear every voice and uplift those that are consistently pushed down.

It makes sense, then, that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn would assign Libra to the eleventh archetype in the Fool’s journey: Justice. Justice follows the Wheel of Fortune, a card tied to destiny and fate, luck and karma, the things that are within and outside of our control. And after taking time apart with the Hermit, after recognizing the larger forces in the universe with the Wheel, Justice wants us to intentionally engage with society, to recognize the ways that our personal ideals might play out in our communities. But more broadly than that, Justice wants us to consider where those ideals come from, what they mean, how they manifest, and what they set into motion. How does what we believe shape our choices, impact the possibilities that we’re even willing to consider? What do we think is fair, and how does that contribute to what we do, what we say, where we go?

Fairness is a complicated idea, one that different people with different life experiences might perceive… well, differently. We all have our own unique experiences, which shape our perspectives — and the ways that we’ve been mistreated, or have lived with privilege, impact what feels fair to us, and what doesn’t. What seems fair, reasonable, even generous to one might feel wildly inequitable, even discriminatory, to another. Justice and the tarot aren’t asking us to independently solve the problems of the world, to rebuild society from the ground up, to be responsible for every single thing that feels uneven or unbalanced. Rather, this card wants us to interrogate our own ideals, to unpack our assumptions and biases, to consider how our theories play out in practical ways.

There’s a difference between bad-faith, both-sides arguments and genuinely wanting to listen and learn from people who have lived an alternative experience than you have. Justice seeks clarity, understanding, and strives to build systems of fairness and mutual care out of the values of the many. It’s in recognizing what we agree with, and what we don’t, that our ideals become clarified. It’s in participating with society that we feel in our bones what matters to us, and what doesn’t.

In this season of Libra, remember the importance of balance, of honoring multiple perspectives, of holding space for the different needs of others without sacrificing your own ethics. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of relationships and beauty as well as unification, harmony, and values, so if you know your natal Venus placement you can also include the card for that sign for a more complete picture of your Libra season.

An optional spread for tarot cards, from left to right: moon: I feel, rising: I project, Venus: I have, and then down below, sun: I am

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Libra season!


Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a volcano erupting, it says Aries at the bottom

on the right — two skeleton hands and a flower, it says XIII Death on the bottom


After working through some essential truths last season, this new time in Libra may feel like the start of a new rebirth cycle. And while your natural fire and confidence can bring you through challenges with ease, sometimes slowing down and recognizing the shift that you are in the midst of can feel complicated. As you move through a change and step into a new beginning, give yourself time to process emotions, rest, and honor what is passing, and what is within reach. What version of yourself are you leaving behind?


Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a close up of green leaves on a vine, it says Taurus at the bottom

on the right — a bench with four swords propped against it in the snow with mountains in the background, it says Four of Swords on the bottom

Four of swords

This season, you may find yourself craving new boundaries of protection, particularly when it comes around your ideas, truths, and discoveries. Rest is essential for deep processing, and if last season required you to stand up for your beliefs or your work in an intensive way, do yourself a favor and let things slow down for a time, bringing much-needed clarity and recovery. This season of air could bring opportunities to define what you want to work towards, so pay attention to your instincts, and take comfort where you can. What is sharpening within you?


Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a group of feathers blow in the wind, it says Gemini at the bottom

on the right — a tall group of stones and rocks are struck by lightning during the night, it says XVI The Tower on the bottom

The Tower

Some unexpected and rapid shifts may find you this season, Gemini — but rather than allowing yourself to get overwhelmed, this is the perfect chance to find freedom with the change. Sometimes we get so stuck in one pathway that the universe finds ways to shake us loose, so fly free, and take in the view from a new perspective. And while this can be scary, it can also be joyful, an opportunity to leave something that wasn’t working behind and try something different. What has been cracking beneath your feet, that you’re ready to move beyond? Where has your curiosity been overwhelming you, and how can you chase that new idea to somewhere different?


Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a sunset over an ocean wave, it says Cancer at the bottom

on the right — three trees with their roots showing below, it says Three of Pentacles on the bottom

Three of pentacles

This is a season for grounding and strategy, but as you think big and let your dreams expand into the world, don’t lose sight of joy, celebration, and magic. Your work is starting to gain traction, things are building and growing, and there’s real wonder in seeing things fall into place. Pay attention to the resources at your disposal, the people that have offered assistance or support, the ways that you feel both grounded and eager to keep pushing boundaries. What is growing, both within and around you? How can you keep nurturing the seeds that you’ve planted?


 Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a yellow bumble bee flies at sunset, it says Leo at the bottom

on the right — two wood wands, one white and once black, crackle against a two toned sky, it says Two of Wands on the bottom

Two of wands

Your courageous fire may feel particularly joyful this season, Leo, as you start laying the creative groundwork for something new, something that excites and invigorates you. But as easy as it can be to get caught up in passion and rush forward as quickly as you can, this season may create necessary stopping points, inviting you to do more planning and strategy that you might otherwise be inclined to do. While it might seem frustrating in the moment to have to slow down, take the note, and give yourself a chance to anticipate and dream. Where is your fire leading you? And how can you ensure that nothing stands in your way?


Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — various wild flowers make a circular pattern on a rust background, it says Virgo at the bottom

on the right — a sword shining against an abstract watercolor blue background, it says Ace of Swords on the bottom

Ace of swords

As your season comes to a close, a sharp new insight or powerful truth may flash into your mind, allowing you to see something from a different and essential perspective. Sometimes this kind of clarity can be overwhelming, and other times it can be exciting, invigorating — but no matter how your emotions develop, don’t be afraid to start investigating, to open your mind and see what else clicks into place. This may bring an opportunity for a new intellectual or insightful adventure, so pay attention and see where you’re drawn. What are you discovering?


 Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a group of monarch butterflies fly through the sky, it says Libra at the bottom

on the right — four cups sit on a rock in a river stream, it says Four of Cups on the bottom

Four of cups

Happy birthday, Libra! As we move into your season, you may find your head and your heart at odds, with your mind taking in all of the possibilities while your more tender self craves stability, boundaries, or structure in relationships. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to step back from vulnerability, especially if you’re focusing on more intellectual pursuits — but make sure that you don’t cut yourself off from your emotions so much that you lose sight of them. How can you balance sensitivity and vulnerability with perception, equality, and movement?


Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a white rose is lit up by moonlight, it says Scorpio at the bottom

on the right — a tree stump has various pentacles on it at night, it says Ten of Pentacles on the bottom

Ten of pentacles

If last season felt like you were hovering on the edge of burnout, pushing yourself hard towards a finish line that was just out of reach, this season may feel more stable, comfortable, and joyful. Take the opportunity to rest and celebrate your achievements, even if you still feel like things are in flux — Libra season for you will likely be a time of security and certainty, so give yourself permission to relax, slow down, and seek pleasure. What makes you feel safe? What is satisfying?


 Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a path is lit up in red through the forest, it says Sagittarius at the bottom

on the right — a hawk is backlight flying above a sword in a forest, it says Elder of Swords on the bottom

Elder of swords

While fire signs are generally associated with passion, energy, and courage, you also carry a lot of curiosity within your spirit — and in this season of Libra, you may find yourself taking charge of an intellectual pursuit, leading the way towards a more balanced and equitable path. People look to you for guidance, suggestions, and advice, so don’t be afraid to flex your intelligence and experience in making decisions. Just don’t lose sight of your brilliant fire, and your ability to collaborate. Where are you making strides?


 Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a closeup of a purple crystal, it says Capricorn at the bottom

on the right — a red fish swims in the ocean underneath a glass of water between two purple mountains, it says Elder of Cups on the bottom

Elder of cups

As a fellow cardinal sign, Libra’s clear focus and ability to parse nuance may feel both inviting and frustrating — but this season is calling you to tap into your sense of intuition, to trust your heart, and to let emotions play a role in how you make decisions. You have a soft side that you may not always let other see, and there may be opportunities for relational leadership, guidance, and mentoring this season, chances for you to let the people you love into those more secret parts of you. How can you balance your grounded pragmatism with true vulnerability?


 Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a thunderstorm around Neptune at night, it says Aquarius at the bottom

on the right — a fire off of a wood wand at night, it says Ace of Wands on the bottom

Ace of wands

Last season’s intense focus on daily effort and slow improvement has paved the way for a brilliant flash of inspiration, one that may light you up and leave you with incredible amounts of energy for the long journey ahead. This is such an exciting feeling, that of endless possibility and powerful passion — so rather than trying to immediately organize this energy into something practical and long-term, give yourself permission instead to brainstorm, dream, imagine. What is lighting you up? How are you ready to express yourself?


Two cards on a grey wood table: 

on the left — a close up of a snowflake, it says Pisces at the bottom

on the right — a pumpkin on the vine with various pentacles hanging off, it says Seven of Pentacles on the bottom

Seven of pentacles

Last season may have pushed you to make an important change in your emotional boundaries or a relationship, and as we move into this time of Libra, remember that there’s no need to rush growth. Take the time to evaluate where you are, not just in terms of emotions but also in terms of physical needs, comforts, and securities. If it feels like you’re on track, you may enjoy making more detailed plans for the future — but if recent shifts have also altered your priorities, give yourself permission to adjust. What are you really working towards? How are you going to get there?

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