Pop Culture Fix: “Legends Of Tomorrow” Latest TV Show To Cast Ali Liebert In Lesbian Role

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The Future

+ Legends of Tomorrow: Ali Liebert will be playing Lindsay Carlisle, a “potential love interest” for Sara Lance/White Canary on the CW series Legends of Tomorrow. Previously, Ali Liebert, who is also queer in real life, has played gay on The L Word, Bomb Girls, and Lost Girl. New Media Rockstars has a cool piece about why exploring White Canary’s bisexuality is important to her character development and visibility:

Arrow worked hard to give Sara Lance a distinguished sexual identity from not only the other characters of the series, but from most characters on television. It is very important that Legends of Tomorrow is continuing to place significance on keeping Sara, now as White Canary, openly and positively bisexual. Sara’s relationships are treated with as much respect and sympathy as any other. She is not oversexed or depicted as a vamp. So far the writers have avoided all of the notable stereotypes and negatives associated with bisexual representation.

+ Pretty Little Liars: I Marlene King told Variety that there’s “always a chance” for Emison in Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars:

Does Emily have a love interest?
A sprinkling of one. But Emily’s one of those characters who Alison was her first great love and then Maya, so she’s been trying to find her way. But I have hope for her, too.

Is there a chance for an Emison reunion?
There’s always a chance. They were the original love affair on the show in Emily’s part. I would just say this to the fans: don’t get frustrated and life is full of ups and downs and curves and bumps in the road, but I really do believe that by the time we get to the end of next season, most of our fans will be happy with where we go.

You’ve said that Emily comes back with the darkest secret in Season 6B. Any teasers?
She really has two secrets. One of the secrets informs the other. Over the course of the time jump, her father passes away unexpectedly and she will have a really difficult time dealing with that.


+ Broad City: Regarding Ilana’s sexual orientation on Broad City:

“[Amy Poehler] once said something really funny—that everyone under 30 is gay,” says Jacobson. “That idea has clearly driven the show,” Glazer adds. Aside from Ilana’s liaison with Shawkat, her lust for Abbi is a running gag. But Glazer maintains that her character would never label herself pan or bi: “The definition is so futile.” She loves writing sex scenes, she continues, because when you’re writing, you’re looking for an action, the key to a character’s personality. “Sex is the best. You know, ‘He keeps his shirt on.’ I know exactly who that person is.”

+ Sarah Shahi plays a queer woman in the film “Guns For Hire.

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  1. Every time you use a picture of Betty, it feels like you are personally attacking me. I don’t appreciate it and I will not stand for it.

  2. How on Earth did that “Guns For Hire” movie sneak up on us? I had a lot of faith in my lesbian movie feelers and also in my Sarah Shahi fandom to let me know well in advance that a movie like this was coming but I had never heard of this until yesterday!

  3. I enjoyed reading the Broad City interview, but it really bothers me how they talk about claiming a bisexual or pansexual identity as something that’s “futile.” Um, excuse me? I totally support calling yourself whatever you want, or saying that you’re sexually fluid, or that you don’t really identify as anything and that you just like to have sex; you do you. But can we please refrain from shitting on those of us who love our identities and think that is important to label ourselves as bi, pan, or queer? Can we please not say things like, “The definition is futile”?

    • I guess for me it kind of depends on what the heck she actually means? Futile in what sense? Futile for whom?

      • So as not to drive myself crazy, I just assume she means it’s futile to define an absurdist make-believe character living in the bizzaro-land of Broad City, not that it’s futile for real actual humans to ever label their own sexual orientation.

        • Same. I really connected with what I saw as the queerness of Ilana’s character, especially her love for Abbi. Their friendship gave me an example to hold on to and feel not-weird about having a crush on my straight roommate/best friend (who is aware of the crush and totally flattered by it).

  4. FYI folks I watched the Call the Midwife Christmas Special, in spite of all my Patsy & Delia worry, and I did not regret it.

  5. My excitement for more Ali Liebert on my screen is immense, and it’s magnified by period lesbians, and I’m so happy Sara came back, but I’m super worried this means that Nyssa’s going to melt out of existence, and she was such an important character and I loved her so much.

    • I believe the show will be jumping around in time a lot, so Sara may be separated from Nyssa for awhile, and I have a feeling Ali will be someone she meets in the past and connects with temporarily. Hopefully Nyssa will be able to guest occasionally and they won’t totally gloss over her existence. I’m just glad they aren’t writing out her bisexuality completely. After the way Arrow killed her off I wouldn’t put anything past them.

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