Pretty Little Liars Episode 420 Recap: Free Fall, Expensive Pills

Hello and welcome to the newest installment of Teen Girl Squad! Let’s go get ready to look SO GOOD. Word!


First a 1940s hallucination and now an Ezra classroom hallucination? Wtf is in those pills, Spence?

We begin, very much like we did in the last episode, in Ezra’s classroom. Except this time Spencer is asleep, lying on the diary. Barefoot and in pajamas, even. She looks terrified as Ezra walks in, and for a moment, I think he’s being genuinely worried about her.


He’s being really cryptic but also caring. I mean, clearly she’s strung out on something.


He gives the Ezra creepy face, his signature contemplative look, as she runs from the room.



Spencer’s in the bathroom, putting on clothes that I would have rocked in seventh grade. Emily and Hanna walk in, looking exceptionally good in matching metallic clothing and stand and stare at Spencer in her gym clothes. Apparently Spencer called Emily at 4am. Spencer wants to tell Aria about Ezra right NOW. They argue about how dangerous the timing is.



Whoops, lost my lips for a second.

Ezra corners Aria in the hallway and tells her about Spencer’s drug use, including some past drug use.


He gives her Spencer’s school file, which I am so sure is against about nine hundred policies that I can’t even. She’s had this issue in the past? At this point, we’re not sure if that’s something real or something A planted.



You’re tacky and I hate you.

Toby is at school with lunch and a haircut Jon Bon Jovi used to have/might still have. He’s extra sappy in this episode, and I’m wondering why. More thoughts on that at the end! He asks her if she’s upset that he signed the legal agreement, and she says she’s not. I’m not convinced.


Baby, Bon Jovi is still totally cool, don’t even worry about it.

Toby offers to have a date night: “We need some time together” he says.


It’s obvious that his girlfriend hasn’t showered in a long time/isn’t sleeping/is really looking bananas these days, but he says, “I’d almost forgotten your smell” and not “What the fuck is actually going on here, your hair is usually impeccable.” Worst boyfriend ever.



Emily and Hanna have been avoiding Aria all day, which is legit and what a high school girl would definitely do if they were trying to not show her they know she’s with Ezra again.


Rule 34 is really gross sometimes.

Aria tells them about Spencer’s drug problem and they make a plan for a DUN DUN DUN intervention!



Quick, everyone, Spencer is here, look natural.

Spencer’s intervention was really intense. I really felt for her in this scene, which means Troian’s acting must have been spot on because I have no patience for this shit usually. Spence keeps trying to turn the tables on Aria, but Emily, Aria, and Hanna stick to their guns about making Spencer get help/stop her drug use. Hanna is her typical blunt self in this episode, which I love.


At one point Spencer references the 1940s flashback she had in the last episode, which kind of broke my heart, you know? This whole thing was really upsetting for Spencer fans ’round the world. Spence ends up panicking and tells Aria that Ezra is A, though I’m thinking that might not be the best/most believable way to do that, you know?




I need an old priest and a young priest.

Spencer’s credibility is completely gone at this point. Wren’s prescription pad falls out of her bag, though she insists that she didn’t put it there.


Wasn’t Wren in med school? How long does med school last? How long until you get to be an M.D.? Lizz, I need you. I need you so hard right now.

I believe her, we saw A with those prescription pads a few episodes ago.

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    First, the dentist’s office, and now, a snake exhibit. What the hell, Pretty Little Liars?! Are you TRYING to kill me?

    I also think it was Mona pretending to be Spencer pretending to be Alison at the zoo. But, at the time, I couldn’t help but think how much it looked like Helena from Orphan Black because of how she was slouched over and a little ragged looking.

    Ezra is the worst. And the creepiest. Did he just admit to sleeping with not one, but two underage girls? And that he knowingly took advantage of Aria for his dumbass book?

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    1. I really appreciate the “Love Actually” reference.

    2. I hadn’t considered Mona as the girl in the blonde wig.

    3. I literally screamed when Ezra showed up on the ski lift.

    4. This show compounds my anxiety. If anxiety were interest, I would be making bank after each episode.

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    Wait, was I the only person who thought Ezra was A but he was just lying to Aria? Seriously, the whole time I was like, Aria, don’t believe him! Clearly he’s A! I mean, what? Why did he have cameras on them everywhere they went? That’s not how you write a novel! I don’t understand why everyone (like the entire internet) thinks that Ezra was telling the truth to Aria about being “an author,” I am so confused. Why’d he tell Spencer she was going down a “dangerous path” and why would he hide his manuscript in a cook book and why would he dress like A? whatttt

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        Oh, I definitely still believe he’s A. He’s the only one with the resources and the funds to be able to do so. If they actually follow through with the “he’s only writing a book” and redeem his character, I will be so pissed.

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        Yeah!! I thought the TV show was telling us that Ezra was obviously lying to Aria — because we know SO many things she doesn’t know about his actual activities, so w/r/t the rules of storytelling, that’s the only thing that makes sense for the show to have done. i was 95% sure that aria wasn’t gonna buy it, or was just pretending to buy it, but then i realized that she didn’t know all the stuff that we know. but i guess in the past the writers have said that ezra wasn’t A? that’s what i read somewhere. i mean, what, is A also sending out photographers to follow the liars? wouldn’t ezra and a have um, crossed paths considering they were both full-time stalking the liars? if they try to make this that ezra isn’t A then i am going to be so upset.

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    Yeesh! Ezra is such a tool! So he not only admitted to accidentally sleeping with one underage girl, he also admitted to knowingly sleep with another! I can’t believe the people who I see trying to excuse his actions at this point. I also saw some mainstream site wondering if he could be redeemed and talking about how all the love interests have done bad things. Which is true, but then they fucking compared Ezra screwing his student and Paige being a bully to Emily and dunking her once like they were somehow anywhere close to as bad a thing. Yuck!

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    even if he’s writing a book [really?] he initiated a relationship with a 16 year old to gain access for his book. that’s statutory rape and a pile of other things. i’ve struggled with the relationship throughout the series but they seemed genuinely respectful and caring, but now it’s just creepy and falls into sexual exploitation. for real. the only way for this to be redeemed/explained is for her to realize she was sexually exploited and work through that in some way.

    also, fuck your book. you don’t need to take advantage of underage impressionable people to write a book. just the weirdest, most obviously bad thing ever.

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