Actual Female Named Most Powerful Gay in America (Guess Who?)

Who’s the most powerful gay person in the U S of A? Is it Tila Tequila? Is it Ke$ha?  Surprisingly enough, it is not. Well, on a mostly male-dominated list (I’m gonna go out on a limb where you can throw rocks at me here and suggest that perhaps this might be more a result of a male-dominated world than a gender bias in OUT magazine… although I’m wondering why Annie Lebowitz and Rosie O’Donnell are pictured in that graphic but aren’t on the list itself?)

All the ladies: The maybe-out-maybe-not Jodie Foster clocks in at #41. #39 goes to Martha Nelson, group editor at Time Inc.’s Style & Entertainment Group. Wanda Sykes nabs #36 for having the best year ever, although apparently last year was better, when she ranked 35th. As for the politicians, New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn takes #23 and Tammy Baldwin ranks 9th. Suze Orman one-ups (man) Dan Choi who’s at #27.

The top five they basically stole from our Autostraddle Icons of 2009 except clearly they forgot about the incredible power of Tegan & Sara. Adam Lambert took 5th, Rachel Maddow follows up at 4th, and Ellen Degeneres snags the top spot.

The most interesting part of this ranking might be the apology of sorts the intro offers to Adam Lambert, who the magazine castrated during the Out 100 by claiming he was reluctant to participate in a gay photoshoot. (Adam countered that all he’d said was he didn’t feel knowledgeable about gay politics to be asked those questions specifically, but that’s it):

And then there are those we never saw coming, such as one Adam Lambert, whose attention-grabbing run on American Idol was largely interpreted as a referendum on tolerance.

Not everyone has to be a Lambert fan to appreciate the power of his position to influence our cultural and social attitudes for the better—one of several factors taken into consideration when compiling this list.

The seven craziest things ever blamed on homosexuals. (@ranker)

Constance McMillan has really had the best/worst year ever! Though she got sent to fake lame-o prom because her jackass high school wouldn’t let her bring her girlfriend along, she’s gonna be the grand marshal of the gay pride parade in New York! (@nytimes)

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Notre Dame graduates its first black valedictorian, Katie Washington. (@feministing)

Not exactly “Pat the Bunny,“Tactile Minds” is billed as porn for the blind. – “We’re breaking new ground,’ she told the Telegraph, saying that she created the book after noticing that the ‘blind have been left out in a culture saturated with sexual images.” (@salon)

Amanda Palmer and Mo’Nique Say Their Choice to Go Unshaven is Personal, Not Political“People assume you’re making a statement, but I’m not,’ she tells the Times, much to the confusion of reporter Catherine Saint Louis, who follows up with a ‘Say what?’ Palmer explains that, if anything, it’s a statement of choice, but not of prescription. She understands that many women simply ‘don’t want to deal with the stares, and [shaving is] the path of least resistance.” (@salon)

It turns out that Mike Huckabee’s choice words about the gays are even worse than we thought. – “Mike Huckabee is claiming those terrible comments he made to a college newspaper about gay marriage — that it’s a “behavioral pattern,” like drug using, that shouldn’t be tolerated — were taken out of context. Except the student reporter recorded the whole thing. Oops!” (@queerty)

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  1. If by comparing homo-ness to drug use Huckabee means that love and sexy women are like a drug then I completely agree with him!! Somehow though I doubt that that’s what he meant…

    • maybe because drug (and alcohol) addiction can destroy lives and families?

      yes, there are less bad drugs and recreational users, but as the kid of a drug addict, maybe it’s ok to acknowledge drugs are bad?

  2. seems like masturbating to 3d porn would be way more trouble than it’s worth. you have to hold the book and touch the book, which leaves you with no hands. or you put the book beside you but what if it falls and even then you only have one hand to work with — idk. just seems like a lot of trouble.

  3. It is so exhausting leaving comments on this site because everyone before me has out-said everything I could have never thought to come up with myself already. So now I can either say something similar, or sit for Longer than Necessary to come up with something witty of my own to say. See? Exhausting.

    Here’s what I came up with: Congrats to Ellen on topping the list.

    I really need to start focusing my energy on something more worthwhile. Clearly it’s not working when it comes to leaving interesting comments.

  4. I want to read The seven craziest things ever blamed on homosexuals but is down. I have a feeling the list talks about things like, oh, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, pedophilia, divorce, etc.

    (typo in the introduction. memoiral = memorial)

  5. I don’t like that Perez Hilton gets a larger, closer to center featuring in that collage than Ellen or Rachel Maddow.

    GTFO perez

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