Queer Tarotscopes for Gemini Season 2023: What Are You Learning About Who You Are?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Realest Oracle (I was lucky enough to get sent an advance copy, but you can preorder now to get your own set in July!) and the Astrol-OG Deck.

When we think about the element of air through the lens of the tarot, we’re often talking about the suit of swords and its accompanying themes: communication, truth, perception, ideas, insights, information, processing, objectivity, and logic. Air is the element of the mind, and is considered a fast-moving element. With air, we can find sharp clarity or foggy, uncertain confusion; powerful facts or off-center arguments. And when we think about Gemini, we’re talking about mutable air in particular, air with a flexible and adaptive nature.

Gemini is a curious and playful sign, one that wants to discover and share as much information as possible. As a mutable sign, they take the strong ideas and focused intensity of the signs before them and use their intellectual resilience to explore, expand, analyze, and express. If you had a big, bold idea in Aries season, if you’ve spent Taurus season growing and developing your goals, Gemini can be a perfect time to wrap up that first phase of work, to clarify your purpose, and to recognize what has felt good about the process — and what might need to shift. What are you learning about who you are? How are you transforming, both internally and externally?

In the major arcana, Gemini’s birth archetype of the Lovers is associated with the number six. And in numerology, the number six is all about making authentic choices, joyfully investing in community, giving back to those we care about, and taking responsibility for our own happiness. The Lovers is a card of stability and support, of knowing that we are loved for exactly who we are, of celebrating how far we’ve already come. There’s a spirit of reciprocity here that is echoed in the mutable air of Gemini: wanting to learn and grow not only for ourselves, but to make everyone around us stronger, safer, more empowered. How do we share information? How do we support those we care about? What do we give and receive in equal measure? And in allowing ourselves to be intellectually flexible instead of stubbornly clinging to specific ideas, how do we grow together as a community?

In this season of Gemini, remember that it’s okay to keep asking questions, to stay curious, to want to keep growing and learning along the way. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of movement and information, so if you know your Mercury placement you can also include that card in this spread template for a more complete picture of your Gemini season. We’re trying something different this season and featuring readings with The Realest Oracle rather than a standard tarot deck — I hope you love it as much as I do!

My first book, Finding the Fool: A Tarot Journey to Radical Transformation, is available now at your favorite local bookstore! If you missed my recent book club event with A+, you can read the transcript right now, and I also recently opened a shop on Etsy with some new spread collections and study printables. The best way to stay up-to-date on my writings, offerings, and latest tarot spreads is by subscribing to my newsletter, Devils & Fools. I’m offering client readings on a limited basis again, as well as different email courses, and subscribers always get first dibs on these offerings. You can also find me on TwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

As always with these readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Gemini season!


aries // all eyes on you

All Eyes On You

You have no problem being in the spotlight, and this season, you may find yourself the object of more attention than usual. Soak it up! If you’ve been working hard towards something, this may indicate that you’ll get the recognition you so deeply deserve this season. And if you’ve felt sidelined during a project or goal, allow yourself to receive the accolades or compliments that are your due. Don’t dim that natural flame and brilliance — instead, let yourself shine brightly. What does it feel like for you to be the recipient of attention? How do you hear and understand praise?


taurus // body work

Body Work

You’re no stranger to self-care, but this season, pay particular attention to the ways that you are physically tending to your health, wellness, and sense of comfort. Your body has the capacity for so much joy, wonder, awe, and magic, but it also requires consistent, tender loving care, gentleness, and compassion. If you’ve been feeling particularly tense, stressed, anxious, or any other intense emotion, pay attention to how that feels in your body, and make an effort to prioritize ease as much as possible. What are your rituals and routines around pleasure? How do you invest in your body’s joy?


gemini // momentum


Happy birthday, Gemini! Projects, ideas, or collaborations may be picking up steam this season, propelling you forward in a way that might feel extremely empowering, joyful, and exciting for you. This card also speaks of rapid, necessary change, the kind that feels invigorating, so be ready for quick shifts or powerful growth. What has been holding you back, and how might you take advantage of this new freedom? What have you been working on, that you can continue to fly forward with? Where have you been waiting for a break, that might come at just the right time?


cancer // shadow work

Shadow Work

This season may bring some opportunities to look deep within, confront some unexpected truths, or grapple with a seemingly contradictory aspect that you carry. All of us have pieces of our spirit that we may not acknowledge on a daily basis — and there’s truly nothing wrong with that. But if you’ve been avoiding thinking about something, tackling a problem, or owning up to a choice you’ve made, give yourself an opportunity to sit with that truth instead of continuing to ignore it. How can you show yourself kindness even in difficult moments? How might being honest with yourself empower you?


leo // fill your cup

Fill Your Cup

If you’ve been giving of yourself more than usual these days, showing up for those you love or making an extra effort to be generous, consider this card your sign to take a step back and fill your own cup. Offering your time, space, energy, attention, love, devotion, or other skills is a beautiful thing, one of the best parts of being a human in a joyful and compassionate community. But there’s only so much you can give before you start to be parched yourself. What nourishes your spirit, your mind, your body, your heart? What does hope mean for you? How can you be more intentional about recharging, so that you can continue to show up for those people and things that you love?


virgo // finish line

Finish Line

You’re known for your work ethic and attention to detail, and this season, you may find yourself within sight of an important ending, literally or figuratively crossing a major finish line. Celebrate this victory wholeheartedly, rather than focusing on any perceived flaws or unfinished aspects — you’ve been working hard to accomplish or complete something, and this is a time to honor all of that effort. What does it feel like to sit in stillness and revel in how far you’ve come? How can you be intentional about celebrating, instead of immediately looking to the next set of tasks ahead?


libra // boss up

Boss Up

As you move into Gemini season, you may find yourself stepping up to the plate in more ways than one: owning your desires, taking charge of a situation or project, and otherwise demonstrating that you are more than capable of being in charge of something important. You have more authority than you may realize, and this season may bring opportunities to get your shit together in more ways than one. Don’t let fear hold you back — instead, take this chance to write your own rules. What makes you feel strong, powerful, badass? How can you take ownership of the things you care about?


scorpio // study


You’re known for your intensity, and this season, channel all of that power and focus into devoting yourself to learning something. It could be a new topic or interest, or this could mean that you’re meant to dive deeper into something you already know. We are in the time of Gemini now, and that means you can indulge your curiosity as much as possible, whether that means in literal classwork or by working with a mentor to develop specific skills. How do you learn, and what does it mean to gather information and absorb it? What are you ready to devote yourself to?


sagittarius // divine timing

Divine Timing

If something has felt out of control, uncertain, or frustratingly stuck lately, you may find a sense of trust and even ease as we move into this new season. Call it luck, call it karma, call it whatever you like, but sometimes we are deeply conscious of forces moving around and within us, taking action in ways we may not be capable of doing ourselves. Patience might be hard for you, but trust that things are clicking into place, that movement is happening even if you can’t see it, and that whatever you’ve been waiting for is on its way. What do you believe in?


capricorn // manifest


You’re known for your ambition and ability to get shit done, but this season, make sure you take the time to really clarify what those goals are, and to be sure that what you’re working for is truly something you want. Instead of obsessing about targets or specific objectives, give yourself the opportunity to get real with yourself, and to be honest about what you’re craving. When you know what you want, you’re unstoppable, so this season trust in your capacity to get shit done and believe in your future. What are you ready to pursue wholeheartedly?


aquarius // fresh start

Fresh Start

As we shift into Gemini season’s mutable air, you may find yourself beginning a new journey, with an opportunity to leave something that’s felt stagnant or complete behind and begin another chapter. There is such rich magic in fresh starts, in looking at something with a new perspective, so take full advantage of where you are and enjoy the ride. This is a time of courage and optimism, when anything feels possible, so don’t limit your own desire — lean in and truly honor what it is you’re ready to work towards. What are you dreaming about? How will you make those dreams come true?


pisces // outer strength

Outer Strength

How’s your sense of resilience these days? It takes a lot of strength to be vulnerable, and this season may bring a few roadblocks on your path to success. There’s no shame in feeling disappointment or discouragement, but remember that sometimes, it’s important to not take no for an answer, to keep pushing toward those big goals. What supports you in challenging moments? How are you showing up for yourself? What do you still believe is possible, and how are you pursuing that ambition?

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  1. I was excited to pull the three of cups for my birthday last week. I definitely feel like my household is a supportive community at the moment, and I love seeing the connections that my kids are creating!

  2. I’m curious how folks interpret the card in the “I Project” space of the spread… is this referring to… what we project onto our world/ourselves? What is being put onto us? What I “should” project into the world (for some reason I always feel that way with that part of the reading, and like I’m failing to do it).

    What does it mean to project?

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